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Dragon Hunters is a 2008 3D computer-animated adventure action fantasy comedy-drama family film and fantastic tale telling the adventures of two dragon hunters. It was released on March 26, 2008 in France and on March 20, 2008 in Russia and New Zealand. It was also distributed by Icon Productions and Bac Films. The film received a Cristal Award nomination for Best Feature and it earned $12,235,843 on a €12,000,000 budget. Dragon Hunters was released on DVD on November 5, 2008 in France by Warner Home Video.

La chasse aux dragons, c'est pas un conte de fées (Dragon hunting isn't a fairy tale)


  • Who cares about the end of the world? We're rich!
  • Okay, Sir Lian-Chu's groupie, your backstage chatter is very close to driving be bonkers!
  • For cryin' out loud, and he's spittin' fire, besides! [Hector urinates a flame and babbles to Gwizdo] No, what, what I meant was, he's doin' it with his mouth, Hector.


  • [with reference to Jaws] We're going to need a bigger island.


[Lian-Chu and Gwizdo sit by the campfire. Gwizdo is sulking]
Lian-Chu: What's the matter, Gwizdo? Are you mad?
Gwizdo: You think, that for once, you could take your job seriously? It's always the same old circus, Lian-Chu. All you do is clown around for the peanut gallery.
Lian-Chu: But I don't do it on purpose.
Gwizdo: [scoffing] Yeah, it's a blimey good thing too. Why, pray tell, do you think these hicks never pay?
Lian-Chu: Because they've got no money?
Gwizdo: [taking a deep breath] No! They rip us off because you're not credible!
Lian-Chu: What does credible mean?
Gwizdo: I dunno, eh... [grabs Hector by the arm] We'll take Hector here, for example. Hector, with his big fangs and all that fur, well, he's credible. And that's why the hicks are scared of him, you get it? [Lian-Chu looks puzzled and shrugs] You don't get it. [absent-mindedly drops Hector] Hey, look. A dragon hunter who's credible makes the whole earth shake when he walks, right? [demonstrates by stomping on the ground] Like, boom, boom, ba-boom, boom, boom, ba-boom, huh?
Hector: [laughing] Stupid.
[Gwizdo smacks Hector upside the head]
Gwizdo: And if he has to, he smacks his debtors a couple of times. Bim! Bam! Fork over the money! You get the picture?
Lian-Chu: Hitting clients? That's being credible?
[Gwizdo sighs loudly]
Gwizdo: Another example. [picks up a bag Lian-Chu knitted] You think it's credible? A dragon hunter who likes to knit?!
Lian-Chu: But I tore a hole in my...
[Gwizdo snatches Lian-Chu's knitting]
[Lian-Chu stands up and raises an arm as though he were about to punch Gwizdo in the face. Gwizdo cowers and whimpers. Instead, Lian-Chu snatches back his knitting]
Lian-Chu: It was my mother who taught me.
[He storms off. Gwizdo looks ashamed]

[Gwizdo sees two bats sitting in front of him]
Gwizdo: D'ahh! What are you doing here?
Bat #1: Hello, Sir Gwizdo.
Bat #2: So, the rat's jumping the ship, is he?
[The two bats laugh mockingly]
Gwizdo: What's this circus all about?!
Bat #2: You're abandoning your friend?
Bat #1: Lord McChicken?
[The two bats laugh again]
Gwizdo: Wait a sec. What do you girls want? To make me feel guilty? Is that it?
Bat #2: Scaredy pants.
Gwizdo: Scaredy pants? Yeah, and SO WHAT?! Do you think I look like the hero in this fairy tale??
Bat #2: Yeah, and Lian-Chu.
Bat #1: What's gonna happen to him?
Bat #1 and Bat #2: Huh?
Gwizdo: ... He won't listen to me!
Bat #2: Sir I'm-Shaking-Like-A-Leaf.
Bat #1: Sir I'm-Sh-Sh-Shaking-Like-A-Leaf.
[The two bats flutter around Gwizdo]
Bat #1: And the lie.
Bat #2: Sir Ripoff Artist.
Bat #1: Don't forget ugly and mean.
Gwizdo: EXACTLY! UGLY, AND MEAN! NOW GET OUTTA HERE! SCRAM! JUST SCRAM, BATS! I DON'T BELIEVE IN HEROISM, AND HAPPILY EVER AFTERS, AND ANIMALS THAT TALK!! [realizes that animals, except possibly Hector, don't talk] Animals... that talk...? [realizes he's been hallucinating]

Lord Arnold: Go to his kingdom, enter his lair, far off in the west, beyond the end of the world... and strike him while he sleeps. Before its too late.
Gwizdo: Yeah, yeah, yeah... but no. It is a cruel blow, but, uh, look at that, we're all booked up.
Lord Arnold: Strike him dead and the world will be saved.
Gwizdo: [desperately tugging Lian-Chu's arm] Lian-Chu, say goodbye, we're disturbing the man...
Lord Arnold: My health and sight will return. And I will cover you in gold.
[He snaps his fingers. Gildas pulls a string and gold pours out of an opening in the wall. Gwizdo exclaims in wonder]
Gwizdo: Dear client, you can make room for his head in your museum of horrors. But first, let me show you our standard contracts. Special little advance for travel expenses and since we're amongst noble knights here, the, uh, large purse of gold should do the trick nicely.
Lord Arnold: Modern methods. Why not? Gildas!
[Gildas sweeps up a bag of gold and hands into the duo]
Gwizdo: Yeah, just put an X there, here, here and there.

Gwizdo: I can't take it. I'm gonna hang myself. [buries his face in his hands]
Lian-Chu: They're only blisters. Put some herbs on them.
Gwizdo: [making elaborate gestures of frustration] I'm not talkin' about my blisters, I'm talkin' about PRINCESS BLABBERMOUTH!!
[Zoé runs by with Hector]
Zoé: A fire! A fire! A fire! A fire! Let's make a big fire!
[Gwizdo buries his face back in his hands and sobs]

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