El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is an American animated television series created by Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua for Nickelodeon.


Sole of a Hero / Night of the Living Guacamole (1.01)[edit]

[First scene of the series; Rodolfo returns home, finding Manny and Frida laying in the living room, both looking bored]
Rodolfo: Manny, I'm home. How are you kids doing?
Manny and Frida: Bored.
Frida: There's nothing fun to do.
Rodolfo: Fun is what you make of it. For instance, today I battled giant squid creatures trying to steal the Jeweled Mule of Maya. Fun! The leader escaped with the mule, but I will find him. This I swear!
Frida: I thought you quit superheroing.
Rodolfo: Technically, I'm retired. But as long as there is evil, and I am young and vital enough to oppose it, I will.
Manny: You're super macho.

Frida: You were right. Watching you dad sleep is less boring than TV.

Rodolfo: Manny, what are you up to?
Manny: Oh, nothing. Helping the poor. [dashes away to his room]
Rodolfo: Ah, the poor. Very good.
Manny: [sitting under his bed sheets, turns on his flashlight, looking through a magazine] Oh, man, this so good!
Rodolfo: [bursting in] MANNY! [Manny screams] I just spoke to the poor, and you have not been helping them.

Frida: He saved us all from the evil guacamole!
Rodolfo: Thank you, Man- wait, what evil guacamole?
Frida: Duh. The free stuff we got from that creepy old lady so Manny could use your money to buy the tattoo maker. [realized what she said; disappointed] Dang!
Rodolfo: Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equihua Rivera, what is going on here?!
Frida: We can explain everything. See, there were these aliens, and then they grabbed my face…
El Tigre/Manny: [sighs with guilt] No, Frida, it's time to tell the truth. [45 minutes later…] And worst of all, I made you guys miss the big game.
Rodolfo: So, you stole money from me and you lied. But, you also risked your life to save us and then told the truth. [thinks for a second] Let's see, what would be an appropriate punishment?

Enter the Cuervo / Fistful of Collars (1.02)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: [whispering from outside] Frida!
Frida: [wakes up and gets up from her bed to the window; whispering] Where have you been?!
El Tigre/Manny: I'm only six hours late.
Frida: You're two days and six hours late! The party is tomorrow. Now go home! [turns off the light and goes back to sleep]
El Tigre/Manny: Frida? Frida? FRIDA!

Manny: Uh, Frida? I brought you the piñata.
Frida: You did? Oh, Manny, I I knew… [shocked to see Manny's poorly made piñata] This is my awesome birthday piñata?
Manny: Ye…abe?
[The piñata rips open and falls to the ground, revealing what was inside]
Frida: Pretzels and a dirty sock?!
Manny: It still needs some fine-tuning.
Frida: Where have you been the last two days?! What kind of piñata is this?! WHAT'S THE SQUARE ROOT OF NINE?!
Manny: Square root?
Frida: I need help with my math homework, which you would know if you were any kind of friend!
Manny: If you were any kind of friend, you'd know… [takes off his eye patch and throws it on the ground; angrily] I STINK AT MATH!
Frida: You just plain STINK!
Manny: Hey, if you're such a great friend, why'd I make you such a lousy piñata?!
Frida: Well, since you're no kind of friend, you… you're… UNINVITED to my party!

El Tigre/Manny: No one can help you now, chica!
Black Cuervo: Think again, hero! [opens a slot on her wrist brace with a red button inside and pushes it; sound effect of a bird's cry echoes, Lady Gobbler and Voltura fly into sight, landing on both sides of her; They grab both her hands and fly off; vowing] Party while you can, El Tigre! I shall have my revenge on you! VENDETTA!

Manny: [searching through the garbage can] Oooh! A broken yo-yo! Buffalo jerky! [gasps] And two doorknobs.
Frida: Behold! Perfectly good roller skates made from household garbage.
Manny: It's like my dad says, "You don't need money to have fun."
Frida: I even made a safety gear.
Manny: Now all we need is another pair of skates.
Frida: Pssh. We don't need anything!
Manny: This is gonna be awesome if we survive.
[Zoom out, revealing the two on top of a hill through the window of a plane]
Pilot: And on the right of the plane, you can see Manny and Frida about to do something stupid.

Manny: So, all that work really paid off.
Frida: Your dad was totally wrong. You do need money to have fun. Luxeblades, reverse somersault!
Manny: Luxeblades, give a beat, low rider style.

Manny: [while witnessing the Luxepod] It has video games from the future!
Frida: [also witnessing] It has a built-in toilet!

Manny: Where are we gonna get the money? We've found, stolen, and returned every pet in Miracle City.
Frida: There's got to be a way to get it, 'cause we've gotta get Luxepods! [looks at the missing poster of Taco as the winds unfolds it, revealing the price from $100 to $100,000] Santa Claus!
Manny: Ok, that's enough money. We are going to Calavera!

Manny: I think we did the right thing. Like my dad says, "You don't need money to have fun."
Frida: [takes out the household garbage-made roller skates she kept] And check it out, I still have these.
Manny: This is gonna be awesome if we survive!
[Zoom out to reveal them at the very top of Calavera]

Fool's Goal / El Tigre El Jefe (1.03)[edit]

Grandpapi: [sighs] What has become of my Matadors? When I played, we beat every team in the league.
General Chapuza: [laughs] Not every team.
Grandpapi: Aye! General Chapuza, you old nemesis, you.
General Chapuza: Your Miracle City matadors have never beaten my Calavera zombies. And this year will be no different. Especially with me coaching a team led by my grandson, Che.
Che: Grandfather, when may I torment and destroy the Matadors?
General Chapuza: [patting his grandson's head] Soon, my grandson, soon.
Grandpapi: This year, the Matadors will defeat the zombies! THIS I SWEAR!

Grandpapi: Back in my day, Miracle City won every trophy imaginable. Except for the League Championship.
Frida: And we're not gonna win it this year with no-cheaty-petey coaching us.
Grandpapi: Then I will not have my revenge on General Chapuza. Oh, well. Nothing we can ado about it, sí?

Manny: I couldn't do it. As much as I wanted that trophy, honor was more important.
Rodolfo: Yes, mijo. And someday, people will respect you from this decision. But for now… [dashes away] RUN!!!

[At Leone Middle School…]
Manny: I am here to help. I am here to help.
Frida: Dude, that's starting to creep me out.
Mrs. Lupita: Aaron, you haven't done your homework in weeks. [sternly] This is it! Turn in your assignment tomorrow, or you will be EXPELLED!
Aaron: No more school? Wow, thanks.
Mrs. Lupita: Young man, you need help.

Mrs. Lupita: Class, not only did Aaron do his homework, [chuckles] he got a perfect score on today's pop quiz! [places a gold star on Aaron's forehead]
Aaron: This one's for you, Manny! Thanks for helping.
[The class cheers for Manny]
Frida: You did a good thing, dude. [gives Manny a thumbs up]

Sergio: Somebody should really do something about that guy, huh?
Frida: Yeah. Somebody should. [gathers everybody in a janitor's closet] People, I want Help-zilla out, and the old Manny back. And Sergio here has an idea how we can do it.
Sergio: [stepping into the light] I believe I know someone who can help. Someone who can…show El Tigre the error of his ways.
Frida: Like a counselor, right?
Sergio: [laughs] Yes. A counselor. [starts laughing maniacally] Uh, I, uh, I just remembered a joke.
El Tigre/Manny: [impressed by his statue] Man, I look good.
Boy: You look like a BULLY!
El Tigre/Manny: [turns around and sees Frida and all the other students staring angrily at him] Frida? What is this?
Frida: Manny, there's someone I want you to talk to. Where's Sergio's friend?
Señor Sinestro: [drops down in front] Here!
Frida: Ooh, this may have been a mistake.
Señor Sinestro: It's over, pardner! No more bullying these fine people!
El Tigre/Manny: "Bullying them?" I was helping them.

Frida: Pst.
Manny: You would say that.
Frida: I swear I didn't mean for this to happen, Manny. You've gotta help us.
Manny: I was helping. How could you do this to me? Don't you know you can't force people to change?
Frida: Yeah, I know that. Do you?
Manny: Of course, I- [realizes] Oh… This, this is all my fault.

Zebra Donkey / Adios Amigos (1.04)[edit]

[Rivera house; Manny and Frida stand in front of Zebra Donkey's grave after he dies of being poisoned by bananas]
Manny: [places a flower on Zebra Donkey's grave; breaking down sadly] It is as if, I have lost a brother. A striped, long-eared brother. And it's all my fault!
Frida: Um, Manny? The Zebra Donkey fiesta spectacular is tomorrow.
Manny: [shouting] THIS IS NO TIME TO TALK ABOUT PARTIES! [calms down] I'm sorry, I just need some time to grieve.

Frida: You sure about this?
Manny: I gotta get Zebra Donkey back! He's my best… [realizes] my second best friend.
Frida: Nice say, dude.

Sartana: Thieves!
Frida: [to Manny, annoyingly through gritted teeth] Never say, "What could go wrong?"
Sartana: [gets back her mystic guitar and summons her skeleton bandits] Steal from me AND give me a bad makeover?! You will PAY!

Frida: Manny, you've gotta smash Sartana's guitar. It'll make her crumble to dust, and her banditos!
El Tigre/Manny: And Zebra Donkey.
Frida: Oh, yeah.
El Tigre/Manny: I can't lose him again! I just can't! There has to be another way!
Frida: Hypnosis. Time machine. Pixie dust.

El Tigre/Manny: Zebra Donkey sacrificed himself…
Frida: To save us all.

Rodolfo: When your mother and I got married, I had less time with the Titan. Then we had you, and the decision was clear. My family was more important to me than my partnership with the Titan. So we went our separate ways.
Manny: What happened to him?
Rodolfo: He couldn't make it as a solo superhero. Eventually, he left town, and turned to a life of crime. And he blamed you for his misfortunes.

Manny: [making a rice-shaped sculpture of Frida's head during lunch] What's that you say, Rice Frida? You miss me? I miss you, too.

Titanium Titan: At last, I have the upper hand on Manny Rivera, who ruined my life!

The Mother of All Tigres / Old Money (1.05)[edit]

White Pantera/Rodolfo: Now, Manny, we have work to do. The divine angel who is your mother is coming to visit! And we must…clean up this mess, at once!
El Oso: Why, man?
El Tigre/Manny: Oh, you gotta hear this story! [Flashback begins with his parents walking through the park with him as a baby in a baby carriage] When my folks first got married, Mom used to think Dad being White Pantera was cool. Then, one day…
Flashback Rodolfo: [changes into his White Pantera persona and runs over to stop El Mal Verde] Halt, fiend! So says, White- [gets smashed repeatedly by El Mal Verde's metal club; El Mal Verde laughs and walks away; holds up a thumbs up, bruised and beaten as Maria runs over to him, carrying baby Manny]
El Tigre/Manny: It was the first time she saw my dad get hurt, and she totally lost it.
[Maria starts hyperventilating; Fade to giant monster creatures attacking, and Manny, now a toddler]
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Maria didn't want me to be a superhero anymore. She couldn't stand to see me in danger. But I could not ignore the crisp, clean refreshing call of crime fighting! It was in my blood! [Maria watches her husband getting beaten by the giant creatures, starts hyperventilating, pulls her hair, and screams] In the end, she could not stand it anymore. [next scene shows Maria packing up her trunks as he starts tearing up] She had to… [sobs] leave me!
Maria: [gives Manny a kiss on the forehead and stands outside the front door as Rodolfo looks on with sadness] I'm sorry, but I married the man, not the mask.
[The door closes in front of her and Granpapi enters a split second later]
Grandpapi: I moved in to make sure Rodolfo and Manny would be okay. Also because I crashed my evil headquarters of evil. Maria's career as a mariachi singer took off after that. She traveled the world, performing for adoring fans everywhere, even Luxembourg! Manny goes to visit her every month.
[Manny is seen getting his El Tigre belt and changes into El Tigre for the first time]
El Tigre/Manny: I got my El Tigre belt after Mom went on tour. [flashback ends] And I, uh…haven't had a chance to tell her about it yet.
Frida: Dude, she is gonna freak when she finds out!
El Tigre/Manny: I know. So that's why we gotta clean. If my mom sees all this wreckage, she'll know we've been doing superhero stuff, and she'll freak out.
El Oso: [agitated] I just asked why you gotta hide stuff! You don't gotta tell me your whole story, man!
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Hurry! Maria will be here tomorrow! And I will once again behold a sweet goddess without whom my life has become a pit of misery. And who I never think about anymore.
Grandpapi: Didn't I tell you? Maria called to say she's coming early. She should be here in about, eh… no minutes.
[The doorbell rings and Rodolfo freezes in fear]

[Leone Middle School; Manny and Frida are in Vice Principal Chakal's office, covered in green slime]
Vice Principal Chakal: Do you have any idea how many detentions you have?
Manny: Uh, 10?
Vice Principal Chakal: 136! Since there aren't enough days left in the year to serve all these, you must either work them off by doing community service, or… SPEND TWO MONTHS IN OUR SUMMER DETENTION CAMP IN THE NONAGUA DESERT!
Frida: Community service doesn't sound so bad.
Vice Principal Chakal: Oh, it won't be so bad. It will be…SO BAD! Your options are… clean up after frog dissections, shovel cafeteria gristle, de-clog toilets, or…leave school early to volunteer at an old folk's home!
Manny and Frida: [sobbing] NO!
Manny: I'm sorry. Did you say leave school early?

[After Manny and Frida load Sartana's loot into El Tarantula's loot cart and blast a hole open with Mano Negra's Glove of Doom, they soon realize they're not even moving]
El Tigre/Manny: Uh, why aren't we moving?
[They turn around and see Sartana holding onto the attached jet pack on the cart]
Sartana: Fools! [cackles] No one steals from Sartana of the Dead!
[Manny and Frida scream in terror and Sartana strums her mystic guitar, opening the cell doors for her skeleton banditos to attack]

Frida: I love those guys.
El Tigre/Manny: [picking the cell lock] They lied to us so we'd rob Sartana for them.
Frida: [in the same happy tone as before] I hate those guys.

Sartana: You're like a pathetic piñata! Let's see if you're full of candy!

The Late Manny Rivera / Party Monsters (1.06)[edit]

Manny: We can explain!
Frida: There was a fire!
Manny: At the arcade!
Frida: So we rescued-
Manny: A sick pony.
Frida: Fell down a well!
Manny: Tornado!
Frida: On the ledge!

[Manny and Frida are sent to Vice Principal Chakal's office for an amount of tardiness with their parents, unhappily waiting for them]
Emiliano: It must be the boy's fault! [points to Manny]
Rodolfo: Clearly, it is Frida's fault. She is a trouble making, goggle-wearer! [points to Frida]
[As the parents argue over whose fault it is, Manny and Frida get up from their seats and start to walk away]
Manny: Well, it looks like you guys…
Parents: SIT DOWN!
[Manny and Frida quickly sit back in their seats]

Rodolfo: Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equihua Rivera, if you get expelled, we are going to send you to a charm school.
Maria: In Switzerland.
[Manny opens his mouth to scream, but is confused to see his grandpapi doing it]
Grandpapi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! No grandson of mine is going to a charm school! Or to Switzerland! It is.... unnatural.
Rodolfo: Nonsense! It will be good for Manny. They will teach him punctuality, etiquette, and how to knit cute little tea cozies.
Manny and Grandpapi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria: I'm sorry, mijo, but you have to take responsibility for your actions. Make us proud.
[Little later, Manny walks sadly into his room and closes the door behind him]
Frida: [kicks the door down] If I get expelled, my parents are gonna send me to military school! Can you think of anything worse?!
Manny: Charm school.
Frida: This is serious, dude. If we get sent to different schools, we'll never see each other again. We cannot be late tomorrow.
Manny: Right. We got work to do.

Maria: Manny, we are so proud of you!
El Tigre/Manny: Hooray.
Vice Principal Chakal: I was finally going to be rid of him!
Sergio: I was finally going to be rid of him!
Vice Principal Chakal: [enraged] YOU'RE LATE! 500 DETENTIONS!
[Sergio reacts with horror and dismay]
Frida: Everything worked out great, Manny. There's just one problem.
El Tigre/Manny: My shattered spine?
Frida: We gotta keep getting here on time every day for the rest of the year.
[Manny passes out]

Manny: Banned from the video arcade?!
Frida: We were just cooling the place off for him. Is that gratitude?
Manny: Aw, man. It's like a million degrees out and we got nothing to do now. Except, well, you know.
Frida: Watch pigeons explode from the heat? [A pigeon explodes off-screen] Yeah, I just hope I don't get a beak stuck in my hair this time.

El Tigre/Manny: Thought you could use a trim.

The Mustache Kid / Puma Licito (1.07)[edit]

[Manny and Frida are in line at the movies to get tickets]
Manny: "Chainsaw Ninjas VS. The Mutant Bloodworm!"
Frida: WHOO! This is gonna be the best movie ever!
Giorgio: [as Manny places a ladder at the ticket booth and climbs up] Sorry, no children.
Manny: Ah, but I am no mere child. I am… [spins his belt buckles and changes into El Tigre] EL TIGRE!
Giorgio: Yes? And I am… [spins his name tag] The Assistant Manager! Next!
El Tigre/Manny: [offended] Oh, yeah? Well, who wants to see a lousy movie, anyway?

Manny: You sure about this?
Frida: Yeah. Mucho-grow plant food. The bottle says it'll make anything grow.

Frida: Well, you do look older. [Manny looks at her, angrily; shrugs nervously] Gehhh…
Manny: I would give anything for a mustache! ANYTHING!!!

[After Raul detaches himself from Manny's lip and flies off into the sun while Manny and Frida wave goodbye to him…]
Manny: You know, Frida, I really learned… [painfully] EE-YOOOOW!!!! [falls on his back]
Frida: Well said, dude. Well said.

Rodolfo: We need to discuss the possibility of… Grandpapi moving out of the house.
Manny: [hearing his parents' discussion through the walls] No! He can't leave! Grandpapi isn't a bad influence on me.
Frida: How'd you learn to eavesdrop like this?
Manny: Grandpapi taught me.

Rodolfo: [takes a sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.
Rodolfo: [takes sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.

Grandpapi: How could a newspaper bring such lies?! I will make them pay DEARLY!

Grandpapi: The policia love me? What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!

Miracle City Worker / Dia de los Malos (1.08)[edit]

Maria: Manny, I have a surprise for you.
Manny: You mean we didn't come to the Miracle City Mint just to watch the criminals drool?

[Manny and Maria have lunch together at Burritos Explosivos]
Manny: Thanks, Mom. Burritos Explosivos is my favorite!
Maria: [sees a bull's head on the wall] Oh, mijo, look. Remember when you were younger and that bull used to freak you out?
Manny: Mom, I was a little kid, then.
[An explosion blows the bull's head from the wall and into Manny's lap, causing him to scream terrifyingly]

Manny: I can't believe it. They turned down every chance to steal, pillage, and punch me in the face. Maybe they really do want to change.
Frida: Yeah. Hey, how about I heat some churros. That'll cheer you up.
Manny: No, Frida. I wanna watch my mother change people for the good.

Maria: [sees the fighting and drops the cake] What's…going on?
El Tigre/Manny: Why don't you tell her, Dr. Betrayal?
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: Uh… We were just, um… We were…
El Oso: We were about to pull off the heist of the century, man. The Miracle City Mint.
Maria: But, you said you wanted to change.
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: We lied. Dr. Chipotle Sr. advises you to DEAL with it.
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: Uh, yes. Dr. Chipotle Sr. is.

Frida: The churros. [cries] The churros! TAKE ME INSTEAD!

Dr. Chipotle Sr.: Dr. Chipotle Sr. is going to be sick. [Frida stuffs a churro in his mouth to shut him up, causing him to have an allergic reaction]

Newscaster: Breaking News: We interrupt the Celebration of Heroes to take you to the Celebration of Heroes. Sartana of the Dead is attacking the convention center.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Forget it, Sartana. You'll never get in!
Sartana: I don't have to. Because you'll never get out! [cackles; strums her mystic guitar, creating an unbreakable force field around the convention center, trapping everyone]

Sartana: Soon, Quetzalcoatl's Stone will be mine! Combined with my mystic guitar… I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! [enters the Hall of Gems] At last, I will have the power I need to… [gasps as she finds the stone being replaced by a rubber duck]
El Tigre/Manny: This what you're looking for?
Sartana: Impudent boy, that stone is mine! Banditos, END THEM!

Sartana: Fool! Did you really think I would give you my mystic guitar? Listen well to the music of your DOOM! [strums a broomstick]
Frida: You gotta keep an eye on your stuff when there's no cops around.

Yellow Pantera / Rising Son (1.09)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: My father is no coward! LIAR!
Maria: [off-screen] Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equihua Rivera!
Students: LIBRARIAN! [they all escape from the hallway]
Maria: Put down those unsanitary boys and come here, right now. [gestures to Frida as she starts to walk away] You too, Frida.

Manny: Those jerks insulted the Rivera family name! They made up some crazy story about dad running away from a guy called El Mal Verde.
Maria: [gasps in horrified shock] El Mal Verde.
Frida: Who is this guy? He sounds like bad salsa.
Maria: El Mal Verde is the biggest, meanest, most vicious bandito of all time! Every 10 years, he comes down from the peak of Mount Tortura and attacks Miracle City. Once, some superheroes went to stop him, but they… [starts to hyperventilate] Then your father, he went up, too, and…
Manny: And? AND?!
Maria: [gasping and panting] And…you should talk to him about it.

Manny: I understand that my father…is a coward!
Rodolfo: [shocked and outraged with a firey background] COWARD?! If that is what you think of me… [calmly] then, there is nothing left to say.

[Manny kicks the library doors opened and enters, in a bad mood]
Maria: Oh. You spoke to your father?
Manny: Huh, you mean the coward?!
Maria: [having to hear that; sharped] Manny!
Frida: Harsh.
Manny: It's true! He ran from a fight! He tarnished our family name, Mom!

El Tigre/Manny: There's only one way I can save the Rivera name from disgrace. [walks towards the window] I must defeat El Mal Verde myself!
Maria: You will do no such thing!
Frida: That dude is way dangerous!
El Tigre/Manny: It's been 10 years. So El Mal Verde's due to attack Miracle City again. And if the coward that is my father won't stop him, it's up to me. [opens the window and heads over to El Mal Verde's mountain]
Maria: Manny, come back!
Frida: Want me to stay behind and protect your mom, OK.

El Tigre/Manny: [panting while climbing up to the top of the mountain's peak] Why'd they have to put the mountain's peak all the way at the top?

El Tigre/Manny: Capitán Águila's Helmet of Power. Loba Roja's heat ray. Dude needs to floss.

White Pantera/Rodolfo: [voice-over] I would do anything for my family! Any…[grunts]. Any…[grunts]. Any…[grunts].
El Tigre/Manny: [remorsefully with guilt] Dad didn't run away 'cause he was scared to fight. He ran away 'cause he was scared of leaving me and mom alone! Papa! [sticks out of Mal Verde's mouth, calling out to his father] I'm sorry! I know you're no coward. You can beat him! I believe in you, Dad!

El Tigre/Manny: Dad, I'm sorry I doubted you. You're no coward. You ran away for us.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: I had to make sure I was around to raise a heroic son like you, no?
Maria: And you did a good job.
El Tigre/Manny: You're super macho, Dad.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Thank you, mijo. But we beat that bandito together.

Curse of the Ablino Burrito / La Tigresa (1.10)[edit]

White Pantera/Rodolfo: The little donkey boy is trying to stop the giant robot? [Manny and Frida nod yes] Then he's our only hope. Go, little donkey boy. GO!
El Tigre/Manny: Davi, you can maybe do it!
Frida: All right, Davi! Hit… anything!

Sartana: [after Frida throws a potato at her in the face] A potato? That's the best you can do?
Frida: Um…yes?

Manny: [snatches the magazine out of Frida's hands] La Tigresa? Claws, a tail, and a belt? She's totally copying my whole…me! [angrily rips up the magazine] What kind of low-down, bottom feeder steals a guy's GUY?!

Sartana: [attaching Manny's El Tigre belt to her mystic guitar as a guitar strap] I've been needing a new guitar strap for a long time now. So, this must be the 10th time I've captured you this month.

Manny: [looks down at his waist, seeing his El Tigre belt is gone; gasps] My belt! Wha…? [compares the newspaper of Frida during her bear incident and the magazine of her as La Tigresa] Frida's La Tigresa! Man, the blue hair totally should've tipped me off.

Manny: [whispering] Can't believe you stole my belt.
Frida: Manny! How'd you know where I'd be?
Manny: Are you kidding?! You spend more time here than Sartana does.
Frida: [upset] I'm sorry I took your belt, Manny. I wanted to feel powerful, just for once.
Manny: Then how come you took it for twice?
Frida: Why are you whispering anyway?
Manny: So Sartana doesn't hear… [yelps as Sartana catches and picks him up]
Frida: MANNY!
Sartana: Ah, the one true Tigre. You will make a fine skeleton bandito. Once I strip off all your bothersome flesh! [sharpens her razor-sharped claws as Frida frees herself from her cell] Now you know how it feels to be powerless, eh?

The Ballad of Frida Suarez / Fool Speed Ahead (1.11)[edit]

Manny: Want to go to the arcade?
Frida: Five minutes, tops. [transits to Mayan Arcade, nighttime] Well, time to go home and write that masterpiece. [notices the sky] Why is the sky so dark?
Manny: We were in there for five hours.

Frida: Dude, awesome…underpants.
Manny: Listen to me. No one must ever know of this, NO ONE!

Frida: Feel the sting of Sartana's strings. ♫ She tossed El Tigre like a salad / Sartana of the Dead / Listen to my Sartana ballad / Listen to me shred! / She smashed him, and flashed him, and blasted his hair! / She flipped him, and stripped him to his underwear! / ZEBRA DONKEY UNDERWEAR! / Sartana crushed El Tigre like a worm! ♫

Frida: My dreams are finally coming true! Except for the one where my mom is a giant snail, only she's really a post office.
Manny: Yeah, that's really, uh, good. Hey, do you think maybe people are getting sick of hearing that same song?
Frida: [gasps] What are you trying to do, jinx me?! We're going on "Caliente o Basura" today, the whole city will be watching!

Manny: Tough audience, huh?
Frida: [viciously savaged] You JINXED ME!
Manny: What?! You totally trashed me and I still had your back!
Frida: Hey, I put your name in an awesome hit song! And what do you do? You jinx me with your jinxy-winxy-backstabbing JINX!
Manny: Uh-huh. Call me when you remember how to be a friend again.

C.C. Puede: We're live from the prison graveyard for the Atomic Sombreros "Back from La Muerte" show! Sartana may be evil incarnate, but she has put together kickin' concert!
Manny: My worst nightmare is on TV. And it pre-empted wrestling!

Frida: Manny, I'm sorry.
El Tigre/Manny: For being a selfish jerk who cared more about being a rock star than she did about her best friend?!
Frida: Well, yeah. And for this. [kicks the "I" off, letting Manny fall while he screams]

El Tigre/Manny: Frida's goggles! NOOOOOOOOO! [Frida falls on him] You're okay. And I'm not.
Frida: Yeah, I… [gasps] My goggles! NOOOOOOOOO! Haven't I paid enough for my rock star jerkiness?!
El Tigre/Manny: Uh, no.

El Tigre/Manny: Let's get to what we came for.
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Yes! It's time… To sign up for the Supervillain Grand Prix!
Voltura: Puma Loco, this illegal street race is for villains only!
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Aren't you saying I am NO VILLAIN, VOLTURA?!
Lady Gobbler: Not you, the boy! He more like a hero than a villain, lately.
El Tigre/Manny: Me? Ha! Would a hero do this? [gives Dr. Chipotle Sr. a wet willy]
Señor Sinestro: A wet willy?!
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: Dr. Chipotle Sr. still feels that El Tigre should be DISQUALIFIED!

Grandpapi: No time for donkey potty!

Frida: Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of- Hey, a quarter.

Miracle City Undercover / Bride of Puma Loco (1.12)[edit]

Manny: Battle stations, Suarez. It's time for… Fudgement Day!
Frida: T-minus 3, 2, 1, FUDGE!

Manny: I'll prove Raul is innocent. He and I will go undercover of the Mustache Mafia and find the mace.
Frida: You're doing what now?
Manny: I can handle those mop pinheads. What's the worse that could happen?

Manny: Frida? [gasps] YOU'RE A CLOSET MIME!

El Tigre/Manny: Hey, before you go, I think I figured a less painful way for you to get off my face. [Raul springs from Manny's face and flies away] For once, would you… [painfully] YOOOOOOOOOWW! [falls flat on his back]
Frida: [laughs] That never stops being funny.

Manny: Why do we have to get all gussied up for dinner?
Maria: Grandpapi has something important to tell us.
Rodolfo: Perhaps he's finally getting me that pony he promised me for my 10th birthday!
[Flashback to that day]
10-year-old Rodolfo: A pony? [rips open his birthday present, revealing a cactus, gets poked while jumping on it and screams in pain]
[Flashback ends]
Rodolfo: I did say perhaps.

[Sartana arrives at the Rivera house as she blasts the door with her mystic guitar]
Frida: Sartana of the Dead!
Rodolfo: You dare intrude upon my father's special day?! [rips into his White Pantera ego as Manny changes into El Tigre]
Grandpapi: You're making a mistake!
El Tigre/Manny: Don't worry, we'll get rid of this filthy garbage before your fiancée gets here. [he and White Pantera start charging at Sartana]
Grandpapi: [blocking the way] NO! You no understand. This filthy garbage, she is my fiancée! [he and Sartana hold hands, dreamily]
Sartana: Pumey, the love of my afterlife.
El Tigre/Manny: It's like a horrible dream.
Frida: Or a really romantic nightmare.

El Tigre/Manny: ARE YOU ALL NUTS?! This is Sartana of the Dead, our most dangerous enemy! We have to stop this!
Maria: It is Grandpapi's decision. We must respect it, no matter how unsafe, demented, and revolting it is.
Grandpapi: Thank you.
Sartana: Manny, I hope that one day you will call me, Grandmami.
El Tigre/Manny: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [continues screaming as time goes by and stops] Whoa, how long have I been screaming?
Frida: Eh, a couple hours. We tried to stop you for while, but everyone got tired and went to bed.

Monsterzuma: WHERE IS JEWEL?!
Maria: Manny, did you do something?
Manny: I stole Monsterzuma's jewel so he'd wake up and track it down and destroy the wedding. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Eye Caramba / Clash of the Titan (1.13)[edit]

Lady Gobbler: I here to play the darts!
El Tigre/Manny: Yeah? What kind of loot you got?
Lady Gobbler: [takes her glass eye off her face and sets it down on the table] This! I bet my glass eye against…your El Tigre belt.
El Tigre/Manny: My belt? Psh. For that? [starts walking away] Forget it.
Lady Gobbler: You Riveras are chicken!
Manny: [having to have heard that, angrily takes off his belt and places it down on the table] My belt against your eye! One dart!
Frida: But, Manny, you stink without your Tigre powers.
Manny: Family honor will guide my aim. [throws the dart at a photo of Dr. Psyclopsis, missing the target; shaking his fist] CURSE YOU, FAMILY HONOR!

Voltura: He is such a twit. No wonder I broke up with him back when we were teenagers.
Lady Gobbler: Um…he break up with you?

White Pantera/Rodolfo: Flock of Fury, prepare to be plucked!
Lady Gobbler: TIME FOR THE FIGHTINGS! The way you treat me all those years ago was UNFORGIVABLE! [throws an egg bomb at Puma Loco]
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: [slices the bomb in half, exploding it] Sorry. [fires his missiles at Lady Gobbler]
Lady Gobbler: Oh, Puma. If you live through the fight, you call me, okay?
Voltura: "Prepare to be plucked." Pathetic. No wonder I broke up with you.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Uh, I broke up with you.

Rodolfo: We'll demolish evil doers with relentless force!
Manny: [Changes into El Tigre] Yeah!
Rodolfo: While discussing your grades, plans for college and your most private feelings!

White Pantera/Rodolfo: What am I going to do with that boy?

The Grave Escape (1.14)[edit]

Manny: The Day of the Dead was cool when I was little, but now it's just goofy. I don't wanna hurt their feelings, but… Sprits? Land of the Dand? Give me a break. [his stomach growls] What is it about skipping dinner that always makes me hungry?
Frida: You got me. Good thing there's tons of delicious food right here.
Manny: Frida, we can't eat my dad's sacred offerings that… [gasps] Is that real imitation crab? Mmm… Just a nibble.

Sartana: The gypsy lady I stole the string from guaranteed it would work!

Grandpapi: ¡Mi corazón! CLEAR!

Sartana: Say hello to my little friends.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Sartana of the Dead? Attacking on the Day of the Dead?! Actually, that makes sense.

Frida: [holding onto Manny, screaming] Lucky for us we're already in a coffin. [resumes screaming]

El Tigre/Manny: Ay, karate! Frida, these are my ancestors. The first Rivera supervillain, Dark Leopard. The first hero, Golden Leon. The Mighty Cheetar, scourge of the Seven Seas. And my great-Grandpapi, Justice Jaguar.

Justice Jaguar: There is one who has the power to reach the living world, if we can get him to use it: El Tigre.
[Dark Leopard and Mighty Cheetar gasp]
Frida: [confused] Wait, who the whats?
El Tigre/Manny: The original El Tigre. The first Rivera hero or villain. He never decided which.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
Golden Leone: The indecision ravaged his mind. He is now naught but a babbling fool.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
[Manny frowns]
Justice Jaguar: Riveras, time to visit El Tigre.

El Tigre/Manny: Mighty El Tigre, we need your help. Can you get us to Miracle City?
Original El Tigre: Why should I? [looks up above at the Land of the Living, seeing Rodolfo and Grandpapi in trouble]
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Ai-yee! That was my favorite kidney!
El Tigre/Manny: Do it for them… White Pantera and Puma Loco. Good or bad, they always respected your memory.

Sartana: All the Riveras back from the dead?! DESTROY THEM, MY BEAST!

El Tigre/Manny: We've got one chance. We must use our ultimate weapon… the Rivera Super Macho Blitz!
[The Riveras gasp in shock over hearing this]
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: But, Manny, no one has ever survived the blitz!
Justice Jaguar: I know I didn't.
El Tigre/Manny: I gotta take a chance. If I don't, Sartana will destroy Miracle City! The Rivera bloodline will end! Rivera men, assemble!

Original El Tigre: You can do it, El Tigre! I believe in you! You are a RIVERA!!!
El Tigre/Manny: Ancient Tiger Spirit, I SUMMON YOU! [turns into a tiger spirit]
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: [surprised; to Rodolfo] Where'd he learn that?

Burrito's Little Helper / Crouching Tigre Hidden Dragon (1.15)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: [loses his temper as everyone laughs at him and rips up the moose costume] That is absolutely positively IT!!! I CAN'T STAND IT, ANYMORE! [points to Davi, furiously] YOU ARE THE WORST SUPERHERO OF ALL TIME! You don't deserve a sidekick!
[Everyone gasps in shock at Manny's insult to Davi]
Frida: Dude!

The Cactus Kid / A Mother's Glove (1.16)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: What are you so mad about?! You're the one who started all this!
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: I start it?! You the one don't want to do evil no more.
El Tigre/Manny: So, you replaced me with some geeky wannabe supervillain kid?!
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Bah, I just using him. That goofy ball never going to be a real villain.

Cactus Kid: Sufferin' saguaros!' Now that is cactus power! [creates an army of cactus monsters; cackles evilly] So, Riveras. Who's a real supervillain now?
Manny and Grandpapi: You.

Frida: Dude, big locked box!
Manny: [reading the labels on the locked chest] "Warning." "Danger." "Do not open."
Frida: Wow, it's like an us trap. Wait, maybe your dad planted it here.
Manny: Yeah, to test us.
Frida: I fail.
Manny: Me too.

El Tigre/Manny: Mom, what's going on?
Maria: There's something you don't know about me. Something shocking.
El Tigre/Manny: Ah, nothing shocks me.
Maria: I was once… a superhero. [Manny babbles in shock and his brain shatters into pieces inside his head] I was in college. [Flashback to her college years] I went to this party, and someone brought some mystical objects of power, and I… tried one on. Things were crazy back then. But, it was a different time. [puts the glove on and turns into her superhero identity] I was known as, Plata Peligrosa. At first, it was fun. Saving people, thwarting evil. But then… Then… [starts panting and hyperventilates as flashback ends]
Frida: Here we go. [takes out a paper bag, takes a bite of a sandwich and gives the paper bag to Maria]
El Tigre/Manny: Mom, this is great! We can do stuff together, use our powers for good… or evil. Whatever, I'm easy.
Maria: [blows the paper bag too hard, popping the bottom] No, Manny… never! I gave up my powers because I couldn't handle the danger. Now, lock that glove back up and let us never speak of it again!

El Tigre/Manny: This is nuts! I thought you quit superheroing because you couldn't handle the danger!
Plata Peligrosa/Maria: I couldn't handle how much I loved the danger. I was afraid it would become an obsession, but now I know that I am PERFECTLY IN CONTROL! [cackles]
El Oso: For a hero, she gots a good evil laugh, man.
El Tigre/Manny: Mom, this has to stop!
Plata Peligrosa/Maria: You've been spending too much time with that evil Grandpapi of yours. Your father would never back down from a fight with villains!
El Tigre/Manny: He also wouldn't have busted them out of jail.
Plata Peligrosa/Manny: You… you're right, mijo. I've got it all wrong.

El Tigre/Manny: Stop hitting my mom… Mom!
Plata Peligrosa/Maria: Only a villain would help a villain like me! I will make you PAY!
Frida: [spitting out popcorn] She's doing what now?!
El Tigre/Manny: No, Mom, you don't mean it! That's the glove talking!
Plata Peligrosa/Maria: Manny, RUN!

The Good, The Bad, and The Tigre (1.17)[edit]

Sartana: Tomorrow, I will hold a tournament beneath the Miracle City volcano. The winner will receive my mystic guitar! My skeleton bandito army. And a three-month subscription to "Villains Quarterly!"
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Yes, yes, yes, magnifico! [laughs while hyperventilates] What? Is good magazine.

Manny: Can you believe them?
Frida: No. And what century did movies cost a quarter?!

Sartana: Villains, you will all compete in a series of events designed by me. If you lose even once, you will be eliminated… [The villains all gasp in shock] From the tournament. [The villains all sigh in relief] Ah. The last competitors are here.

Sartana: Anyone who is here can compete. [strums her guitar, closing the entrances] Because no one leaves the volcano until the tournament is over. NO ONE!!!
El Mal Verde: You will hold us prisoner?
El Oso: I didn't pack a lunch.
El Tarantula: No! I have to return these DVDs by 10:00 or I get charged for another day!
Sartana: The competition begins NOW! The last one left in the circle will continue on in the tournament.

El Tigre/Manny: You know what they say, the bigger they are…
Frida: The more likely they'll cause internal bleeding! I know! What?

Sartana: El Tigre wins! Uh, go figure. And to ensure that no one leaves, all losers will be shackled!
El Mal Verde: Nobody shackles Mal Verde!

El Tigre/Manny: ENOUGH! You think I'm just some kid you can boss around? [to his father] I'm not your side… [to his Grandpapi] and I'm not on your side. I'm on my side. And if you don't wanna get hurt… [menacingly] stay out of my way.

Sartana: The final event! Whoever wins, inherits my empire! You must knock your opponents off the platforms. I call this challenge… Knock Your Opponents off the Platforms!

El Tigre/Manny: I warned you to stay out of my way… And you're like one foot off the ground.
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Yes, well, you're still very mean.
Django: [claps slowly] See? He has chosen power over family. I told you he was a true villain.
El Tigre/Manny: [confused] Django? What?
Sartana: He is indeed worthy. El Tigre, join us. With you and Django by my side, we will rule the world!
El Tigre/Manny: Huh? You said you were retiring!
Sartana: Yes, but I… FIBBED! [cackles wickedly]
Comrade Chaos: A fib?!
El Oso: It can't be!
El Tarantula: Never trust a villain.
Sartana: Your plan worked perfectly, Django.
El Tigre/Manny: Your plan?!
Django: Yes. I devised this tournament as a way to get all of grandmother's evil competition in one place and DESTROY THEM!
Frida: That is one complicated evil plan.
Comrade Chaos: He truly is an artist.
El Oso: I would applaud if he weren't destroying me.
El Tarantula: Wait, so that's real lava?

El Tigre/Manny: Django, I really appreciate this.
Django: The offer to join us?
El Tigre/Manny: No. You're sticking out your hand like an idiot.

Frida: Manny, red hot lava! Getting close, but no pressure!

Sartana: [to Django] Just wait till your mother hears about this.

Bad Ending[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: Two more minutes!
Grandpapi: Send food!
[60 years later…]
Frida: Dude, the last 60 years have been awesome! But I feel like we forgot something.
El Tigre/Manny: Dad and Grandpapi! We must run like the wind!

A Fistful of Nickels / Animales! (1.18)[edit]

Rodolfo: Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equihua Rivera, I am VERY disappointed in you. You have to learn to be responsible.

Sartana: How DARE you steal from me, you little maggot!
Frida: He was stupid enough.

White Pantera/Rodolfo: Sartana, face the power of… The Riveras! And Frida.

Sartana: [cackling] Fools! Death always wins in the end!

White Pantera/Rodolfo: Dropped in the belly of the beast.
El Tigre: There's only one way to escape this monster and destroy Sartana. Our ultimate weapon…the Caliente Catapult of Carnage!
[Frida gasps upon hearing this]
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: No…it's too dangerous!
White Pantera/Rodolfo: I won't risk…my only son!
El Tigre/Manny: Dad… I know I messed up. I sent Señor Chapi to bird heaven, and I wrecked the house… twice. But please, let me show you I can be a hero. I will make you proud.

White Pantera/Rodolfo: [sighs] What am I going to do with that boy?
Grandpapi: Don't worry, someday Manny will be a truly great villain.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Hero, he'll be a hero!
Frida: So, what now?
El Tigre/Manny: Oh, uh, maybe, uhh… Hide Sartana's loot and tell my dad it disappeared?
Frida: Dude, you are an artist.

Tigre + Cuervo Forever / The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain (1.19)[edit]

Frida: Dude, why so mopey? You're acting like they just outlawed churros. [gasps] They didn't, did they?
Manny: [upset] My dad is super mad at me. I totally been messing up with him lately.
Frida: Do tell. [grabs and pulls him by the shirt collar; shouting] I SAID TELL!
Manny: Okay, okay! Like, yesterday, me and Dad were doing a little crime-fighting.
[Flashback to yesterday at Miguel's Jewels; Dr. Chipotle Sr. emerges from the vault with a handful of gold and jewels, and sees White Pantera standing in front of him]
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: You do not have a chance. Dr Chipotle Sr's son is sneaking up behind you.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: That's where you're wrong. Because my son has taken care of him. Right, Manny? Manny?
[Back to the present]
El Tigre/Manny: [playing a video game] I'm on it, Dad. High Score!
White Pantera/Rodolfo: [annoyed] Ah, I see.
[Back to the present]
Manny: And later, me and Dad caught El Oso robbing a factory… an underpants factory.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: [kicks the doors open] El Oso, drop those drawers! [Manny bursts out in a fit of laughter; confused] What? What's so funny? [El Oso rises up from behind him and gives him a wedgie]
[Fade back to the present]
Manny: You try to keep a straight face in a room full of pink thongs.
Frida: Dude, preaching to the choir.
Manny: How am I gonna make it up to him?
Frida: You could clean your room. [Manny annoyingly looks at her] Sorry, talking crazy.

El Tigre/Manny: Just heading out to check with my "anonymous source." Who might have information that could help you prevent crimes.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: [agitated] Manny… I can't even LOOK at you right now. Seriously, it pulls my hair.

Voltura: Make yourself at home, El Tigre.
Lady Gobbler: Yes. It's so nice to have you here.
Black Cuervo: Wow. They totally hate you. Don't eat anything.

Black Cuervo: I thought you liked me, but you were just USING ME!
El Tigre/Manny: [whispering a little quicker] Cuervo, you're totally right. I'm sorry I treated you so lousy, but I'm going to make it up to you.
Black Cuervo: [scoffs] How?
El Tigre/Manny: This fight. I'm going to let you win.
Black Cuervo: [enraged in shock] LET ME WIN?!
Frida: Ooh, bad call.

Manny: I'll yank that puppy off you with a little… [changes into El Tigre] Tigre power!
Frida: Zombie not bad, Manny. Frida like zombie.
El Tigre/Manny: You may feel a pinch.

General Chapuza: So, zombies cannot dance, eh? Now, El Tigre. We will show you the error of your ways.

Stinking Badges / Mech Daddy (1.20)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: Check out what's at the museum… The Golden Mustache of the Pharaohs. The Mustache Mafia are totally gonna… [notices Frida looking gloomy with guilt] Hey, what's wrong?
Frida: Nothing. It's just… lying to my dad like this…
El Tigre/Manny: Oh, you feeling a little guilty?
Frida: No, of course not. Guilty, me? [laughs] I laugh. Guilt slides off me like water off a duck's back. A filthy, stinking, no-good duck who lies to her dad!

El Tigre/Manny: Wait a minute!
Emiliano: You stay out of this, Rivera! She lied to me.
El Tigre/Manny: Yeah, she lied… but only 'cause she wanted to be a good cadet so you'd like her more.
Emiliano: What?! How could I like her more?! I love my Frida. She is… my Frida.

El Tigre/Manny: Adios, Giant Robot Sanchez! [gives Robot Sanchez a big hard punch]
Giant Robot Sanchez: BO-BO-BEEP.

El Tigre/Manny: It's weird. I kinda understand why my dad acts all... daddish.
Frida: Understand: yes. Like: no. [sees that they're flying towards back to Miracle City] Hey, look, the Miracle City volcano!
[They crash into the volcano as the screen cuts to white and then to black]
El Tigre/Manny: [wounded] Oh, good...

The Return of Plata Peligrosa / Chupacabros! (1.21)[edit]

White Pantera/Rodolfo: Doesn't your mother look pretty?

El Tigre/Manny: Mom, are you okay? [points to the glove] Get your hand off my mom!
Maria: Manny, it's not what you think.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Maria, you said the glove was destroyed in the jaws of the Robasura.
Maria: I thought it was. [Flashback to Manny's last battle with the glove] But a few days later, it showed up on my doorstep, hurt and scared. I just couldn't turn it away. As I nursed it back health, I realized the glove was good inside. Tests in my home lab showed that if I wore the glove for only one hour at a time, I could control the danger mania. Even a few seconds more, and I become…unstable. So, the glove and I made a deal. [Flashback ends] I will use my Plata Peligrosa powers to help those in need but when my watch alarm sounds, it must get off my hand. Right, "Glovey?"
El Tigre/Manny: That's great, Mom!
Frida: You have a home lab?
Maria: Now, I can help my boys out in a crisis.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: [dreamily] You called me handsome.
Maria: Rodolfo, don't listen to what I say when I'm wearing the glove. I'm not myself. [Rodolfo puckers up his lips to kiss her; puts her hand on his mouth] You and I always be just friends.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Of course. I understand completely. [Maria walks off] She called me handsome!
Frida: Wow, your mom and dad, a crime-fighting team. Maybe they'll get back together. [imitates kissing while rubbing Señor Chapi's head] Oh, Rodolfo, you're so handsome.
Señor Chapi: [touched while blushing] Ah, viva pantalones.
Manny: Cut it out, Frida. We both know my parents are better off apart.
Frida: Yeah, but does your dad know?
Manny: Sure he does. Probably. Down deep. Anyway, as long as he keeps his mind off beautifying the city.

Rodolfo: Maria, we have been seeing a lot of each other lately, and… No, that's not right. [clears throat] Mi vida, I, that is, um… I need to ask you, will you have coffee with me?
[Manny gasps in shock and Frida grabs and pulls him by the mouth, throws him in the Luxepod and closes the lid and Manny screams]
Frida: Manny, it's just coffee.
Manny: You know what happens after a man and woman have coffee?
Frida: [gasps] Danish?
Manny: No! They have a real date!

Frida: Can I get anybody anything? Soft drink? Cheese toast?
El Tigre/Manny: [offering her the alarm watch] Hide this.
Frida: But without the alarm, your mom's gonna go all danger-crazy.
El Tigre/Manny: Exactly.
[Frida hides the alarm watch in her goggles]

[The watch alarm suddenly goes off on the left side of Frida's goggles]
White Pantera/Rodolfo: What's that noise?
El Tigre/Manny: Wind.
Frida: Elephants.
El Tigre/Manny: Airplane.
Frida: Thingy-thing.
White Pantera/Rodolfo: [looks up at Maria and gasps] Maria!

White Pantera/Rodolfo: I have never seen so much grotesque grotesquely. That's not like Maria. It's not love!
Plata Peligrosa/Maria: [grabs Rodolfo by the collar] You and I belong together, White Pantera! Come on. Spend your life with me, crushing evil, and laughing in danger, and never taking this glove off! [laughs wickedly insane]

White Pantera/Rodolfo: You know what's funny? If not for this inexplicable string of crimes and disasters, I would have been beautifying the city with Manny and Frida instead of… giving them lots of money?
[Money pops out from Frida's goggles]
Frida: How you doing?

Manny: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! [runs back to Chui and hugs him; sobbing] He's my Chui! He's…my…Chui! [cries] We can't leave him and go home!

Love and War / Wrong and Dance (1.22)[edit]

Frida: Stupid geography test. I like my answer for "What's the capital of France?"
Manny: Yeah, Frenchy town rocks.

Sergio: What's he say?
Diego: I don't know. But it's obvious that Frida…likes Manny.
Both: [enraged with a background of fire] I MUST CRUSH HIM!!!
Diego: I will dispose of Manny and make it look like an accident.
Sergio: And once he's gone, I will make Frida mine. I will sweep her feet off…
Diego: No, I will.
Sergio: No, me.
Diego: Me!
Sergio: Me!
Diego: Me, me, ME!
Sergio: Me, me, ME!

El Tigre/Manny: This is my chance to show those girls how macho I am for real! [Makes a girly face and claps] Yay!
Frida: Yeah…he's gonna need a macho coach.

Oso Solo Mio / Silver Wolf (1.23)[edit]

El Tigre/Manny: Frida! Missed you at the concert tonight.
Frida: Oh, was that tonight?
El Tigre/Manny: Guess you couldn't make it 'cause you were too busy STABBING ME IN THE BACK!
Frida: I didn't stab you anywhere.
El Tigre/Manny: How could you?! You haven't seen me all week!
Frida: Sure, I have.
El Tigre/Manny: Oh yeah? What did I bring to school for lunch yesterday?
Frida: FOOD!
El Tigre/Manny: Lucky guess.
Frida: You're just mad because for once, I'm not your sidekick.
El Tigre/Manny: [angrily gets in her face] Yeah. You're his sidekick!
Frida: Nuh-uh, I'm not his, "front-kick!"
Silver Wolf: Get out of her face.
El Tigre/Manny: Make me, tin puppy!
Silver Wolf: Make me make you.
El Tigre/Manny: Make me make you make me!

Silver Wolf: Here… [hands Frida his whip] Finish him.
Frida: [incredulous] What?
Silver Wolf: It's time for you to choose, Frida… El Tigre or me?
Frida: [nonchalantly] El Tigre. [takes off her biker helmet]
Silver Wolf: Yes, though it may be agonizing you must decide between… what?
Frida: El Tigre, duh, no brainer.
Silver Wolf: You can't DO that!
Frida: Can, did.

The Cuervo Project / The Golden Eagle Twins (1.24)[edit]

Zoe: [to Manny, sweetly] Hello, Manny. [to Frida, annoyingly] Hello, Frida.
[Frida growls angrily]
Manny: Come on, Frida. Zoe isn't that bad.
Frida: No? What about the time she sawed through the legs of my stool chair?
Manny: When was that?
Frida: Now. [falls on the ground, revealing Zoe already did it as she snickers]
Manny: Uh, maybe she's changed since then?
Frida: I will make Zoe Aves suffer! I will humiliate her! I WILL HAVE REVENGE! And by "I", I mean, "we."
Manny: Sure, what are friends for?

Frida: [annoyingly suspicious] Are you talking to your wrist?
Zoe: No… yes. Uh, I have to go, uh, somewhere, for… a reason. [zips away]
Frida: She's hiding something.
Manny: Why? There's nothing wrong with talking to your wrist.

Black Cuervo: [grabs Zoe's hand and flies into mid-air above the school] Zoe Aves is NOTHING to me. Watch as I drop her into her OWN volcano!
Frida: Dude, I don't like her either, but that is harsh.

Imaginary Rodolfo Head: I can always count on you, mijo! [winks]
El Tigre/Manny: Curse you, floating head of guilt. Time to take a stand, Frida. Golden Eagle Twins, you are going down!

Frida: [hanging on while screaming] Hey, I can see my house from here. [resumes screaming]

Manny: The whole city still loves the twins, and I get blamed for everything.

Dia de los Padres / Mustache Love (1.25)[edit]

Manny: Only one sack of glitter left!
[Manny and Dr. Chipotle Jr. grab the glitter sack at the same time and fight over it]
Dr. Chipotle Jr.: SWINE! Get your hands off my glitter!
Manny: It's mine!
Dr. Chipotle Jr.: Mine!
Manny: Mine!
Dr. Chipotle Jr.: Mine!
Manny: MINE!
[They rip the sack off on opposite sides, causing glitter to sprinkle everywhere]
Dr. Chipotle Jr.: YOU WILL PAY FOR… [sighs with depression] What's the point? May last hope for Father's Day is gone. And my father is already in a rotten mood. Because he keeps getting defeated by YOUR FATHER!
Manny: Yeah, my dad's in a lousy mood, too.
Dr. Chipotle Jr.: [romantically to Frida] Why, Miss Suarez. I must say you are looking lovely today.
Manny: Oh, now I won't even have a lame present for my dad.

[Rivera house; Grandpapi opens his Father's Day present from Rodolfo]
Grandpapi: Me favorite cologne, old and spicy! [puts on the cologne] Thank you, son.
Rodolfo: [wearing a gas mask] Happy Father's Day, Papi.

Dr. Chipotle Sr-Sr.: [gesturing to El Tigre and his grandson] Do I blast the furry one or the one that looks like me?
Dr. Chipotle Sr.: [points to El Tigre] The furry one!

Frida: Three, two, one. [Manny and Sophia both scream in pain and pass out] I love weddings.

Back to Escuela / No Boots, No Belt, No Brero (1.26)[edit]

Grandpapi: The Golden Grasshopper of Guadalupe. The Bronze Bee of Baja. The Dryer-lint Dragonfly of Durango. All I need to complete collection is… The cursed Silver Scorpion of Sonora. And the best part is… the scorpion is on display at Manny's school tomorrow!

Manny: [upset and heartbroken] Grandpapi? You… You lied to me? You didn't come to school to help me. You were after the scorpion all along.

Grandpapi: Curse is on YOU, Señor Poker!

[last and final lines of the series]
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Very good.
Puma Loco/Grandpapi: Well rockin'!
El Tigre/Manny: Now that was family fun!
White Pantera/Rodolfo: Yes, mijo.
Frida: [lands in Manny's hands] Kiss me, you fool! [kisses Manny in the lips]
El Tigre/Manny: Familia forever!


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