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Edward Neville da Costa Andrade (27 December 18876 June 1971) was an English physicist, writer and poet.


  • Come, take hands, you are not such
    As this will weary overmuch.
    Sit we down, and hear rehearse
    The marvels of the sweet-souled verse
    • Poem With a copy of "The Faithful Shepherdess"
  • You know the wild flowers suit your hair:
    Place hands full of the purple bloom
    Of loosestrife, glad of such soft doom,
    And tender-toned narcissus there
    • Poem Fate and the Little Flowers
  • Your father bears an iron reed
    Filled with a flame that makes us bleed;
    Your kindly mother loves to tear
    Feathers and skin to deck her hair.

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