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Duck Pimples is a 1945 Donald Duck whodunit horror short film by Jack Kinney, the Disney staff which mostly focused on Goofy shorts, it was released in August 10, 1945 in which Donald was literally enhanced by scary stories on the radio and in books and the backgrounds that abruptly change each time a new character appears in it, moves him into a seemingly real crime world, which ultimately and uncertain if it turns out to be Donald's imaginary.

Directed by Jack Kinney. Written by Dick Shaw and Virgil Partch.

Donald Duck[edit]

  • [As Donald listened to the radio story, the armchair behind him turned to be a gorilla from his imaginary and screamed] YA! [He fled to the front door, a mysterious man appeared in front of the door].
  • [After the characters from the book returned, and after the radio voice's comment, Donald still in dazed] Yeah, uh-huh. IMAGINATION. Uh...

Radio Voice[edit]

  • RELAX, just relax. Let your imagination go.
  • Really nothing there, is there? Well, possibly it was only YOUR imagination.


[first lines]

Radio Voice: RELAX, just relax. Let your imagination go. Now turn out the light. [Donald turned the lights off] Ah, there, that's better. My story begins: a woman speaks.

[a woman screams, Donald turned the lights back on, frightened]

Bookseller: [questioning] Are you Mr. D. Duck?
Donald Duck: [trembling] Y-yes, sir.
Bookseller: I've been lookin' for you. [revealing loads of horror novels and vulgar story books from inside his large coat]

Detective Hennessey: Now it's the pearls and the whole dame that's missing.
Donald Duck: WHAT DAME?!
Detective Hennessey: "What dame?" he's asking. [suddenly turns around behind him to embrace Pauline]
Detective Hennessey: Why, this dame. The dame whose pearls you snatched. [lets her go and then faces Donald again]
Detective Hennessey: Now are you gonna COUGH 'em up... [takes out a switchblade and presses the blade against Donald's throat]
Detective Hennessey: ... or am I gonna have to CUT 'em outta ya?

[last lines]

Radio Voice: [After the characters returned] Really nothing there, is there? Well, possibly it was only YOUR imagination.
Donald Duck: [dazed] Yeah, uh-huh. IMAGINATION. Uh... [Donald's neck wore a necklace with big white pearls from his imagination as the cartoon faded out].


  • Several of the characters' names are spoofs on the names of Disney staff members. H.U. Hennesy is a spoof on Disney artist Hugh Hennesy, J. Harold King probably refers to director Jack King, and Leslie J. Clark is a play on the name of another Disney artist, Les Clark.
  • The main title has the word "Goose" crossed out and "Duck" written in.

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