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Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese manga and anime series, which serves as a sequel to the original Dragon Ball manga, with its overall plot outline written by franchise creator Akira Toriyama. The manga is illustrated by Toyotarou, with story and editing by Toriyama.

Season 1 God of Destruction Beerus Saga[edit]

[1]A peace time reward,who gets the 100 million zeni[edit]

Goku: [pulling a branch from the ground] You're as stubborn as Vegeta. [starts to laugh] Hahahaha grrr. [gets it out of the ground] Phew, man.
Goten: [flying] Dad, here's some food.

Satan: Here's some 100 million zeni for my... You know my role as Hero

Goku: okay but are you sure
Satan: Of course it belongs to you

(Somewhere In deep space,a figure named Beerus emerges and with his attendant Whis to search for a worthy adversary)

[2]To the promised resort! Vegeta takes a family trip![edit]

Goku:(As he uses instant transmission to reach King Kai's planet)hey King Kai.
King Kai:(surprised) Goku what are you doing here.
Goku:(excited)am here to train.
King Kai: okay, just don't destroy my planet okay or in your case destroy us.

Vegeta:(to himself) I can't believe I have to do this.
Trunks:(excited) This is going to be awesome.
Bulma:I still can't believe your father agreed to join us.

Trunks: This is awesome look the cute Teddy Bear.
Bulma:Do you want one?
Trunks: yeah sure.
Vegeta:I can't believe Goku went to train while I stay here and enjoy some stupid chatter.
Bulma: Something bothering you Vegeta.
Vegeta:Non of your concern women.

Vegeta:(at the beach)(to himself)why am I still doing here when I could just be training right now.
Beach host:hey that guy needs some cheering from the crowd it looks like he is in a Moody mood.
Vegeta:(the crowd still chanting)(annoyed)EEEENOOOOOGH(flies away)
Bulma: At least he lasted this far.
Trunks:(to Vegeta) Bye Dad I had a wonderful time.

Beerus:hmmm,whis you sure this planet might have dinosaur meat.
Whis: Positive.
Whis:hiiyo hiiya
Beerus: What's he saying.
Whis:He doesn't want us to take the meat and I think he is angry.
Beerus:(the Dweller attacks, and Beerus blocks the attack with ease)hmm I thought you be more of a challenge.(the Dweller transforms and attacks again only to be effortlessly defeated by Beerus.) that was interesting I guess.
Whis:So you still want the dinosaur meat.
Beerus:Nar the meat is overrated anyway.(destroys the planet,at that moment he sees a figure on the explosion) the Super Saiyan God.

[3] Where does the dream pick up!?Find the Super Saiyan God![edit]

Old Kai:Oh no the god of destruction has awaken, this is bad.
Kaibito: We better warn of the impending Doom and make sure Goku not find out about the destroyer.
Old Kai: Precisely.

(On King Kai's planet)

King Kai:hey Goku be careful where you launch that thing (referring to the Kamehameha)
Old Kai: King Kai, you must make sure that Goku may not know about the destroyer.
King Kai: The destroyer is awake already. okay I will make sure right away.
Kaibito: you must do what ever it takes.
king Kai: okay
Goku: (after overhearing King Kai and the Kais' conversation)wow, I wonder who this destroyer guy is.

Beerus: I wonder who could be the Super Saiyan God.
Whis:Are you sure this guy is real and not some kind of fairy tale?
Beerus: of course whis why would you think such a thing?
Whis: Okay who am I to judge.(notices Goku and his achievements)my Lord I found a Saiyan named Goku and he has a streak of defeating lots of powerful villains and warriors like Frieza and Majin Buu.
Beerus:(intrigued) We should pay him a visit.
Whis:As you wish my Lord.(they teleport away)

(On Earth everyone is gathering for Bulma's birthday party except for Vegeta and Goku) (At capsule Corp)

Vegeta:(still training) I will surpass you KAKAROT.

[4]Bid for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission![edit]

Bulma:arg,were start the party without them. Its time to have some fun.

Trunks: Look Goten that's were my mom put the dragon balls. He closes them with this security feature pretty cool huh.
Goten: yeah very cool

Pilaf:[hungry]aaah man I'm very hungry.

Pilaf:oh yes we finally found the Dragon balls yes yes yes yes. What are you waiting for get paddling.

Trunks:[to the Pilaf gang]hey,you want some help?
Goten:yeah, you want some help?

King Kai: Listen Goku and listen carefully, Lord Beerus is a counterpart to the Supreme Kais who helps to maintain the universal balance.
Beeeus:[he and Whis land]hello Kai.

[5]Showdown on King Kai's World! Goku vs. Beerus the Destroyer![edit]

Whis:[detecting Goku's presence] there he is.
Beerus:[also detecting Goku's presence]yep that's him alright, hmm excuse me, Goku, why are behind that brick wall.
King Kai: yeah Goku are you crazy?[hits Goku]
Goku:[after getting hit by King Kai]aaahhu, King Kai why?
King Kai: come on introduce yourself.
Goku: Hi I'm Goku, is an honour for you to meet me [nervous, also excited]
Beerus:if I bother asking,do you know a Super Saiyan God?
Goki:a Super Saiyan God you say, nope never heard of him.
Beerus:ha! I should have known.
Goku:mr Beerus sir I want to spar with you just to test your power please.
beerus: okay Saiyan.

Goku: okay let's go [transforms to Super Saiyan, tries to land a fist but misses]huh?[tries to punch multiple times but fails, transforms to Super Saiyan 2,tries to land 7 blows but got punched back, charges up to Super Saiyan 3 and manages have a 5 minute battle, but Beerus defeats him in two blows (one flick,and a hand to shoulder)]aaaaaahhhhh[lands on the ground, injured]
King Kai:Goku

Beerus: let's go whis.
Whis: okay me lord.

Beerus and Whis arrive on King Kai's planet and detect Goku's presence, and while the former is initially disappointed that Goku knows nothing about the "Super Saiyan God", he nonetheless agrees to test his strength in a sparring match. Goku attempts to fight him in all of the Super Saiyan transformations, but Beerus effortlessly defeats him in two blows. Beerus and Whis head for Earth shortly afterwards, while King Kai uses his telepathy to warn Vegeta ahead of their arrival and ensure Beerus does not get upset.

Future Trunks saga[edit]

Future trunks Arc.jpg

[1]SOS from the Future: A Dark New Enemy Appears![edit]

Goku: (after showing Chichi his garden)so what do you think
chichi:it looks great

Goku: so piccolo wanna harvest with me
Piccolo: nope

Chichi: (After Krillin tells Goku about Vegeta going with whis to train) Krillin you'll be taking his place see piccolo is having fun
Piccolo: (Holding cabbage)aahhh (blinks)

(After arriving at Lord Beeru's planet)

Goku: Hay Lord Beerus
Beerus: I hope you didn't come empty handed
Goku: how about this, it's called lettuce, it's sweet and tasty
Beerus: I'll be the judge of that

Goku: (Eating ramen) man I can't wait to fight that Zeno guy
Beerus: that's going to be problem
Goku: what!?
Whis: allow me to explain,Zeno is not fighter but has the ability to erase an entire universe, their used be 18 universes
Vegeta: (surprised) no way he just erased the other six
Whis: Correct

(arriving at the hidden lad)

Future Trunks: Hey mom your done
Future Bulma: yep,after all these years I finally did it,but
Future Trunks: But what mom!?
Future Trunks: it's enough for a one way trip but trust me you'll be fine

Future Bulma: (While Being grabbed by Black)go on without me your our only hope
Future Trunks: Mom NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Future Bulma: Trust me my son (disintegrates instantly and dies)

Future Mai: where's Bulma (looks both Left and right quickly) Huuuh
Future Trunks: Mom is no longer with us

Future Trunks: (After Black seemingly killed Mai) BLACK YOU! BASTARD
Black: (lands on the ruble and the screen begins to show half of his body)
Future Trunks: tch
Goku Black: (in background shows a Goku look alike) you've been running around and making a mess for too long and now I'm going to put a stop to it (smiles maniacally) it's all over Saiyan!

[2]Hope! Redux Awaken in the Present, Trunks[edit]

Goku Black: Your useless Trunks,you couldn't save your loved ones
Future Trunks: (angry) YOU! BASTARD! (charges in anger)

Trunks Trunks: (After throwing his sword) good (prepares his attack and launches) MASENKOOOOOOOOO!

Future Trunks: (while traveling 17 years in the past) I'm my Future's only hope I have to huh (becomes unconscious from the pain)

Trunks: (after noticing the time capsule)huh is an alien or something

Pilaf: the person has both the same name and face strange don't you think hm hm
Mai: (same time as Pilaf and Shu) hm hm
Shu: (same time as Pilaf and Mai)hm hm

Bulma: Trunks charge your power level as high as you can
Trunks: (confused) what's going on Mom

Goku: I got it
Beerus: we should tag along

Vegeta: Kakarot go get some senzu beans
Goku: Okay (uses instant transmission to Korin Tower)

(On Korin Tower)

Goku: Hay Korin
Korin: Hay Goku,got a present for me
Goku: Sorry Korin I'm in a hurry,can I get some senzu beans
Korin: Sure there right over there

Future Trunks: (After regaining conscious) huh (See's Goku and becomes devastated) YOU! (glares at Goku again and gets up from the bed strikes at Goku but Goku grabs his fist) YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOUR DONE!

(Everyone becomes surprised)

[3]A Message From the Future - The Incursion of Goku Black[edit]

Future Trunks: After I prevented the revival of my timeline's Majin Buu,Goku Black appeared and massacred most of humanity with only me and few remaining people fighting him in a losing battle.
Bulma: I deduce that you came here to gather some reinforcements

Beerus: I can't believe it Whis
Whis: It's astonishing
Beerus: these mortals are bold enough to mess with the affairs of time and space

Goku Black: huh, impossible he just vanished huh (looks at he's time ring)ha ha I see so Trunks travelled back in time too can play that game.

[4]Goku vs. Black! A Closed-Off Road to the Future[edit]

Goku Black: so your Goku, I can't wait to fight you

Whis: Black used a time ring that only supreme Kais process
Future Trunks: The machine it's Destroyed
Beerus: aww well good riddance now you can't meddle with time
Bulma: tadaa! I kept the other version of the Time Machine that Cell used to travel back in time, I'm intending to use my future self's journal to repair it.
Whis: ooh what another surprise
Beerus: Just when I think you mortals aren't that bad you sure find ways to surprise and disappoint me, I guess your worst than saiyans (eats his weener)

[5]Feelings That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai[edit]

Goku: (to Beerus and Whis) come on guys please train me
Beerus: No is a no and don't make me say it again Goku, speaking of Goku I sense something familiar about this guy
Whis: Yes this Goku black fellow is quick a pickle (eats the last weener) hm hmm hmm ha ha
Beerus: What!yey that's my weener

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