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Dudley Moore

Dudley Stuart John Moore CBE (19 April 193527 March 2002) was a British musician, actor and comedian. He first achieved fame in the revue Beyond the Fringe.


  • It seems that a lot of people, who haven’t known of me as a pianist, think I’ve just started off as a comedian. And so for them the piano was something extra. But, of course, playing the piano was something that came before all of what’s happened now.
    • Interview, Jazz Professional, 1966 [1]
  • Maybe the memory does play tricks. Increasingly, I'm thinking, 'What was their name? I knew that name yesterday.' I think that's what happens. At some point, I'll forget that I ever worked with Peter Cook, I suppose, and Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller.
    • Interview, Independent, Sat 14/10/1995 [2]

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