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Dudley Charles Carew (3 July 1903 – 22 March 1981) was an English journalist, writer, poet and film critic. He was a special correspondent of The Times in the 1920s and 1930s, and reported on cricket matches for the paper.


  • Cricket's all right in spite of the newspapers, but the trouble is that three quarters of us don't know how to use our own gifts.
    • The Son of Grief (1936)
  • A game of cricket is at work from the first ball to the last in shaping an outline or design for itself. Sometimes the design degenerates into dullness and incompetence, but design there always is, and there is an interest even in the tracing of the course and impulse of its failures.
    • To the Wicket (1946)
  • At any rate, it would detract sadly from the richness of the game if deduction of character from a player's style was a forbidden pursuit, for undoubtedly the main reason why cricketers are remembered for years, for decades, after the heroes of other sports are forgotten is that they set the impress of character, apart from technical batting or bowling, on the minds of those who watched them, and whether that cricket-character falsely represented the real man is, in the last analysis, unimportant.
    • To the Wicket (1946)


  • He was certainly one of that company who tried to raise descriptions of matches from mere reporting to literature.

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