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Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterized as propaganda. With similar themes to the more adult oriented civil defense training films, the film was widely distributed to United States schoolchildren in the 1950s. It instructionally teaches students on what to do in the event of a nuclear explosion.

Directed by Anthony Rizzo. Written by Raymond J. Mauer.



Singers: ♪ Diddle Dum Dum. Diddle Dum Dum. ♪
♪ There was a turtle by the name of Bert. ♪
♪ And Bert the Turtle was very alert. ♪
♪ When danger threatened he never got hurt. ♪
♪ He knew just what to do... ♪
♪ He ducked and cover! ♪
♪ Duck and cover! ♪
♪ He did what we all must learn to do. ♪
♪ You and you and you and you. ♪
♪ Duck, and cover! ♪

[last lines of the short film]
Bert: Remember what to do, friends! Now tell me right out loud: what are you supposed to do when you see the flash?
Children: [off-screen] Duck... and cover!


  • Robert Middleton as Narrator. (uncredited)
  • Carl Ritchie as Bert. (uncredited)
  • Leo M. Langlois III as Boy on Bike. (uncredited)
  • Ray J. Mauer as Civil Defense Worker. (uncredited)

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