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Early Man is a 2018 British stop-motion adventure comedy film about a tribe of primitive Stone Age valley-dwellers who have to defend their land from bronze-using invaders in an association football match.

Directed by Nick Park. Written by Mark Burton and James Higginson.
Stone vs. Bronze. A Battle for the Ages.taglines


  • You know we always hunt rabbits? Couldn't we try hunting something bigger?
  • We challenge the champions!
  • If we play this game and beat them at it, we can have our valley back.
  • If we win, you leave my tribe in peace.

Lord Nooth[edit]

  • The age of stone is over, you know. Long live the age of bronze.
  • You're losers, caveman. Always have been, always will be.
  • Take him away and kill him... slowly. [Guards start walking away with Dug really slowly] No! I meant take him away at normal speed and kill him slowly! Idiots!
  • It turns out your tribe were totally crap at football.


  • Where have you been, the Stone Age?
  • We May stand a chance. A small chance.
  • You’re pretty brave, caveman, and stupid. Actually, more stupid than brave really.

Chief Bobnar[edit]

  • A rabbit!
  • To The Badlands!
  • How are we going to get our valley back?
  • Look at the sort of tribe we are. We’re a rabbit hunting tribe and it’s served us very well up till now.
  • I'm an old man. I'm almost thirty-two!


Gravelle (with her arm raised): Chief?
Chief Bobnar: Yes, Gravelle?
Gravelle: When I put my arm up, it hurts.
Chief Bobnar: Well, don't do it, then.


  • From The award winning tribe behind Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit.
  • An adventure one million years in the making.
  • The greatest underdog story in prehistory.
  • Meet Dug and Hognob. History's first besties.
  • Yeah. It's a little epic.



  • Jaime Aymerich – Trevor Spanish
  • David Cromarty – Football Spector
  • Kevin Matadeen – Crowd

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