Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a 2010 American action horror comedy film based on Tiziano Sclavi's Italian comic book Dylan Dog, starring Brandon Routh as the eponymous and self-aware detective.


Dylan: There's more than one way to die. Your heart can go on ticking, but sometime that’s just for show.

(Dylan is woken up by a sound of a gun being cocked.)
Man with a gun: You think you can just ruin peopIe's Iives and get away with it?
Dylan: You cocked the gun too early.
Men: What?
Dylan: Shove a gun in somebody's face, that's shock enough. You want to save the gun-cocking till later. In case the gun itself doesn't put enough fear into the guy. You've already done that. Now what do you do? Shake it at me?
(Man shakes the gun at Dylan.)
Dylan: See? Hardly effective, right?

Marcus: I'm sorry, there's a revolution going on, DyIan. It’s called digital, all right? There are certain parts of the world that consider film kind of old.
Dylan: Sounds like paradise.

(Dylan is using some antique tools.)
Elizabeth: Fascinating. It's very high-tech.
Dylan: Undead investigation is old-school.

Dylan: The thing about werewolves is that they don't take too well at being accused of murder. Especially the ones they commit.
Dylan: Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
Marcus: The good. The bad.
Dylan: Okay. The bad news is that you’re dead.
Marcus (laughing): That’s funny. You’re funny. So what’s the good news then?
Dylan: The good news is that the condition is manageable.


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