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Who shot me? No one.

Dutch Schultz, whose given name was Arthur Flegenheimer (August 6, 1901 – October 24, 1935), was a New York City-area Jewish gangster of the 1920s and '30s. Born in the Bronx, he made his fortune in bootlegging illegal alcohol and the numbers racket in Harlem. Shot while urinating in the bathroom of a bar in New Jersey in 1935, he lived for 24 hours after the bullet tore through his abdominal wall, lung, gall bladder, and liver, before exiting at the small of his back; during the hours before his death, a delirious Schultz gave a several thousand word long "confession" which has become the object of much speculation in the years since his death, as nearly seven million dollars of his fortune was never accounted for, and many (including his rivals) believed that the location of the money was hidden in his dying words.


From police transcripts of incoherent deathbed confession[edit]

A mother's boy has never wept, nor dashed a thousand kim.
  • Oh, mamma, mamma, please don't tear; don't rip...
  • Mother is the best bet and don't let Satan draw you too fast.
  • Who shot me? No one.
  • I will be checked and double-checked and please pull for me.
  • The sidewalk was in trouble and the bears were in trouble and I broke it up.
  • I can't come; express office was closed.
  • Please crack down on the Chinaman's friends and Hitler's commander.
  • These native children make this and sell you the joint.
  • You can play jacks, and girls do that with a soft ball and do tricks with it.
  • A mother's boy has never wept, nor dashed a thousand kim.
  • Oh, oh, dog biscuit, and when he is happy he doesn't get snappy
  • Hey, Jimmie! The Chimney Sweeps. Talk to the Sword. Shut up, you got a big mouth! Please come help me up, Henny. Max come over here. French Canadian bean soup. I want to pay. Let them leave me alone.

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