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Dzodzi Tsikata is a Ghanaian feminist, academic, professor of Development Sociology and Director of Institute of African Studies (IAS) at the University of Ghana.


  • Women are forgotten individuals with disproportionate level of income due to poverty and deprivation. [citation needed]
  • State's lack of attention to inequality and oriented petriachal rule as an underpinning viable that requires remedial action to provoke viable state society relations.
  • "We must center the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in our quest for social justice."
  • "Sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing the structural inequalities that persist in our societies."
    • [1] Prof. Dzodzi Akuyo Tsikata talk on Tackling issues of societal inequalities which is marginalizing poor people
  • Feminist don't only fight for their welfare but to make the entire society better, the only way to reduce the ill thoughts about feminism and it's goals is to encourage more young women to openly take part in the worthy cause.
    • [2] Prof. Dzodzi Akuyo Tsikata talk on Feminist don't hate men but advocate equal rights
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