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Duck Dodgers is an animated TV series made by Warner Bros. that ran on Cartoon Network between 2003 and 2005.

Duck Dodgers Theme


(lyrics sung by Tom Jones)

Frozen in a time and space divide
But how would the universe survive?
For long they were out of luck,
But now they’re saved by the duck.
Duck Dodgers of the 24th and one-half century,
Defending the powerless and the weak.
Duck Dodgers of the 24th and one-half century,
The fighter of Martian tyranny.
Oh, but he is the duck of persuasion.
All female resistance soon dissolve
A debonair duck beyond all temptation
Ensuring the universe still revolves.
Space is such a lonely place to be stuck
But it’s not lonely for this duck.
For hordes of Martians run
When he shoots his duck-billed laser gun.
Duck Dodgers of the 24th and one-half century
Protecting the powerless and the weak.
Duck Dodgers he’s fighting tyranny
In the 24th and one-half century.

Duck Dodgers (Played by Daffy Duck)

  • It's a lot like the pawns in checkers
  • All of this watermelon is making me thirsty.
  • Let's have a train race. Wait! Get me a trampoline and a hovercraft. Oh! and about a million of those little green army guys and a giant magnified glass.
  • Relax, the only one stealing gum around here is me.

Space Cadget (Played by Porky Pig)

  • Dodgers is in trob...trob...oh he's in for a world of hurt.

Martian Commander (Played by Marvin the Martian)

  • Exploding rocket fuel makes such a lovely fireball.


Professor I.Q. High: I revived Dodgers from a state of suspended animation. I was able to bring him back using the science of the 24 1/2 century.
Dodgers: (To audience) Ain't the future great.

Dodgers: Prepare for emergency evasions. Fire the overthrusters!
Cadet: Check.
Dodgers: Engage the superdrive!
Cadet: Superdrive engaged.
Dodgers: Deploy the..the umm....I think it's the yellow button. It's uhh.. usually flashing, it makes the engine go WOOOSH!

Dodgers: I'm only going to get one pass at this.
Cadget: T-Trust your feelings captain.
Dodgers: Nah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to use this expensive targeting computer.

[Dodgers is sticking his feet in a water hole]
Commander: Get your filthy diseased feet out of my drinking......water!?
[The water gets absorbed in Dodgers feet]
Dodgers: Oops. Easy come, easy go.
Commander: [crying] How are you doing this!!!!!!?????

Cadet: I'm glad to be playing the Cadet again, but how are they going to explain the change in the movie?
Dodgers: Well, the writers have it all figured out. You see, she's being evaporated onto the ship. And there's interference from a fierce electrical storm! And tragedy strikes when the evaporator malfunctions. We finally manage to stabilize the situation, oh, but it was too late. She's been transformed... (makes a grotesque face) INTO A HIDEOUS CREATURE!!! (stops making the face) That's where you come in, babe.
Cadet: Maybe I should have spent a little more time at the gym.

Samurai Quack

Dodgers: Good! [his tummy growls] Cuz, my tummy needs some grub!
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