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Dragonheart is a 1996 film about a dragon and a knight who must overthrow an evil king gifted with partial immortality.

Directed by Rob Cohen. Written by Patrick Read Johnson and Charles Edward Pogue


A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked.
  • All my life I've dreamed of serving noble kings, noble ideals. Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they've turned to dust. I will not be that naive again.
  • You should have eaten her.
  • Don't clutter up a clever scheme with morality.
  • There's nothing noble about crushing desperate men.
  • A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked.


  • Come, visit the woods! (drags Bowen through the trees)
  • Long ago, when man was young and the dragon already old, the wisest of our race took pity on man. He gathered together all the dragons, making them vow to watch over man, always. And at the moment of his death, the night became alive with those stars [the constellation Draco]. And thus was born the Dragons' Heaven. But when we die, not all dragons are admitted to this shining place. No, we have to earn it. And if we don't, our spirit disappears as if we never were. And that's why I shared my life force with a dying boy - so I would reunite man and dragon, and ensure my place among my ancient brothers of the sky. But...my sacrifice became my sin.
  • (regarding Sir Eglamore) I merely chewed in self defense, but I never swallowed.
  • When you squeeze the nobilty, it's the peasants that feel the pinch.
  • Next time, I'll keep the money, and you can die!

Gilbert of Glockspur[edit]

  • (shoots a man in the rear) Turn the other cheek, brother.
  • (at the end) And in the days following Draco's sacrifice, Bowen and Kara led the people in a time of justice and brotherhood. As I remember it now, those were golden years warmed by an unworldly light. And when things became the most difficult, Draco's star shown more brightly for all of us who knew where to look.
  • Avalon, oh Avalon, for you I quest each day.
The resting place of Arthur and the old code of his way.
And when I find those holy stones, I'll pray, I'll pray, I'll pray.
Oh Avalon, bright Avalon, think me not a fool.
My quest is not for vanity. My quest is spiritual!


  • A knight is sworn to valour. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked. -The Old Code


Young Einon: The peasants are revolting!
Brok: They've always been revolting, prince. Now they're rebellin'.

Gilbert: I've decided to compose the Ballad of Bowen! How do you prefer I should write it?
Bowen: Far away!

Bowen: I will not stop until I've rid the world of every last one of you.
Draco: I AM the last one!

Bowen: (stuck in Draco's mouth: sees an arm stuck in the teeth and plucks it out) Oh, good lord...Sir Eglamore... (throws the arm out behind him)
Draco: Oh, thank you. That's been stuck down there for months. Would you mind getting your buttocks off my tongue?
Bowen: Why should you be comfortable? My armor is rusting in your drool and your breath is absolutely foul.
Draco: Well, what do you expect with old knights rotting between my molars?

Bowen: I no longer try to change the world, dragon, I just try to get by in it.
Draco: Yes, well, it's better than death, I suppose.
Bowen: Oh, is it? I should think you'd welcome death. You know, the last of your kind, all of your friends dead, hunted wherever you go...
Draco: Do you delight in reminding me? Yes knight, I do long for death, but... fear it.
Bowen: Why? Aside from your misery, what's to lose?
Draco: My soul.

Gilbert: My humble life is indebt to your exalted prowess, your dauntless courage, and your superb, swift sword!
Bowen: You have the poet's gift of exaggeration.
Gilbert: Oh, sir, you should read my histories.

Draco: (about earning money for killing dragons) Well, since you seek a profit, we might as well begin.
Bowen: Oh, don't flatter yourself! It's not the profit, it's the pleasure!
Draco: Perhaps less pleasurable and more costly than you think!

Kara: In your kingdom, Einon, there are worse fates than death.
Einon: I'll think one up for you.

Draco: Who's the girl?
Bowen: A nuisance! Get rid of her!
Draco: Why?
Bowen: They're trying to placate you with a sacrifice.
Draco: (sarcastically) Oh, now whoever gave them that bright idea?
Bowen: Never mind! Just get rid of her!
Draco: How?
Bowen: Eat her!
Draco: Oh, please. Yuck!!!
Bowen: Aren't we squeamish; you ate Sir Egglemore, hypocrite!
Draco: I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed.

Gilbert: Well done, Bowen! You've done it again! What a brute! That's even bigger than the last one!
Bowen: Actually, he's about the same size.

Einon: Times have not been kind to you, Bowen. You should have never broke with me.
Bowen: It was you who broke with me!
Einon: And yet, you returned to me with this girl I lost.
Bowen: (Kara shakes her head and raises her dagger) I think she wants to stay lost.
Einon: Not her decision, I'm afraid! [draws his sword] I'm ready for my lesson now, knight!

Einon: Lay down, Bowen! You're the sad remains of dead systems and dead beliefs!
Bowen: They were your beliefs!
Einon: Never! Never mine!
Bowen: [heartbroken] But... you spoke the words...
Einon: I vomited them up because I couldn't stomach them! Because I knew it was what you wanted to hear!
Bowen: No! I taught you!
Einon: You taught me to fight, that's all! I took what I needed from you. You taught me to fight!

(Draco has been chained down by Einon)
Draco: I can't see! Are the stars shining tonight?
Queen Aislinn: Brightly, my lord! Brightly!
Draco: Then let us end it.

King Einon: I know why you brought me the dragonslayers. You wanted them to kill him because you wanted me dead.
Queen Aislinn: I wanted to correct a mistake made years ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving.
King Einon: How un-motherly of you.

Bowen: You are the last.
Draco: My time is over! Strike!
Bowen: You are my friend.
Draco: Then as my friend, STRIKE, PLEASE!

Bowen: [distraught] And now, without you, Draco, what do we do? Where do we turn?
Draco's voice: [comforting] To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.


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