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Dresden Codak is a webcomic created by Arryn Diaz. Described by Diaz as a "celebration of science, death and human folly", each comic generally focuses on a concept or theory from modern and postmodern philosophy, psychology, or science (particularly quantum physics). The presentation of concepts is surreal, generally to the chagrin of its chief protagonist, Kimiko.


Nikola Tesla: Your staunch atheism has awarded you a place in secular heaven, an afterlife reserved exclusively for those who don't believe in it
Nikola Tesla: Here we live in paradise by grace of the anthropomorphic deity to whom we refuse to pay tribute or even acknowledge.
Nikola Tesla: Also there are dragons!
Kimiko: This doesn't even begin to make sense.
Nikola Tesla: God is powered by irony.


Dimitri: So I'm pretty sure every girl has at least one "So he was all hitting on me" story as backup, to feel important.
Kimiko: I don't think a guy has ever hit on me, though.
Dimitri: Well, that's because you're a spook.
Kimiko: Probably.
FBI Agent 1: Ma'am, are you aware that working in your dreams is a violation of federal labor laws?
FBI Agent 2: By working here, you are profiting from your creative energy alone, without having your ideas bought and sterilized by God-fearing American business interests.
Kimiko: I didn't know!
FBI Agent 1: And unless you are able to pay your fine, as well as the new federal fee for crossing the R.E.M. border, we'll have no choice but to deport you from your subconscious.
Dungeon Master: From the coffee house ruins emerge a horde of dire postmodernists.
Kimiko: Those things are immune to causality!

Alina: You know, if our nihilist hadn't left we could have summoned an ubermensch.


Man: Excuse me
Man: Is anyone using this chair?
Kimiko: Victor Hugo once got so mad he threw a baseball through a dog
Alina: Unlike other businesses that profit from regret, Nostalgia Now™ doesn't sell you junk from your "better days", but instead pulls old events temporarily back into your short term memory. Though so far people seem to really resent having their idealized past shattered by unfiltered reality.
Young Kimiko: I will do science to it.
Hob: We can give you anything you want, save relevance.
Alina: She started talking again last night. First thing that comes out of her mouth:
Kimiko: No more handouts
Alina: And then "Get me some thermite and a parachute."
Dimitri: I'll distract the guards.


Onald Creely: Every time you decide, you kill off infinite other lives you could have lived.
Onald Creely: All the memories of all those futures—they're supposed to die.
Onald Creely: But I could never—
Onald Creely: You see, I'm a pacifist
Kimiko: You didn't exchange my flash drive?
Ron: I don't see why you can't return it yourself.
Alina: Ron, Kim changed high schools when she forgot her locker combination.
Kimiko: No, it's fine, I'll just keep writing over my junk DNA for storage.
Dimitri: Categorical Imperative: Murder!