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E.F. Benson, 1902

Edward Frederic Benson, known as E.F. Benson, (24 July 186729 February 1940) was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist and short story writer.


Queen Lucia (1920)[edit]

E. F. Benson (1920), Queen Lucia
  • THOUGH the sun was hot on this July morning Mrs Lucas preferred to cover the half-mile that lay between the station and her house on her own brisk feet, and sent on her maid and her luggage in the fly that her husband had ordered to meet her.
    • . p. 7.
  • The hours of the morning between breakfast and lunch were the time which the inhabitants of Riseholme chiefly devoted to spying on each other
    • p. 43.
  • Vermouth always makes me brilliant unless it makes me idiotic, but we'll hope for the best.
    • p. 222.

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