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Eamon Jonathan Doyle (born September 19, 1983), professionally known as Eamon, is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter. He is perhaps best known for his hit single, "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)."



I Don't Want You Back (2004)[edit]

  • I love them hoes, love them hoes, love them hoes
    I love them hoes, love them hoes, love them hoes
    I love them hoes, love them hoes, love them hoes
    I love them—ooh!—hoes
  • You look sad even though we just met
    No need to get upset
    But I got a show, gotta go, so I thank you
    And if you wanna still get sexed down
    You could catch the next Greyhound
    But until then, I gotta go, so I thank you
  • When I met you, everything seemed right
    But the truth is you fucked on the first night
    It sank in slow; now I know you're a ho
    Yo, I shoulda listened when my friends told me so
  • I caught you in the club last week
    You looked like a freak in the VIP
    Sittin' on laps and suckin' on necks
    Actin' like a slut 'cause you're trippin' on X
    • "Somethin' Strange"
  • I got just what you're looking for
    Yo, I freak it like you like it, then you want some more
    Let's explore the bedroom floor
    Over and over and over
    • "On & On"
  • Fuck what I said
    It don't mean shit now
    Fuck the presents
    Might as well throw 'em out
    Fuck all those kisses
    They didn't mean jack
    Fuck you, you ho
    I don't want you back
  • You played me
    You even gave him head!
  • Now it's
    But I do admit I'm sad
    It hurts real bad
    I can't sweat that, 'cause I loved a ho
  • Friends front in front of me
    Fuckin' wannabes
    In your ear
    But they don't know Eamon
    • "Get off My Dick!"
  • When you come, please, girl, act right
    Don't try none of your crazy shit tonight
    So when you come, please, girl, act right
    I don't give a fuck; you been actin' up
  • You should know by now
    When I take you out, you act proper
    When we at places
    You know your place when hoes holler
    Fuck that shit
    You know the rules
    Every girl that I fuck gets put through school
  • Hey trick
    Better start actin' right (Whoa oh)
    Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh
    You know that it's tastin' right (Whoa oh)
    Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh
    • "Girl Act Right"
  • Do whatcha gotta do
    I fucked your friend this afternoon
    • "My Baby's Lost"
  • First I saw your gorgeous eyes
    Then noticed your ass was fly
    I just thought we could have fun
    I could show you affection
  • I can show you who's the man
    Let me show you with my hands
    I just want you close to me
    I'll get you wet
    Just wait and see
    • "I Want You So Bad"
  • I may not be your man, baby
    But you know I'm drivin' you crazy
    That's why you'll fuck with me for the rest of your life (Rest of your life)
    I know you're lovin' the sex
    Swallow it up; it's better than X
    That's why you're stuck with me for the rest of your life (Rest of your life)
    • "4 the Rest of Your Life"
  • What I gotta do?
    Cats don't even have a clue
    Can't stand to see
    Me kick a flow so unbelievably
    And never gave a hand
    Askin' 'bout the backup plan
    Now that it's true
    Forever tellin' me that you always knew
    • "Controversy"
  • Check the mailbox and I got my check
    Sit back, relax as I sip my Beck's
    Think about all the shit I can get
    So I spend and spend 'til I think I'm set
  • Smokin'
    • "Finally"

Love & Pain (2006)[edit]

  • I'm 'bout to bless the world again
    Got chickens drippin', wishin' with my pen
    Gonna sell millions on top of millions
    I'm just gonna blow
  • And I been waitin' all my life
    And I been havin' big dreams times twice
    • "Real Pro"
  • When I call (Yeah)
    Girl, don't be wastin' my time (Uh)
    You know what's good (Uh-huh)
    Drink, fuck, and come and get high
    Hope you learn
    So you don't have to ever ask why
    Now you know
    I love fuckin' all the time
    • "I Love Fuckin (When I Call)"
  • Body
    I wanna touch your body
    I wanna feel your body
    • "Love Lovin U"
  • I never trusted you one minute
    Tellin' people that I'm finished
    Number one in twenty countries
    But to you I'm still nobody
    When I'm around you, life gets harder
    But when you're sleepin', E gets smarter
    (Uh, yeah)
  • Every time I hear somebody doubt me, I just laugh about it
    Keeps me hungry, focused on the cash
    Trust me, don't fuck with me or catch you disrespecting me
    There's friends of mine do whatever I ask
    See, your ass is just a joke
    Front but love me on the low
    Stop the swinging from my dick
    Bitch, get off my shit
    • "My Time"
  • It was four in the morning
    I'm yawning and feening and scheming on a chick to lay
    When somebody said the afterparty was jumpin' off around my way
    I said, "I'm wit' it
    My dick gon' get it
    It's all love, life's so smooth"
  • So I seen chickens, started spittin'
    Got me thinkin', "Should I let her ride the dick tonight?"
    Fuck that, put her in the back
    Let her yap 'cause she know I'm 'bout to lay the pipe
    Start buggin' when I'm clubbin'
    Do I really need the hooker hangin' by my side?
    Pulled over; shit, I fucked her quick
    Then kicked her out my ride
    • "Ho-Wop Sound (Hold Up)"
  • Yeah
    Yeah, that's right (Ho)
    Ho, ho (Oh)
    Staten Island, uh (Whoa)
    Yeah (Uh)
    Come on (Yeah)
    Yeah, bitch, bob ya head (Yeah)
    Ho-wop, come on (Yeah, uh)
  • Don't know what ya talkin' 'bout, I'll always have hoes by my side
    Smokin' blunts, gettin' drunk, stayin' high 'til the very last day I die
    And there's nothing like new pussy, so there's no worries 'bout wives
    And there ain't nobody out there gonna tell me how to live my life
  • I live the fast life, keep my shit tight
    Never steer left 'cause I'm always right
    Damn, I'm so fine, and I'ma stay shinin'
    Let the party keep goin', flowin'
    Livin' life like whoa
    No stress, so I never feel old
    "Slow down" is what I been told
    Fuck that, I keep it outta control
    Like whoa (Come on)
    • "Older"

Golden Rail Motel (2017)[edit]

  • See, I would fly a million miles on the worst airline (Coach!)
    All around the world
    Just to see your frown
    Turn into a smile
    • "Be My Girl"
  • I met a girl the other day, and
    She said, "Wow, Eamon
    You're different from the other men I see"
    Well, uh
    I said, "I'm different 'cause
    I got soul, baby"
  • I ain't got a fancy car I own
    'Cause I done put millions up my nose
    I ain't got a uptown lavish flat
    I've signed some bad contracts
  • Famous friends don't call me no more
    And I ain't on sold-out arena tours
    I don't got trap beats with mumble rap
    But, baby, I'm back
    • "I Got Soul"
  • Mama don't cry
    I couldn't stop
    I know I put
    You through a lot
  • You're my flesh and blood, I'm part
    Of you
    When I'm harming me
    I'm harming you
    I'm your baby boy, and you're
    My best friend
    I won't let you down again
  • I'll make
    It right
    At any cost
    I fought
    The war
    And almost lost
    I'll be back
    In your arms soon
    • "Mama Don't Cry"
  • I pray and plead you go and get up and leave, girl
    Go save yourself while there's time
    Your mommy, daddy ain't approving of me, girl
    So go and find that good fit, goodbye
    • "Run"

Non-album tracks[edit]

  • Damn, I ain't lyin'
    These hoes love providin'
    When my dick hits your pussy, there's no denyin'
    Kissin' my body
    Make me come like shotties
    Love them trees, but I got a new favorite hobby
    There ain't no stoppin'
    From hoes gone ho-woppin'
    When I come to town, you know what the fuck's poppin'
    • "I Love Them Ho's (Remix)"
  • See, I don't (Who the fuck knows?)
    Know why (Huh-huh)
    You're sayin' that I snitched (I ain't no rat, bitch)
    You're the dick-suckin', off-key skank bitch (Whoo!)
    • "My #1 Fan (F.U.R.B.B.)"

Quotes from liner notes[edit]

I Don't Want You Back[edit]

  • First of all, I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—without Him I would not be here today.
  • A very special thanks to all the women that have cum in and out of my life.

Love & Pain[edit]


Quotes from interviews[edit]

  • [T]he whole concept of ["Fuck It"] is "fuck it, I don't give a fuck, just fuck it," meaning fuck the relationship, fuck what the people will think of me, just fuck it, fuck everything, ya know?

  • I call [my music] ho-wop. It's the flavor of hip-hop, the flavor of doo-wop, and hoes.
  • [My lyrical content is] adult shit, but it's not. Everybody curses now, and teenagers swear more than anyone. I've got a three-year-old nephew running around the house saying to me, "Fuck you, you ho." It's fucking insane, man.
  • [I]t's so funny when I do TV shows and they're like, "Yeah, you gotta keep it clean, man." I'm like, "How the fuck do I keep it clean? My shit is called 'Fuck It.' Get the fuck out of here. Don't put me on the show if you want me to keep it clean."
  • The thing is, I'm not saying "fuck" just to say it. Every time I curse, I mean it. It might sound weird and funny, but I fucking mean the shit.
  • Whoever says I'm a one-hit wonder can go suck a dick.
  • My parents are the shit, man. I love them. They've stuck by me forever. They made it really nice for me. I never went through any hard times. The only hard times I went through are with hoes.
  • There's so much bullshit around now in pop and hip-hop, and everybody's talking about the same fucking shit, like get the fuck outta here. That shit is horrible. I don't hate anybody, but that shit pisses me off. It's bullshit. So I wanna change things up and make people go, "Aw, man, this is the hot shit. Eamon talks from the heart. He's real."

  • I get pissed off when people at radio and TV shows say, "Can you keep a clean show?" Motherfuckers! Don't they know who they booked? It was the same with the single ["Fuck It"]. They wanted me to change the words to "Forget it" or some bullshit.
  • It amazes me that there's been a fuss over me cursing when there's rappers talking about killing people.
  • [In New York there are a lot of Irish-Italians because there] are a lot of Irish and a lot of Italians and they fuck each other.

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