El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is an American animated television series created by Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua for Nickelodeon.


Manny: (sighs) No, Frida, it's time to tell the truth. [time card reads "45 minutes later..."] And worst of all, I made you guys miss the big game.

Manny: This is going to be awesome if we survive!

Frida: Don't worry, in the Li-berry, I found something that can defeat El Mal Verde!
Maria: You found a book revealing his secret weakness?
Frida: Nope. [pulls out a giant book] Eat this! [She throws the book at him but it bounces off harmlessly.] Well that's all I got. Thoughts?

Manny: You see, gravity is what made the apple fall.
Aaron: Uh...I gotta go to the bathroom.
Manny: Gravity will help you do it!

Frida: I love those guys.
Manny: They lied to us so we'd rob Sartana for them.
Frida: [in the same happy tone as before] I hate those guys.

Rodolfo: [takes a sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.
Rodolfo: [takes sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.

White Pantera: What are you doing?
Grandpapi: Fishing.
White Pantera: For what?
Grandpapi: Roof trout.

White Pantera: We'll demolish evil doers with relentless force!
Manny: [Changes into El Tigre] Yeah!
White Pantera: While discussing your grades, plans for college and your most private feelings!

Manny: The original El Tigre. The first Rivera hero or villain. He never decided which.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
Golden Leone: The indecision ravaged his mind. He is now naught but a babbling fool.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
[Manny frowns]
Justice Jaguar: Riveras, time to visit, El Tigre.

Manny: This is my chance to show those girls how macho I am for real! [Makes a girly face and claps] Yay!
Frida: Yeah...he's gonna need a macho coach.

Manny: You know what they say, the bigger they are...
Frida: The more likely they'll cause internal bleeding! I know!

Manny: We gotta do something!
Frida: Yeah, I still have twenty bucks worth of game tokens!

After Freida fails to defeat Santana:

Frida:Rats I always end up in the penalty box!

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