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Dream Team (1997–2007) is a British television series produced by Hewland International and aired by Sky One, that chronicles the on-field and off-field affairs of the fictional Harchester United F.C..

Series 3

Didier Baptiste: "Ray, Alex Ferguson is tough, but he is the only manager to get the best out of Cantona. Why? Because he allows him to express himself. Now some players they need discipline eh, but others must be allowed to fly. Now I need to know that I can. When the moment comes, the moment in a game when the ball becomes like a lover, then there is no discipline, no tactics, you just hold her, and dance with her, and whatever happens happens."

Harchester Fan: Aren't you Jerry Block?
Jerry Block: Used to be.

Series 6

Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: Anyone up for a game of pool tonight?
Robbie Walsh: Yeah, I'm up for that.
Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: Well you're out of luck, I've been invited to a film premiere tonight.

after fletch has caught patrick and Jacquie sleeping together in the managers office

Patrick Doyle: It wasn't what it looked like
Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: Oh yer, What are you doing here then?

Series 7


Viv, Luke and Lee are in the changing rooms.

Viv: See that lee, that is greatness, someday you might be just like him
(Luke storms off)
Viv: oh pressley, your ugly mug scared him off

Viv, has done a runner after learning his wife isnt at the game and hands marcel his gloves.

Stuart ok now's not the time to start panicking
Clyde Gaffer, we are playing Thierry Henry out there and we don't have a sub goalie... I'm panicking

Series 8

In Episode 32: Play-off... Jaws' half-time speech after hearing about Karl Fletcher's murder. However, the rest of the team do not know about Karl's death.:
Vivian "Jaws" Wright: This is only a game of football, we win it, we lose it. So what? People who think that are blaspheming. This game means so much to all of us. I know you lads would do and give anything to be out there on that pitch playing and we dread the day when that is taken away from us. So we stock up on our glories, keep them treasured – right here – in the hope that one day they’ll keep us going because they are out lives.
If we lose our football we are dead men, you’re going to look back on today – it’s going to be one of your treasures. ‘Cause we are going to hold on and withstand everything they throw at us and we’re gonna win.
We don’t die today gentlemen, we go out there and we live forever in the memories of those who took part and those who came to see – forever! Yeah? Yeah!

Don Barker: There's no I in Team
Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: true, but there's an I in Genius

Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: I'm a big game player, big game manager.
Vivian "Jaws" Wright: He's a big game idiot!

Vivian "Jaws" Wright: Yeah, he's gay. I'm gay. We're all gay on this team, gentlemen. We're all at it. Can'get enough. We're the only gays in The Championship.

Vivian "Jaws" Wright: I thought I'd done pretty well not shooting a single player this season...then I turn my back for 5 minutes and...
Vivian "Jaws" Wright: Look I need to start getting some work done for the playoff semis. I doubt the Preston manager is playing Cluedo with the local constabulary.

Vivian "Jaws" Wright (Holding a shotgun): I think I've found out who is responsible
Ryan Naysmith: JESUS CHRIST!
Vivian "Jaws" Wright: Nah, Ive ruled him out.

Karl "Fletch" Fletcher: 172 Premiership goals mate. BOSCH!!!! I've been Karl Fletcher, you've been a waste of time. Thank you and Goodnight.

Viv walks in on the team brawl in portugual

Vivian "Jaws" Wright: Nutters
Holly James: i thought you liked this kinda thing
Vivian "Jaws" Wright: Not me, its kids stuff

Series 9


Casper is wearing nothing but boxer shorts, hitting golfballs at his brother's house.

Ashleigh King: This time you've gone too far.
Casper Rose: What, don't you like the outfit?

Scarlett and her brother-in-law Casper are stuck in the club elevator.

Scarlett Rose: Damn it I've got no signal!! Does your phone have any signal??
Casper Rose: Oh yeah, mine will have signal
Scarlett Rose: Yeah?
Casper Rose: Yeah, but its in the changing room.

The lads have found themselves on a beach after a drunken night out

Danny Sullivan: Lads we have a game against Liverpool in 4 hours! How are we going to get back?
Casper Rose: (looking at his phone) Woops!
Liam Mackay: What do you mean 'woops?'
Casper Rose: FRA Telecom...we appear to be in France.

In order to get back to the club, the lads are on their way back to Harchester in a very old plane. The team are clearly nervous as they sit in the back

Casper Rose: Now, your exits are located here, here and here. We may experience turbulence, should the plane crash, we will hit the ground at 200mph, your exits will be scattered over a five mile radius, but don't worry. because So will you.
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