Edward Hirsch

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Edward Hirsch

Edward Hirsch (born January 20, 1950), an American poet and critic.


  • The line is a way of thinking in poetry, by poetry..it paces the poem.
    • 'Five points' vol 4 no 2 Georgia State University Press Winter 2000
  • These ruinous days of Autumn.At dusk,
    the brightness seeps through the crumbling air,
    at dusk the air gathers up the brightness
    • 'The Renunciation of Poetry'
  • I was never able to pray
    but let me inscribe my name
    in the book of waves.
    • 'I was never able to pray'

How to Read a Poem And Fall in Love with Poetry (1998)[edit]

  • Poetry is a voicing, a calling forth, words waiting to be vocalized.
  • Inspiration is inbreathing, indwelling, poetry can never be entirely willed. It may be true a poet is given only a single line but that line is a gift from the unconscious, intution , a perception.
  • There is no true poetry unconcious inspiration.
  • For most of history poetry has been an oral art, it retains the vestiges of orality, an experience embedded in the sensuality of sounds.
  • The poem is an original and unique creation, but it is reading and recitation: participation.
  • The poet creates it; the people by recitation recreate it. Poet and reader (hearer) are moments of the same reality.
  • The poem is an act beyond paraphrase because what is being said is always inseparable from the way it is being said.
  • Poetry is a form of necessary speech.

Quotes about Hirsch[edit]

  • Hirsch's poems are compassionate , reverential , sometimes relievingly ruthless.
    • Review-'Los Angeles Times Book Review' by Dana Goodyear

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