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Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two (stylized ef - a fairy tale of the two.) is the overall title of a two-part Japanese adult visual novel series by Minori for the PC as a DVD. The first game in the series, Ef: The First Tale, was released on December 22, 2006, and the second game, Ef: The Latter Tale, was released on May 30, 2008. A 12-episode anime adaptation titled Ef: A Tale of Memories was produced by Shaft and aired between October and December 2007. A second season of the anime titled Ef: A Tale of Melodies aired 12 episodes between October and December 2008.

Visual Novel[edit]

Season 1: a tale of memories[edit]


[Hiro is chasing after Miyako after she stole his bike. Kei calls Hiro's cell phone. He answers.]
Hiro: Hello?
Kei: "Hello", my foot! Where are you?! What are you doing?! Don't tell me you forgot about the party!
Hiro: No! I didn't forget! I'm just not showing up tonight!
Kei: Don't get all defiant on me!
Hiro: I'm not defiant! I just don't have anything to wear to the ball!
Kei: Who are you, Snow White?
Hiro: I think you mean Cinderella.
Kei: Whatever!
Hiro: I'm in a bind right now!
Kei: What? Did you get a rush job or something like that?
Hiro: Yeah. I'm tied up right now. See you next time! [Hangs up]
Kei: What do you mean "next time"? Hey, wait! [Pause. Kei becomes frustrated.] I hate you! You can just go to Hell!

[Renji is asking Yu for advice on his future.]
Yu: So, why are you telling me this?
Renji: I wanted an adult's point of view, that's all. I thought you would be the kind of person who could give me some good advice, Himura-san.
Yu: Unfortunately, I'm not a priest nor a counselor.
Renji: I know you're not, but I thought people come to you for advice since you're here all the time. Everyone always sees you here.
Yu: I'm just waiting for someone, that's all.
Renji: Waiting for someone?
Yu: So, tell me, what do you like to do?
Renji: Huh? What do I like to do? I guess I like to read. You know, novels and stuff like that.
Yu: That's fine. Go to a liberal arts college or work for a publishing house. Or write your own novel.
Renji: But doing what you love for a living seems a little too ideal.
Yu: It's a thousand times better than doing what you hate. Don't worry so much. Just think about it. [He points his finger to the door.] End of advice. That was an adult's point of view.

[Renji meets Chihiro at the train station]
Renji: Hey.
Chihiro: Hello
Renji: I'm not bothering you, am I?
Chihiro: No. [Chihiro closes her diary.] Can I ask you something strange?
Renji: What?
Chihiro: Did I meet you here before?
Renji: Yeah.
Chihiro: I see. I'm sorry. We did meet before.
Renji: Yeah, but only for a couple of seconds though.
Chihiro: Oh, I see. [Pause] Um...D-Do you...
Renji: What?
Chihiro: Do you come here often?
Renji: Well, just sometimes.
Chihiro: It's nice and quiet here.
Renji: Yeah, I agree. Its an ideal spot for reading by yourself. Or maybe for pretending you're someone in that movie Stand by Me.
Chihiro: What?
Renji: It's that movie with the kids walking on the train tracks. You won't get into trouble for doing it here.
Chihiro: [Giggles] Well, that sounds like fun. I might have to try it sometime. [Pause] Chihiro.
Renji: Huh?
Chihiro: My name is Chihiro. Chihiro Shindou. It's written senjin as in "bottomless abyss", but it's pronounced "Chihiro".
Renji: In that case, my name is Renji Asou.
Chihiro: So your name is Asou-san?
Renji: Yeah. You're really fast, aren't you Chihiro?
Chihiro: Fast?
Renji: Yeah. You were here before me when I came the other day, too.
Chihiro: That's because...I don't go to school.
Renji: You don't go to school? You really don't go to school?
Chihiro: No.
Renji: Oh. I understand.
Chihiro: Yes. [Pause] I'm sorry.
Renji: Huh?
Chihiro: I'll leave now.
Renji: Leave? But why?
Chihiro: This is your special place. I don't want to bother you. You seem kind of nervous.
Renji: No! It's nothing like that! I'm happy for the company! I was just thinking the same thing about you; that my being here might be making you nervous or something like that.
Chihiro: No, you don't make me nervous. You don't have to worry about me.
Renji: Me neither! So you don't have to worry about me at all!
[Chihiro stops in front of Renji. They both laugh.]
Renji: I'll walk you home. Do you live nearby?
Chihiro: Actually, I'd like to stay a little while longer.
Renji: But it's getting dark...
Chihiro: I want to stay.
[Renji turns away.]
Renji: Oh.
Chihiro: Um...Is it okay if I come here again sometime
Renji: Of course if is!
Chihiro: Thank you.
Renji: Okay, I'll see you again, then. [Chihiro sighs.] What's wrong?
Chihiro: See you later.
Renji: See you. Bye.

[Hiro finally catches up with Miyako; she is unconscious from the bike crash. Miyako wakes up.]
Miyako: What the...?
Hiro: Huh?
Miyako: What was...what was I doing anyway...?
Hiro: Aside from stealing my bike, I don't know.
Miyako: Oh! I remember! [She gets up to run away, but Hiro grabs her hand.]
Hiro: Wait! Wait a minute! You have to take it easy!
Miyako: I was chasing a thief! You don't understand! He took my precious bag!
Hiro: What if you have a concussion? Just wait for the ambulance!
Miyako: I can't! That bag was expensive! And my wallet and cellphone are in there! Ugh! I have to catch him! [She forces Hiro to let go of her and then runs away.]
Hiro: Hey, wait!

upon a time[edit]

[Kei is at Hiro's apartment. Hiro is asleep on his desk while Kei is trying to wake him up.]
Kei: Now, then. Good morning, Onii-chan. Rise and shine. [Hiro is unresponsive. Kei tries gently shaking him awake.] Get up, big brother. [Hiro is still unresponsive. Kei tries clanking a ladle and a pan to wake him up.] Get up or you'll be late. [Hiro is still unresponsive.] Okay, I've done all that I can. The rest is up to you, big brother. [Kei runs towards Hiro and kicks him out of his chair.] I SAID GET UP!!! [Hiro is now awake.]
Hiro: Ow. Your methods are getting more and more violent.
Kei: Well, you're getting harder and harder to wake up every day. I told you that sleeping at your desk is bad for your back and your health!
Hiro: I can't help it. I'm up against a deadline. I'm desperate.
Kei: You say that every month, okay? Work is fine, but just remember your first priority is being a student!
Hiro: Manga is a priority, too.
Kei: Stop complaining and go wash your face, okay? Unless you want everyone to know about your job. [Referring to the ink prints on Hiro's cheek.]


[Renji is heading to the abandoned train station to meet Chihiro only to meet Yu instead.]
Renji: What are you doing here, Himura-san?
Yu: I'm just a messenger. Chihiro couldn't come because she caught a cold, so she sent me instead.
Renji: [Surpised] She's not in the hospital, is she?!
Yu: It's just a cold, but I kept her in, just in case.
Renji: I see.
Yu: Why didn't you come yesterday?
Renji: Huh?
Yu: You promised you'd be here. Chihiro was waiting...until midnight. Chihiro can't retain memories, so she tries her best to keep her promises. "See you tomorrow" is a precious promise that links her to a different her the following day. She must've been so happy yesterday. When I went to pick up from the station, she refused to budge at all, saying that she had a date with you. Chihiro can't even control her own existence, so she's usually very compliant, but I guess she's still human after all.
Renji: [Thinking] I had no idea she'd...
Yu: It's not your fault. Chihiro isn't able to make reasonable decisions...and I failed as her guardian. That's all.

[Hiro is on the school roof. Miyako sneaks up from behind him and covers up his mouth and eyes.]
Miyako: Guess who! [Hiro is having trouble breathing.] Who could this be? [Hiro removes her hands from his face. Miyako is laughing.]
Hiro: You!
Miyako: Don't get mad! It's just a cute prank! People do it all the time.
Hiro: They cover the eyes, not the mouth!
Miyako: Hmph. But that's just so boring.
Hiro: So you wanna kill me for entertainment?!
Miyako: Well, you know, I'm really glad you're here, Hirono-kun.
Hiro: Huh? Why is that?
Miyako: Because...if you weren't here, I would never have found this lovely hideaway.
Hiro: [Sighs] I see.
Miyako: Hey, can I have that? [Referring to Hiro's key to the roof.]
Hiro: Sorry, it was a present from my sister. She gave it to me when I made it into this school.
Miyako: Can I make a spare key?
Hiro: No way! This is a precious place; for my alone time!
Miyako: Hmmm...By the way, Hirono-kun, what abɒut work today? Are you up against a deadline? Is your editor ready to kill you and beat you to a bloody pulp?
Hiro: You think I'd be at school if that was the case?
Miyako: [Grabs Hiro's arm] Okayǃ Let's goǃ
Hiro: Wait a secondǃ To where?ǃ
Miyako: To somewhere. Other. Than. Hereǃ

[Hiro is in class with his head down on his desk.]
Kyousukeː Hey, Hirono. Are you alive? What's up with you?
Hiroː Can't you see? I'm dead.
Kyousukeː You are always so burned out at the end of every month. [Jokingly] Is it that time of the month?
Hiroː Yes, it's that time.
Kyousukeː It's tough, isn't it? [Hiro gets up from his desk]
Hiroː I'm going to get some sleep. [Walks off]
Kyousukeː Cover up, now.


[Renji is trying to convince Chihiro to write a novel with him.]
Renji: Wait, Chihiro! Why not? Let's try it. You told me that was your dream, didn't you? You said there was a story you wanted to write. Please, let me help you do it.
Chihiro: Do you think you're being "heroic"?
Renji: Heroic?
Chihiro: Do you think you're being "cool"? Because I have no future in front of me? Because I'm idle and useless? So you want to help me make my dream come true? You think it's so simple?! Heh...you're so right.
Renji: Chihiro...
Chihiro: You're right...I'm the one that's wrong. But still, even so...What do you expect me to do?! [Chihiro then loses her balance and falls backwards, but Renji grabs her hand, preventing her from doing so.] Help me...
Renji: What?
Chihiro: I don't understand...[Shouting] Why does someone know more about myself than I do?! [Pause] I want to write.
Renji: Huh?
Chihiro: I really do want to write. That's the only dream I have left since losing my memory. But...I can't...
Renji: Why not?
Chihiro: I'm scared. Because if I fail at that then I'll really have nothing to look forward to from day to day!
Renji: I see...I'm sorry. [Pause] Uh...Um...You don't think you and I could kiss, do you?
Chihiro: Kissing...is for lovers...
Renji: Can we be lovers then?
Chihiro: You were mean to me today, so no. I don't think so.
Renji: Oh...
Chihiro: I wish you asked me yesterday. I was in bed all by myself. I was so lonely. I wanted to see you, Renji-kun...and tell you that I loved you. That's what I had written...in my diary yesterday...
Renji: Oh. Bad timing.
Chihiro: I don't like you today, but I don't hate you either. [She embraces Renji.] Can you hold me a little longer?
Renji: Hold you
Chihiro: Yes...you're warm...



[Kyosuke rings Hiro's doorbell. Hiro answers the door.]
Hiro: Coming...
Kyosuke: Hiya! It's me! [Hiro closes the door on him. Kyosuke tries to pull the door open.] Wait just a minute! Are you going to turn away your best friend in the middle of the night, you jerk?!
Hiro: [Holding the knob] I don't have a best friend! Go home!
Kyosuke: What did you say?! [Pulls harder] Open up! It's the FBI! You have the right to remain silent or dead!
Hiro: Stop! Okay! Just five minutes! Let me clean up!
Kyosuke: You mean give you time to hide all your porn magazines?!
Hiro: No! Just wait outside! [A spark of static electricity from the knob sends Kyosuke flying backwards.]

[Miyako and Hiro are on the rooftop of the school, having lunch.]
Miyako: [Holding a bento] Hope you're hungry, 'cause I went all out today! It's Miyako's Special Eel Lunch Plate, just for you, Hirono-kun!
Hiro: Special eel?
Miyako: Yes. This eel is a very special eel indeed. It's- [Realizes what she's saying. She slaps Hiro.] NO! SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH WITH EEL, STUPID!

[Renji and Chihiro go over to Shuichi's house for an Otowa Academy girls' uniform for Chihiro.]
Shuichi: Sure thing! I have one! [Looking through his closet.] Now let's see, where did I put it?
Renji: So, you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but...
Shuichi: Um hm?
Renji: Why do you have a girl's uniform?
Shuichi: Oh, so the boy is curious. It was a little souvenir. Now I use it to spice things up a little bit. Usually I only let them wear the top.
Renji: That was a roundabout answer, but I got the message loud and clear! Never mind!
Chihiro: What are you talking about?
Renji: Uh...
Shuichi: Oh, it's for cute little Chihiro!
Renji: Please, don't fantasize!
Chihiro: I still don't understand what you're talking about...
Shuichi: [Presents uniform] Will this one fit? Wanna try it on?
Renji: Are you telling me...you have different sizes?
Shuichi: Just a couple.
Renji: That's really perverted.
[Chihiro goes to change into the uniform while Renji and Shuichi wait.]
Renji: Oh, and by the way, how's my mom know you have all these uniforms? Not that I really want to hear the answer...
Shuichi: Hm...Well I think she's very attractive. By the way, the uniforms look really good on her.
Renji: That's not funny! She's a married woman! [Chihiro comes out]
Chihiro: Excuse me...Um...
Shuichi: Hm? Wrong size?
Chihiro: [Comes out of the changing room with a police woman's uniform on.] I think the size is fine...but...but I think it's the wrong type of uniform, sir.
Renji: Kuze-san, I'm sure you're aware of this...but you're...
Shuichi: That's by far my favorite uniform of all!
Renji: ...really perverted...


[Miyako is attempting to call Hiro, who is not answering his cell phone.]
Miyako: Hello, Hirono-kun? Do you have the right meeting place? It's the bench in front of the fountain; you know the place? Call me if you're lost. I'll come get you. [Hangs up. Calls again.] It's Miyako. Are you okay? Have you gotten into an accident or something? Please call me as soon as you get this message. [Hangs up. Calls again.] [Annoyed] This is ridiculous! Call me at least! You have a phone! I'm worried about you! [Hangs up. Calls again.] It's Miyako. Hirono-kun? Answer the phone! You must be there; you must be listening. Answer the phone! Let's talk! Talk to me! Please... [Hangs up. Calls again.] [Angry] Why haven't you come? Why aren't you answering? Why don't you call me? Why aren't you saying anything?! Why?! [Hangs up. Calls again.] [Calmer] Hirono-kun? Please call me. I'm not mad. I'll wait until I can hear your voice. Even if it takes forever. [Hangs up. Calls again.] Please...Please come see me...Let me see your face and hear your voice. Please, Hirono-kun. You'll come see me, right? I can wait for you, right? I believe in you... [Hangs up. Calls again.] Please...Answer me...You can even text me! Just one word...Please, don't leave me... [Hangs up. Calls again.] I'll be waiting...I'll be waiting right here...Please, just text me now! I just need to hear from you! Please... [Hangs up. Calls again.] Why? WHY? You promised me! I believed in you! Why?! [Hangs up. Calls again.] Is it over? Is it all my fault? You know, if you hate me, then just tell me! Don't leave me in the dark! Say something! Please, say something! Just tell me! Tell me something, PLEASE!!! [Hangs up. Calls again.] I'm...sorry...for saying all those crazy things...Are you mad? You must be...I'm so self-centered...I'm selfish...I'm always causing you trouble...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry... [Hangs up. Calls again.] I...couldn't sleep, you know? I was just so looking forward to this date...When I think of you, my heart starts racing...I've never felt this way before. I don't know what to do...I want to see you...I want to see you, Hirono-kun... [Hangs up. Calls again.] Help me, Hirono-kun. Just help me. I don't want to disappear. I don't want to disappear. I don't want to disappear from your heart... [Cries loudly over the phone.]

clear colour[edit]

[Kei is riding on the back of Kyosuke's bike on the way home. Kei is talking about Hiro.]
Kei: That idiot! How does he think he's going to handle more work with his attendance record on the borderline as it is?
Kyosuke: Don't expect him to think ahead. [Pause] What made you start playing basketball?
Kei: I don't know. I just always liked it. I get such a rush from running a fast break past the defense and scoring a basket!
Kyosuke: Same as me then.
Kei: What?
Kyosuke: I get a rush from capturing a shot out of time and space. That just shakes me to the core.
Kei: Hmmm...
Kyosuke: It must be the same for Hirono, too. He's way ahead of us. So, maybe he's had his fair share of struggles?
Kei: But he's still a total idiot.
Kyosuke: You guys are so awkward.
Kei: About what?
Kyosuke: Um...Never mind.
Kei: No fair. Finish what you started.
Kyosuke: When you're trying to capture footage of an animal in the wild, you can't interfere with its activities. A filmmaker has to capture that animal in its natural state.
Kei: What does that have to do with anything?
Kyosuke: If I gave you advice, I'd be interfering with my subject.
Kei: I'm not a wild animal! [She punches Kyosuke in the back.]
Kyosuke: Ow!
Kei: I hate it when people get that kind of attitude! Don't talk like you know everything!
Kyosuke: But I do.
Kei: Huh?
Kyosuke: When I look into my lens, I can see everything.

forget me not[edit]

[Hiro meets up with Miyako. They are walking on the beach.]
Hiro: Sorry about last Sunday, standing you up.
Miyako: Never mind.
Hiro: You're not mad at me?
Miyako: It's okay. You're here now.
Hiro: That's not like you. Oh, you need to turn in your career path questionnaire. If you keep blowing it off, they'll call your parents.
Miyako: What did you write?
Hiro: I guess I'll just write "going to college".
Miyako: What about "manga artist"?
Hiro: They'd call my parents for sure. My parents wouldn't understand. They would make me quit my job if they found out.
Miyako: What do you mean? Your dad isn't supportive of you?
Hiro: I got mad and moved out before I even told him.
Miyako: [She stretches] I envy your freedom.
Hiro: Look who's talking.
Miyako: But why?
Hiro: Are you being serious? I mean, you're like a walking advertisement for freedom.
Miyako: No I'm not. My freedom is a completely empty freedom. Your freedom was your own personal choice to do what you want to do. You struggled and fought really hard to make your dreams come true. It must be so fulfilling for you.
Hiro: I'm not free at all. I'm bogged down with a million things to think about and deadlines to reach. There's so much I have to worry about. My head hurts most of the time.
Miyako: Then why don't you just run away from everyone and everything?
Hiro: Huh?
Miyako: You're free to decide which path you choose. You could choose to throw it all away if you want to. I know! Why don't we run away together? Somewhere far away where no one know us!
Hiro: Dummy.
Miyako: I know...
Hiro: I'm responsible for the choices I make. I can't go getting involved with something then just run away and pretend like it never even happened.
Miyako: What about me?
Hiro: What?
Miyako: You got involved with me. So you can't run away, right?
Hiro: Oh, actually, I wish I could pretend it never even happened.
Miyako: You're so mean! [He laughs]
Hiro: Thank you.
Miyako: Huh?
Hiro: I don't know. Just being with you make me feel like I can let down my guard a little bit.
Miyako: Hirono-kun...
Hiro: But...I know it's not for real.
Miyako: It's like that for me. When I'm with you, I feel a sense of relief, too. But it doesn't last. It's only for the short while that I'm with you.
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: Hirono-kun... [She kisses him. They embrace then break their kiss.] Say something.
Hiro: Uh...Like what?
Miyako: You're a girls' manga artist, right? Can't you think of something romantic to say to me right now?
Hiro: Uh...I'm not sure..."I'll never let you go"?
Miyako: So cliche.
Hiro: I..."I love you"?
Miyako: Unoriginal.
Hiro: "Je t'aime"? [French for "I love you"]
Miyako: What's that?
Hiro: "I'll kill you and die by my own hand"?
Miyako: Well, that's just inappropriate. Are you really a professional at this? I'm starting to doubt it- [He kisses her]
Hiro: I'm not good at ad-libbing. I need paper and pen in front of me to make up lines.
Miyako: Then take me where you have paper and pen...

[Renji goes back to the beach, where he finds the sandcastle that he and Chihiro made is still there.]
Renji: It can't be...this doesn't make sense...Why? What are you still doing here? [He starts hitting the sandcastle, demolishing it.] Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Chihiro's memory's gone! She's lost everything! So why are you still here?! Are you trying to tell me her existence is more fragile than sand?! Is her memory not even as real as this sandcastle?! It's impossible...It can't be! Chihiro is Chihiro! We met, she laughed with me, she cried with me, she got mad at me! She's still the same! She hasn't disappeared! She's not a different person! I'm not gonna let her fade away, you hear me?! I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!!

I'm here[edit]

Miyako: It was just like I thought.
Hiro: What?
Miyako: You're the kind of person that will take care of me.
Hiro: What's that?
Miyako: I only want to be with the kind of person who's not afraid to take care of me. Because otherwise, I'd be better off by myself.
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: I don't want to disappear from anyone's heart. If there's even a chance of that, I'm better off not even knowing them. [Pause] Can I...Stay here with you, please?
Hiro: Yeah.
Miyako: Will you see me no matter what happens?
Hiro: Yeah.
Miyako: I don't want to lose anything dear to me ever again.

[Kei shows up at Hiro's house and finds him in bed with Miyako.]
Kei: What's going on here?
Hiro: Kei...
Kei: Is this how it is...? You...[Kei uses her crutch to break a few dishes, knock over bottles, and makes books fall off a bookshelf in a fit of rage. She then throws her crutch at Hiro's bed and storms off running.]
Hiro: Kei! [Hiro goes to chase after her, but Miyako stops him.]
Miyako: Don't go...[She grabs his hand]
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: Don't go. Please.
Hiro: But Kei's my...
Miyako: Tell me, who are you going to choose? You won't go, will you Hirono-kun? See only me. No one else. You said!
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: Please! [Hiro makes Miyako let go of his hand. She remembers her painful past.]
Hiro: Wait! I'll be right back! [He leaves]
Miyako: So...you're going anyway...

[Kei is crying on the beach after leaving Hiro's house. Kyosuke is standing in front of her.]
Kyosuke: Kei-chan...[He reaches out to her. She slaps his hand away.]
Kei: Leave me alone! Don't you want to get this...? On film I mean? Just shoot it! Film it! You'll never get such interesting footage again! So film it!
Kyosuke: Kei-chan...

[Hiro meets up with Kyosuke to talk about Kei. Kyosuke punches Hiro, causing him to fall to the ground.]
Hiro: W-What the hell?
Kyosuke: That's what I wanna ask! What the hell is going on, Hirono?
Hiro: Going on?
Kyosuke: Are you going out with that girl Miyamura?
Hiro: How is that any of your business?
Kyosuke: So what about Kei-chan then?
Hiro: What are you talking about? Kei and I aren't like that. [Kyosuke punches him again.] What's wrong with you?!
Kyosuke: You're so half-assed! About school, about work, about your friends! You hurt people in the process and don't even know it!
Hiro: I don't even know what in the hell you're talking about! [Hiro tries to punch Kyosuke with his left hand, but he catches it with his right.]
Kyosuke: You think you can take me down with your left hand alone?
Hiro: I'm saving my right for work!
Kyosuke: You even fight half-assed.
Hiro: What's that?!
Kyosuke: You're just running from everything!
Hiro: I've never run from anything!
Kyosuke: You never think! You just drag everyone around in your mess! It's just as bad a running! [Kyosuke throws Hiro to the ground.] You even ran away from your own father without trying to talk to him!
Hiro: You don't know anything about my family!
Kyosuke: Is Kei-chan family or just a girl?
Hiro: Neither! Kei is just Kei!
Kyosuke: That's what I mean by half-assed! Nothing is clear with you! You don't care who you hurt! That's why Kei-chan's crying. You never decide one way or the other. That's why you're torturing her. At this rare, she'll just keep following you around like some little lost puppy. You're the only one that can save her. Hirono, it's up to you.

[Hiro comes back home.]
Hiro: I'm home. Miyako? [He sees that she is not there.] Miyako...[Hiro receives a call. He answers it.]
Miyako: Hirono-kun?
Hiro: Miyako?
Miyako: I've been thinking.
Hiro: What?
Miyako: I think we should stop seeing each other. For good.
Hiro: What are you talking about, Miyako?
Miyako: Well, to be honest, it's just too painful for me to think about.
Hiro: About what?
Miyako: I know I'm being selfish. I know I'm wrong, but your heart doesn't belong to me and only me. And I can't deal with it.
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: When someone else takes place in your heart, I'll disappear again. So let's just be adults and say goodbye before that happens. And goodbye. [She hangs up]
Hiro: Wait! Miyako! Miyako!

[Hiro is looking for Miyako. He finds Mizuki instead.]
Mizuki: Hiro-sempai?
Hiro: Hayama?
Mizuki: There you are. What are you doing here, huh?
Hiro: Nothing.
Mizuki: How were the sandwiches Kei-sempai made for you?
Hiro: What?
Mizuki: She called me up last night and made me come over to teach her how to make them. I'm so jealous. [Mizuki starts squeezing Hiro's right hand, causing him pain.]
Hiro: Ow! What are you doing? Stop that!
Mizuki: I thought it was weird that she wanted to learn to cook all of a sudden, but she said with a perfectly straight face "It's for Hiro". Can you believe it? With a blush on her face, no less! I didn't want to do it, but I swallowed my tears and taught her how to anyway! But it was totally against my better judgement! She should have tried cooking for me! [Holds up a card.] Well, as you can see, I got something out of it, too.
Hiro: What's that?
Mizuki: A mail-in postcard for a Mimi Comics special drawing. This month's prize is really extravagant! [Hiro takes the card.] Hey, what are you doing?! Give that back!
Hiro: Huh. Are you a fan of Nagi Shindou?
Mizuki: Yes, because his name sounds like Kei-sempai's!
Hiro: Is that all? [Pause] Mizuki, are you starting to read manga by a different writer now?
Mizuki: Well, Nagi Shindou's work hasn't been that interesting lately, in my opinion. He lost momentum or something. It used to be so much more intense. It's becoming run-of-the-mill for me. The Nagi Shindou I knew is gone, but you wouldn't know what I was talking about, now would you? You're a boy, and this is girls' manga.
Hiro: O...Oh yeah.

[Hiro goes to the rooftop of the school hoping to find Miyako there. He finds Yuko instead.]
Yuko: Knowing and understanding are two different things.
Hiro: I know that as well.
Yuko: They are all important, so you don't want to give up any of them.
Hiro: Yeah, something like that.
Yuko: But you'll have to give up something sometime or else you will lose the most important thing of all.
Hiro: But they're all important to me!
Yuko: You have to decide or risk losing everything.
Hiro: I can't just abandon something I already started! I can't and I won't!
Yuko: You won't be abandoning anything. You'll make them abandon you. That's why it's painful.
Miyako: [In flashback] I...I don't want to be in pain anymore...
Yuko: As long as you're alive, there will always be pain.
Kei: [In flashback] I know...I know...But...
Yuko: Breaking a bond is every bit as painful as being physically torn apart. [To Hiro] Can you endure that?
Hiro: Even if I couldn't, I can't run away, can I? [She nods yes] You're right.
Yuko: You knew the answer from the start, didn't you?
Hiro: I knew the answer, but I didn't have the courage to understand it. I think...I found the color I was missing...

[Hiro, who is in the hallway, is talking to Kei, who is in her room. He knocks on the door.]
Hiro: Kei? Are you there?
Kei: What do you want?
Hiro: You forgot your crutches.
Kei: Go away.
Hiro: You'll hurt your leg.
Kei: It's none of your business.
Hiro: Kei...Thanks for the sandwiches. I heard about it from Hayama. She also said my manga hasn't been that good lately. Kei...I've decide I'm going to quit school and focus on my manga. I was wrong to think I could do both. I can't expect to do a half-ass job on everything and expect to succeed at anything. You have to understand that.
Kei: Does...this have something to do with Miyamura-sempai?
Hiro: Not totally, but I came to this conclusion myself.
Kei: So you've decided?
Hiro: Yeah. I have.
Kei: I see. You always do this. You decide everything on your own and move on without me.
Hiro: Kei...
Kei: You made your dream come true. Followed your passion. And always saw things through even if it was hard.
Hiro: Because you were always there.
Kei: What?
Hiro: I wanted to look good in front of you. As your "big brother". The reason why I even started drawing manga was to make you and Chihiro happy.
Kei: Big brother... [Kei gets up from her bed.]
Hiro: It was so fun back then. Do you remember? Fighting over the manga?
Kei: Yeah... [Kei walks towards the door]
Hiro: What was it called? The series with a surprise ending? We were all so shocked how it turned out. I can still hear you, me, and Chihiro all arguing about that ending. Remember?
Kei: You always sided with the girl who got her heart broken.
Hiro: And you said it was her fault for allowing it to happen.
Kei: Yeah, that's because she was so pretty that she never even made an effort.
Hiro: Now that I think about it, that series was discontinued. But we never really thought about that, did we? We were all so obsessed with that ending.
Kei: Reality seems...to be like that, too.
Hiro: Yeah.
Kei: There's no such thing as happy endings. Getting discontinued is more realistic. The world comes to an end all of a sudden. Without any warning. [Her voice starts breaking] You feel stupid for dreaming right up until it does. And everything disappears.
Hiro: Kei, I...
Kei: Don't say it! Please don't! Don't let it end yet! I thought it would last forever. That it would always be you and me. You'd always be lazy and I would always have to take care of you. But you'd be doing your best, and I'd be supporting you. And you'd be supporting me, too when times were tough. We'd fight sometimes and then make up. The brother and sister would eventually become lovers. We'd get married and have kids. It would be just you and me. Finally more than brother and sister. I thought we would last forever.
Hiro: Kei...
Kei: How did you imagine it to be? Tell me the truth, please.
Hiro: I...thought the same thing more or less. That it would just happen that way for us. But...
Kei: I see...So I just realized too late...I should have told you how I feel about you...I was stupid to think you could read my mind...
Hiro: Sorry, Kei...
Kei: Onii-chan! I'm in love with you! I love you! I...love you so much! Onii-chan...Ever since we were small, I looked up to you. I was so proud of you. I wanted it to last forever! [Kei starts crying] I want to go back...to those times when we were always together...when you'd always be my Onii-chan...
Hiro: We can go back. Let's go back, Kei! Even if we're not related by blood! You're like my little sister! You're an important part of my life, so...[Kei opens the door]
Kei: So...it was painful for you too, huh? I see...
Hiro: Kei...
Kei: Don't worry. I'm gonna be okay. It'll take some time, I know. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.
Hiro: Kei...

[Miyako is about to leave Otowa. She is talking to Yuko.]
Miyako: So, this is goodbye...
Yuko: Running away again?
Miyako: It's just the way it was before. I'll close my eyes so I don't have to see. Close my ears so I don't have to hear anything. That's how I've always lived.
Yuko: Then you'll end up with nothing.
Miyako: That's okay. I never expected anything in the first place.
Yuko: But he really is trying...
Miyako: I know, but...I'm not as strong as he is.
Yuko: That's too bad. I wanted to dream. That someday someone like me could finally be happy. [Yuko disappears]
Miyako: Uh...Dream?

[Miyako is about to say goodbye to Hiro over the telephone. She inserts her credit card which gives her 100 seconds.]
Hiro: Miyako?
Miyako: Yes?
Hiro: Where are you?
Miyako: Its a secret.
Hiro: Can we meet and talk?
Miyako: No, it would only weaken my resolve.
Hiro: Resolve?
Miyako: I'm moving out of this town. I'm moving somewhere where no one knows me.
Miyako: This is my last phone call. My last goodbye to you. Since you were so nice to me...
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: I think I've been testing you all this time, Hirono-kun.
Hiro: What do you mean "testing me"?
Miyako: Ever since I met you at Christmas, I've been checking your reaction; to see if you were the kind of person that would take care of me.
Hiro: I think that's a little bit dramatic.
Miyako: I don't want to be with someone who isn't going to take care of me. I told you that.
Hiro: And how did I do?
Miyako: What?
Hiro: Your test. Did I pass?
Miyako: Hmph. With flying colors. In fact, you're way, way too good for me.
Hiro: Don't exaggerate.
Miyako: Oh, I'm a good judge of character.
Hiro: Then why are you saying you're going to move?
Miyako: Because I don't want to disappear from your heart. I'm disappearing while you still love me.
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: There was no sound at my house.
Hiro: Sound?
Miyako: My parents didn't get along. Neither of them spoke to each other in the house. They couldn't stand the sound of each others voices or even footsteps. They were so busy hating each other that they forgot about their daughter. My name...
Hiro: Your name?
Miyako: They hardly called my name. That's how little conversation there was. No matter how good my grades were or if I came in first place at sports, I never got any praise.I even learned how to make fish the way my mom and dad liked it. I cut myself with a knife so many times, but...
Hiro: Miyako...
Miyako: You know, it's funny. I didn't mean to copy them, but I found myself holding my breath. Then they ended up getting a divorce six years ago. And that was a relief for me. I mean, I was finally free. I could leave that silent house and go wherever I wanted. I hoped that I could find a place of my own someday, somewhere. It was liberating: not to have to interact with people. I didn't have to worry about being liked or not liked. I just went wherever. Wherever I wanted. That's right, I could go anywhere. But, being free to go anywhere also means never having a special place to call your own. There was nowhere I wanted to go. Nowhere to go home to.
Hiro: Shut up!
Miyako: Huh?
Hiro: You're just blabbering to yourself!
Miyako: Hirono-kun?
Hiro: Why didn't you say anything?! You were lonely, right? And you were hurting, right? Then why didn't you tell me?! I was right there!
Miyako: H-How could I do that? Then you'd only end up feeling sorry for me and I didn't want your pity! I just wanted a special place of my own!
Hiro: I'll be that special place for you!
Miyako: Huh?
Hiro: And your silent house will be in your past! It's all behind you, alright?!
Miyako: Even if you'll be my special place, I'll be afraid of losing it!
Hiro: You won't lose it!
Miyako: How can you say that?!
Hiro: Believe in me!
Miyako: I want to! I want to! But I-
Hiro: What are you afraid of?!
Miyako: I'm disgusting! You'll end up hating me one day!
Hiro: No! I won't!
Miyako: I knew how you and Kei-chan felt about each other! And then I'd never win! But I wanted to be with you so badly! I clung onto you! Even if I that it would hurt you! I'm so disgusting! I only think of myself! Can't you see that?! You'd end up getting hurt be me! I know it!
Hiro: I'll worry about myself! You just stay the way you are! It's who you are! Don't change! [Miyako starts crying] I've made my own decision! The rest is up to you!
Miyako: Really? Can I believe you?
Hiro: Yes!
Miyako: I don't want to disappear anymore...I don't want to be ignored anymore!
Hiro: I'll never let you disappear!
Miyako: I want you to love me! I want you to eat my cooking while it's warm!
Hiro: I want to be with you!
Miyako: I want someone to touch me...
Hiro: I'll praise you if you get good grades! I'll scold you if you do something bad! I'll eat your cooking! You just name it!
Miyako: Oh, I want to cling to you...No matter how pitiful that is...
Hiro: Do what you want! I'm ready to take everything you have to give!
Miyako: Hirono-kun...I...
Hiro: Do you hear what I'm saying, Miyako?! Listen to me! I love- [Miyako's seconds run out, ending the call. The phone booth starts beeping. There is a long pause. Miyako starts crying. Hiro appears outside the phone booth on his bike.] I...I love you! [Miyako turns around to see Hiro. She runs out of the booth.]
Miyako: Hirono-kun!
Hiro: Just where the hell are we? I went to every public phone in Otowa.
Miyako: Hirono-kun...
Hiro: Miyako...
[Miyako runs towards Hiro. They embrace and then kiss.]
Miyako: You're responsible now.
Hiro: Responsible?
Miyako: You caught me, so never let me go.
Hiro: I thought you were the type who didn't want to be tied down?
Miyako: People change their minds all the time, you know.

forever ever[edit]


Chihiro: [Reciting what she is writing in her diary.] I have to say goodbye to Renji-kun soon. I don't want to do it. It makes me sad. But I decided from the beginning this is where it would end, so I have no choice. I kissed him knowing that it would be the last time. I loved him knowing that it couldn't last forever. I'm heartbroken, but these feelings will fade with time. No matter how said I might feel at this moment, I know that eventually the pain will disappear...along with my memories. But right now, I still remember everything...and it's killing me inside. I still feel Renji-kun's warmth in my heart. To be honest, I don't ever want to leave his side. I want to feel him forever. I want to spend my time with him. I don't want to forget or disappear. I don't want to go back to those days of feeling nothing. Renji-kun was a knight who rescued me from my suffering; he was my Prince Charming; he was the only one who could free me from the shackles of time. I may forget, I may disappear, but I swear, I will always love him. Even though time may pass and all of my memories disappear, all that matters is that at this moment I love him with all my heart. Renji-kun, I want to thank you for everything. This is...this is goodbye. [Rips the pages containing memories of Renji out of her diary.]

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