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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

An Ed In the Bush


See No Ed


Is There an Ed in the House?


An Ed Is Born

Eddy: See that loser? That's Kevin. [Kevin appears behind Eddy] He's the neighborhood dork. I have to slap him around every now and then, just to remind him who's boss.
Edd: Eddy.
Kevin: Neighborhood dork, huh? [He pulls Eddy's underwear over the back of his bike] Hey, Double Dweeb! You getting this?
Eddy: [Kevin rides off, dragging Eddy's underwear along] He collects underwear and gives it to the poor. Pretty stupid, huh bro? [Eddy is pulled away] Help! SLOW DOWN, KEVIN! I WAS JUST KIDDING! STOP! PLEASE! [Eddy's underwear snaps and he bounces]

Ed: Man the helms! Dive! Dive! [Ed swallows the camera]
Edd: Ed, what have you done? Open it! Open it! [Ed opens his mouth. The camera shows the inside of his stomach] You should know better than to eat the camera. Just think what it will do to your digestive tract.

One Size Fits Ed

Eddy: Give me the cash.
[Grab Eddy face]
Edd: Eddy, taking note is a essential part of learning.
Eddy: Are you touching my face?
Edd: Oh, uh, yes, sorry.

Eddy: I just learned something today, Double D.
Edd: You have? Tell me, Eddy.
Eddy: We should open up a weight loss clinic. I'll be rich.

Pain in the Ed

Rolf: [looking up at the fake Statue of Liberty] Why is the Lady of Liberty looming over the cul-de-sac?

Eddy: Eh, good riddance. Violins are for sissies. Why if I played an instrument, I get something manly, like a kazoo or something.

Ed Overboard

Lee: You've got a great personality. Besides, who needs good looks when you've got us?

[When Edd removes a plaster from Ed's back.]
Edd: Is that a cookie?
Ed: Yep. [eats it] Saved it.
Edd: THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING, IRRATIONAL... it's nice to have you back, Ed.

One of Those Eds

Jimmy: See? That's my lucky quarter, Sarah.
Rolf: Get away from there! [He throws them out of the way] This time, Rolf will be serious!
Eddy: It's mine! I found the quarter!
Kevin: Save your breath, losers. That's my quarter.
Sarah: Take a hike. Jimmy found that quarter first.
Ed: I found this shoe! [A brawl ensues. Kevin's shoe falls off and lands on the sidewalk in front of Edd] Shoes for the taking, Double D! [Ed enters the fight]
Eddy: Hands off my quarter! [He goes in]
Edd: Your attention please. People. I may have a solution to everyone's dilemma.
Jimmy: Hey everybody, let's be nice. Shush. Double D's got something to..[Rolf and Kevin's bodies fly into Jimmy]
Rolf: May the onion of agony soil your macaroon! [Kevin cracks Rolf's back] Rolf's back. It has been healed. Thank you, Kevin. But you are a nincompoop, as the coin is mine! Bugaboo! [Rolf leaps into the fray again]
Kevin: Hey, lay off, it's mine!
[Everyone is fighting over the quarter, but Edd gets everyone's attention by sounding an airhorn]
Kevin: Dude.
Sarah: What are you trying to do, blow our heads off?!
Edd: Crude, yet effective.

Ed: If you smelt it, you dealt it, Eddy.

Ed: What can you do, if you live in a shoe, and you ain't got no sole?

They Call Him Mr. Ed

Eddy: I almost up-chucked.

Eddy: [answers the phone] Talk to me. [whistles a bit] Trade it. Buy it. Sell it. [hangs up]
Ed: [jumping] Up! Up! Up!
Eddy: Put some muscle into it, Ed!
Ed: You got it, chief! And up! [leaps straight up into the sky] WHOA!
Eddy: Keep that up, Ed!
Ed: Eddy, I'm coming! [dives down and crashes through the desk]

For the Ed, By the Ed


Little Ed Blue

Eddy: [yelling] THAT'S IT! I've had it up to here WITH YOUR BAD MOOD! Crack a smile! Bust a gut! BE HAPPY!!! [slaps Ed] Get over it!

A Twist of Ed

Edd: Good golly almighty! What is that horrible odor?! Ed?
Ed: Not I, Double D. [gestures Eddy] Talk to Mister Stink Pot.
Eddy: Hey, I had a Kanker hairball stuck in my shower.

The Good Ole Ed

[Ed has found a spatula]
Ed: Oh look, A flipper.
Eddy: It's a spatula, stupid.

[Eddy and Ed are about to pour the giant vat of pancake mix]
Ed: I love pancakes!
Eddy: Shut up and pour, lumpy.

Your Ed Here

Edd: If it makes you feel better I'll tell you my middle name.
Eddy: Ok.
Edd: Well, Eddy. My middle name, is Marian.
Eddy: [laughter] Marian?! That's a girl's name!

Thick as an Ed


Sorry, Wrong Ed

Eddy: I say we test it.
Edd: Test it?
Ed: Like, mustard?

Edd: Oh, look Ed. A Skunk. Did you know in some parts it's also known as a Polecat?
[Eddy appears after being sprayed by the skunk.]
Ed: Who stepped on a duck?

Robbin' Ed

Eddy: A techno-gizmo like this could cost you up to a million bucks, but for this special offer, you can have it for the low, low price of 25 cents!

A Case of Ed

Ed: It sounds like Sockhead, bonehead.

Ed: [eating one of Edd's shoes] Mm… How long have you been a size 2?
Edd: Size 2? But I've always worn a size 5 shoe, doctor.
Eddy: Sounds like another sympton to me.

Hand-Me-Down Ed


Run for Your Ed


Stiff Upper Ed

[Eddy attempts to show his boat to Sarah and Jimmy, but Ed accidentally breaks part of the boat, causing it to sink]
Eddy: We're sinking!
Ed: It wasn't me!

Here's Mud in Your Ed

Rolf: Today Rolf is forced to celebrate his country's traditional Thank You to the Noble Guardian Pigeon.

Ed: Work that body, work that body, don't you hurt nobody.

Stuck in Ed

[Eddy finds out they're too late to get free Jawbreakers, and attacks Ed]
Eddy: This is your fault! Admit it! If you do, I promise not to leave bruises.
Kevin: Hey, you lovebirds, vamoose. Babysitting's over, 'cause I just scored big time. Later. [He walks off, pocket full of change]
Ed: You forgot to say 'dorks,' Kevin!
Eddy: Did you see Kevin's pockets? They're bursting with cash, I tell ya!
Edd: Let's hope for Kevin's sake those stitches don't tear. Wouldn't it be a shame if he were to lose that plentiful peck of pennies?
Eddy: Yep.
Edd: Yep? Is that all you have to say for yourself? Yep? No rash, nonsensical quip to defraud Kevin of his fortune?
Eddy: Scam Kevin. That's what he said, right? I'm way ahead of you, Sockhead. Here's the plan, boys.
[Eddy says nothing]

Edd: Care to submit an idea for a scam, Jonny?
Jonny: Wow. A scam? I don't know...How about this. Jonny and Plank's Penny Dance! A one, and a two- [Begins to dance and sing] Pennies, pennies, I seek a penny, give me your pennies, I like the pennies...
Edd: Um, Eddy, a tad eccentric, don't you think?
Jonny: ...pennies, pennies, I seek a penny, who's got a penny- [Eddy kicks him into the sky.] Whoo-ee that smarts!

Postcards from the Ed

Eddy: Hey monobrow, give me a push will you?
Ed: Can do, Eddy! But I cannot join you in your merriment for I am responsible for Plank's mommy and daddy. [pushes bus, realizes that Plank's parents are on Eddy's bus] Hey, hold it one darn second there!

Eddy: This is all your fault. They're all just hunks of wood, for Pete's sake.
Edd: I wouldn't say that too loudly, Eddy. I think they're watching us.
Ed: Make them go away, Double D! Make them go away!
Eddy: Man, this is stupid.

Take This Ed and Shove It

Old Eddy: [to Edd] What happened to us, Double D? We look like turkeys. [pulls at the loose skin on Edd's chin. The skin drops down and hangs limply]
Old Edd: Calm down, Eddy. I'll let you shuffle. [holds out a deck of cards]
Old Eddy: I hate cribbage! [swats the deck away and falls over] I'm just a kid!
Old Edd: [laughing] Kid? Oh, Eddy. We haven't been kids in over 90 years.
Old Eddy: 90 years?!
Old Ed: [falling over] Baby go wee-wee! [he and Edd laugh]

Eddy: What lame-brained schmuck would throw away a perfectly good tricycle?
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