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Dragon Tales (1999-2005) was a preschool fantasy series where 2 human siblings named Max and Emmy come upon a charm and socialize fun with dragons in their own magic world.

Season 1 (1999-00)[edit]

To Kingdom Come[edit]

Emmy: If you'd shared the Wish Shell in the first place, Ord, we definitely wouldn't be in this mess!

A Liking to Biking[edit]

[last lines]
Emmy: "Look, Max, the rain stopped. We can go outside now."
Max: "Yeah!"
Emmy: "Watch the door!"
Max: (crashes and falls) "I know, I know. Watch where I'm going."
[both giggle]

A Cool School[edit]

Ord: Slam dunk...
Max: For Air Ord-an!

Small Time[edit]

Ord: That's weird. You wouldn't think they'd only send her backpack. (holds up Emmy's backpack)
Zak: Huh? How come Emmy's backpack is here?
Wheezie: And Emmy isn't?
Cassie: Where'd you find that, Ord?
Ord: Right beside these flowers.
Cassie: Careful, Ord, those are shrinking violets. When they bloom, they shrink anything they touch!
Ord: (pulling his finger away) Oh!
Wheezie: Hey, what's this? (picks up the shrunken kickball) I found a marble that looks like a dragon ball.
Cassie: Say, that looks just like Emmy's kickball. It must've shrunk. (gasps) What if Max and Emmy touched the Shrinking Violets?
Zak: Well, then they'd shrink down to teeny, tiny... Oh, No! They shrunk!

Season 2 (2000-01)[edit]

Something's Missing[edit]

[last lines]
Max: "I can't wait to see if there's a letter from Emmy, then Mom can read it to me. And I really can't wait till Emmy gets my letter."

Season 3 (2001-02)[edit]

Prince for a Day[edit]

Enrique: "How are you two going to decide whose turn it is to clean up?"
Emmy and Max: "I know! Rock. Paper. Scissors!" (they both do scissors) "Rock. Paper. Scissors!" (they both do rock)

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