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Edi Rama, in 1961

Edi Rama (born Edvin Kristaq Rama; 4 July 1964) is an Albanian politician, artist, writer and former basketball player, who is serving as the 33rd Prime Minister of Albania and the Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2013 and January 2019, respectively. Rama has also been Chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania since 2005.


  • Kodra, dopo aver lasciato l'Albania in dissidio con il regime, tornò una volta a Tirana e venne a casa da mio padre, anch'egli artista. Alla parete c'era appeso un mio disegno astratto. Lo notò subito e disse "continua su questa strada". Portava un basco, un maglione, una sciarpa, si smarcava dall'uniformità che qui vigeva, la barba era proibita come pure i capelli lunghi.
    • Kodra, after leaving Albania in disagreement with the regime, once returned to Tirana and came home to my father, also an artist. An abstract drawing of mine hung on the wall. He noticed it immediately and said "continue on this road". He wore a beret, a sweater, a scarf, strayed from the uniformity that existed here, the beard was forbidden as well as long hair.
    • Dall'intervista di Francesca Pini, Dal regime comunista all'arte astratta «E oggi disegno durante le riunioni, Corriere.it, February 19, 2017.
  • Turkey is a big and powerful country. We are a small and weak country. But whenever Turkey needs, we will be there. Albanian people will never forget Turkey's help,
  • First they came for Georgia
    I did not speak out

    Then they came for Crimea
    It was not my country
    So I did not speak out

    Then they came for the whole Ukraine
    But I was not Ukrainian
    And I did not speak out

    And then they came for me
    But there was no one left to help and defend me

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