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Ebele Okoye (born 6 October 1969) is a Nigerian-American painter and animator based in Cologne, Germany since 2000.


"We need capacities for Animation –Ebele Okoye" (2015)[edit]

"We need capacities for Animation –Ebele Okoye", The Nation (November 14, 2015)
  • We have animation studios in Africa, but I am yet to see anybody that can say I am an independent animation studio owner. We are trying to see that animations are well generated in Africa. We want a platform where young people can dialogue and be part of the game.
  • Animation can be used to tell stories. My film, The Legacy of Rubies, which won Best Animation at AMAA, tells a story and to make these young ones know that they can do it too. All we need is the capacities to be established.
  • I already knew what I wanted to be at the age of seven, but there was no capacity for it here. But I was able to achieve my dream

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