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Edward Frenkel, 2010

Edward Vladimirovich Frenkel (born May 2, 1968) is a Russian mathematician, Professor of mathematics at University of California, Berkeley, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and author of the bestselling book Love and Math. He is working in representation theory, algebraic geometry, and mathematical physics.


Love and Math, 2013[edit]

Edward Frenkel. Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality. 2013.

  • We should all have access to the mathematical knowledge and tools needed to protect us from arbitrary decisions made by the powerful few in an increasingly math-driven world. Where there is no mathematics, there is no freedom.
    • p. 5
  • I was proud of my work with Yakov Isaevich, and he of me. Despite our good relationship, however, I kept my “other” mathematical life – my work with Fuchs and Feigin and all of that – secret from him as I did from most other people. It was as though applied mathematics was my spouse, and pure mathematics was my secret lover.
    • p. 139
  • People tend to think that mathematicians always work in sterile conditions, sitting around and staring at the screen of a computer, or at a ceiling, in a pristine office. But in fact, some of the best ideas come when you least expect them, possibly through annoying industrial noise.
    • p. 145

Reality is a Paradox - Lex Fridman Podcast #370, April 2023[edit]

  • ... physics, one could say, is in sort of a crisis, in some sense, because of a current gap between the sophisticated theories, which come from applying sophisticated mathematics, and the actual universe. ... I think perhaps new ideas are needed, and I wouldn't be surprised if Witten is one those people who come up with those ideas.

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