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Edward Norton in 2012

Edward Harrison Norton (born August 18, 1969) is an Oscar-nominated American actor and film director.


  • Drew Barrymore: Eddie Vedder said something like, "The more you're known as a personality, the less you're accepted as an entertainer."
    Edward Norton: I would agree with that. On the other hand, I hate the "dark prince" act that some actors put on when they're doing publicity. If it's for real, if you're really a dark prince, then don't sit down with an interviewer and act like a dark prince. I don't necessarily love doing these things, but once you've agreed to do them, I think you ought to get on board.
  • An all-too-common reaction to something like racism is to hate the act so much you dismiss the person. But in [American History X] you're forced to confront the complexity of the character and his tragedy - and the fact, which people don't want to recognise, that someone like him can come out of a normal middle-class home.
  • My feeling is that it is film, the responsibility of people making films and people making all art to specifically address dysfunctions in the culture.
    I think that any culture where the art is not reflecting a really dysfunctional component of the culture, is a culture in denial. And i think that's much more intensely dangerous on lots of levels than considered examinations of those dysfunctions throught art is dangerous.
    • Promotional interview at Yale University for Fight Club (October 3, 1999)
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