Ed, Edd n Eddy (season 6)

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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

May I Have This Ed?

Eddy: It's mine! Gimme my donut! [Ed crashes through the janitor's closet door] I saw it first! [Ed, binded up in rope, runs the other way]
Edd: Eddy, calm down. You know you're only encouraging him. [Eddy catches up to Ed and spins him around, drilling him into the floor] Oh, Eddy. Now look what you've done!
[Ed comes up underneath Edd, still spinning. He spins into a row of lockers, knocking their doors off and destroying them. He eventually stops, and Eddy grabs the donut that Ed is holding and bites into it, biting Ed's hand in the process]
Ed: YOWCH! [throws Eddy off. Ed still has the donut]
Edd: Goodness gracious! Have you two no respect for the sanctum of school property? Honestly, I–[Eddy clutches at him as he climbs down from the school wall on which he is plastered. A poster floats down, and Edd sweats as he gazes at it] Oh, um, I withdraw my last statement. No harm done, yes?
Eddy: What you got there?
Edd: [folding up the poster] Nothing. Righto. Let's say we make our way to–[Eddy grabs the poster]
Eddy: School dance, tonight? How'd we miss this?!
Edd: Isn't it a shame? Why, if only we had known sooner. Oh well. There's always next year. [pulls the blinds down in front of him, hiding himself from view. Ed and Eddy join him_
Eddy: Only losers stay home on a school dance night, and we ain't losers. Right, Ed?
Ed: Sure ain't, Eddy!
[Eddy shivers, noticing Edd is gone. The window is open, and Edd is crouched underneath it, hiding. Eddy pulls him back inside]
Eddy: Check this out! [puts up a sheet reading "Win a Date with Eddy! Sign up heer!"]
Edd: Win a date with Eddy! Sign up here!? [darts over to Eddy] You're not seriously thinking of going to this– [stops talking. Someone has signed up. Eddy looks at the sheet. The name on it is Ed's] Do you realize that it's customary for a boy to ask a girl to attend?! [points Eddy towards Sarah, who is talking to Jonny]
Jonny: Whaddya mean I shoulda ate a breathmint, Plank?
[Sarah stuffs Jonny in a trashcan and sends it rolling down the hall. Eddy peels a sweating Edd off Ed's back, then wrings him out]
Eddy: Asking's for chumps, Double D. My brother told me really cool guys ride solo, so they ain't stuck with the same chick all night. [leads his friends out of the school] C'mon! I got something that'll knock your socks off!
Ed: Missed too many laundry days for that, Eddy! [sticks his sock-clad foot in Edd's nose] My socks and me are as one.
Edd: GOOD LORD! Stinky stinky stinky.

Nazz: Way to bust a move, Double D! Let's twist! [drags him onto the dance floor]
Eddy: Hey! That's my move he's busted! He didn't even want to be here!
Nazz: [guiding Edd] Like this, Double D. Let's boogie! Whee!
Eddy: Ha! Way to get burned, Shovelhead.
[Kevin punches Eddy and stomps out of the gym. Marie angrily watches Edd dance with Nazz and tears the cover off the speakers]
Lee: You gonna let that hussy steal your man, Marie?
Marie: [grabbing Eddy] Get up, shorty! We're dancing! [grabs Eddy and slams him into Nazz. Edd looks at them] Quick, he's looking. Make like an octopus and suck face.
Ed: Wilfred sure has some fancy footwork, huh, Jonny? [dancing with Rolf's pig, Wilfred]
Rolf: Ed-boy, you have broken the customary laws of Rolf's traditions! [grabs Ed] You must first ask permission if you shimmy-shake the swine! Have you no shame? [Lee grabs Ed]
May: Hey!
[Lee forms Ed into a mallet and runs behind Marie and Eddy]
Lee: Get your claws off my man, Marie!
May: "How 'bout you get your claws off my man, boyfriend-stealer!?

Look Before You Ed

[Sarah is demonstrating to Jimmy how to make snow angels]
Jimmy: Okay, I get it now, Sarah. [tries to make one, but cannot budge the snow more than a few inches] I pulled my funny bone, Sarah. Owie!
Ed: Hibachi Man makes his daring escape! The Barbecue Belly Slide!
[Ed slides on his belly, rushing down the sidewalk at Jimmy and Sarah]
Sarah: Ed! You idiot!
[Ed plows into Jimmy and Sarah. They ride on his back through two fences. The second knocks Ed off balance, and they tumble apart as they come to a cliff. They fall as Edd watches, horrified, and Eddy watches gleefully. Sarah lands on the top of a streetlight. Ed ends up caught in the middle of it. Jimmy lands on a lump of snow which is revealed to be a fire hydrant. The hydrant explodes sending water skyward and the water freezes instantly, trapping Jimmy inside]
Sarah: [grabbing Ed] You lunkhead! Look what you did to Jimmy!
Eddy: [laughing] You're a laugh and a half, Ed!
Edd: [getting a ladder] Goodness! You really should exercise more caution, Ed.
Ed: That'll make my thighs burn, Double D. [Sarah throws him down and jumps on him]
Edd: [defrosting Jimmy] If only someone could address the true reality of wintertime hazards. We would all be much more–
Eddy: [annoyed] Not that again! Nobody wanted to hear about it last year, or the one before that! [Ed is seen dropping snow into his pants before Eddy leads him away] And no one wants to hear about your stupid safety club idea this year.
Jimmy: Safety club? [Edd stops the hair dryer] No more winter owies?
[Eddy gets hit with a snowball thrown by an off-screen Ed. He scoops up a big pile of snow]
Eddy: Better make a will, Ed!
Edd: [helping Jimmy down the ladder] I believe that if a few thoughtful safety guidelines were set into play, winter would be a much safer time of year for all.
Jimmy: Tell me more, Double D!

Jimmy: You better not drop that!
Eddy: What is it?
Ed: A poopdeck?
Edd: Not quite, Ed. This is an official Safety Club de-icer machine. Using the salt off of discarded cafeteria pretzels, we can render treacherous icy footpaths safe. [uses the machine, and it almost magically clears away the snow covering a path]
Ed: Salt is like magic!

Edd: Ironic, isn't it? Us being singled out as a liability.
Eddy: [realizing his tongue has frozen] What the–?! My tongue's stuck to the stupid ice, and I gotta go to the bathroom!
Ed: Do not fear, Eddy! Hibachi Man is here! Right, Double D?
Edd: Yes! Release this tongue-troubled citizen with your blast-furnace breath, Hibachi Man!
Eddy: Hey! Wait a minute, Ed [Ed exhales, blowing Eddy through the bars enclosing the Eds] Hey! I don't gotta go anymore!