El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is an American animated television series created by Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua for Nickelodeon.


  • (sighs) No, Frida, it's time to tell the truth. [time card reads "45 minutes later..."] And worst of all, I made you guys miss the big game.
  • Like my dad says, "You don't need money to have fun."
  • This is gonna be awesome if we survive!
  • Luxeblades, give a beat, low rider style.
  • Dad didn’t run away ‘cause he was scared to fight, he ran away ‘cause he was scared of leaving me and mom alone!


  • [After she fails to defeat Santana] Rats I always end up in the penalty box!
  • Lucky for us we're already in a coffin.
  • Man, that is totally creepy. I love it!


  • Sartana of the dead? Attacking on the Day of the Dead? Actually, that makes sense.
  • So you stole money from me and you lied. [Granpapi insists] But you also risked your life to save us and then told the truth.
  • What am I going to do with that boy?


Manny: Uh, Frida? I brought you the piñata.
Frida: You did? Oh, Manny, I knew... [surprised to see Manny's lame piñata] This is my awesome birthday piñata?
Manny: Ye...abe?
[Piñata rips revealing what was inside]
Frida: Pretzels and a dirty sock?!
Manny: It still needs some fine-tuning.
Frida: Where have you been the last two days?! What kind of piñata is this?! WHAT'S THE SQUARE ROOT OF NINE?!
Manny: Square root?
Frida: I need help with my math homework, which you would know if you were any kind of friend!
Manny: If you were any kind of friend, you'd know [takes off his eye patch and throws it on the ground] I STINK AT MATH!
Frida: You just plain STINK!
Manny: Hey, if you're such a great friend, why'd I make you such a lousy piñata?
Frida: Well, since you're no kind of friend, you... you're... UNINVITED to my party!

Manny: No one can help you now, chica!
Black Cuervo: Think again, hero! [opens a slot on her wrist brace with a red button inside and pushes it; sound effect of a bird's cry echoes, Lady Gobbler and Voltura fly into sight, landing on both sides of her; They grab both her hands and fly off] Party while you can, El Tigre! I shall have my revenge on you! VENDETTA!

Sartana: [looks at her reflection in the mirror and screams in horror at her new appearance] I AM ALIVE! ALIVE!!!!! [the left eye comes loose and falls off] There. Better.

[Rivera house; Manny and Frida stand in front of Zebra Donkey's grave after dying to being poisoned by bananas]
Manny: [places a flower on Zebra Donkey's grave; breaking down sadly] It is as if I have lost a brother. A striped, long-eared brother. And it's all my fault!
Frida: Um, Manny? The Zebra Donkey fiesta spectacular is tomorrow.
Manny: [yelling] THIS IS NO TIME TO TALK ABOUT PARTIES! [calms down] I'm sorry, I just need some time to grieve.

[Manny angrily kicks the library doors opened and enters]
Maria: Oh. You spoke to your father?
Manny: Huh, you mean the coward?!
Maria: [having to hear that; sharped] Manny!
Frida: Harsh.

Manny: There's only one way I can save the Rivera name from disgrace. [walks towards a window] I must defeat El Mal Verde myself!
Maria: You will do no such thing!
Frida: That dude is way dangerous!
Manny: It's been 10 years. So El Mal Verde's due to attack Miracle City again. And if the coward that is my father won't stop him, it's up to me. [heads over to El Mal Verde's mountain peak]
Maria: Manny, come back!
Frida: Want me to stay behind and protect your mom, OK.

Manny: [climbing up the mountain; grunting and panting] Why'd they have to put the mountain's peak all the way at the top?

Frida: I love those guys.
Manny: They lied to us so we'd rob Sartana for them.
Frida: [in the same happy tone as before] I hate those guys.

Manny: You know, Frida, I really learned... [screams loudly in pain] EE-YOOOOW!!!! [falls on his back]
Frida: Well said, dude. Well said.

Rodolfo: [takes a sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.
Rodolfo: [takes sip of coffee] Papi.
Grandpapi: [takes sip of coffee] Rodolfo.

Manny: Want to go to the arcade?
Frida: Five minutes, tops. [transits to Mayan Arcade, nighttime] Well, time to go home and write that masterpiece. [notices the sky] Why is the sky so dark?
Manny: We were in there for five hours.

Frida: Dude, awesome...underpants.
Manny: Listen to me. No one must ever know of this, NO ONE!

Manny: Tough audience, huh?
Frida: [now incredibly angry] You JINXED ME!
Manny: What?! You totally trashed me and I still had your back!
Frida: Hey, I put your name in an awesome hit song! And what do you do? You jinx me with your jinxy-winxy-backstabbing JINX!
Manny: Uh-huh. Call me when you remember how to be a friend again.

Frida: Manny, I'm sorry.
Manny: For being a selfish jerk who cared more about being a rock star than she did about her best friend?!
Frida: Well, yeah, and for this. [kicks the "I" off, letting Manny fall while he screams]

Manny: Frida's goggles! NOOOOOOOOO! [Frida falls on him] You're okay. And I'm not.
Frida: Yeah, I... [gasps] My goggles! NOOOOOOOOO! Haven't I paid enough for my rock star jerkiness?!
Manny: Uh, no.

Manny: Let's get to what we came for.
Puma Loco: Yes! It's time… to sign up for the Supervillain Grand Prix!
Voltura: Puma Loco, this illegal street race is for villains only!
Puma Loco: Aren’t you saying I am NO VILLAIN, VOLTURA?!
Lady Gobbler: Not you, the boy! He more like a hero than a villain, lately.
Manny: Me? Ha! Would a hero do this? [gives Dr. Chipotle Sr. a wet willy]
Señor Sinestro: A wet willy?!

Maria: Manny? Did you do something?
Manny: I stole Monsterzuma's jewel so he'd wake and track it down and destroy the wedding. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Manny: Hey, before you go, I think I figured a less painful way for you to get off my face. [Raul springs from Manny's face and flies away] For once, would you... EEEE-YOOOOOOOOOWW! [falls flat on his back]
Frida: [laughs] That never stops being funny.

White Pantera: We'll demolish evil doers with relentless force!
Manny: [Changes into El Tigre] Yeah!
White Pantera: While discussing your grades, plans for college and your most private feelings!

Manny: The original El Tigre. The first Rivera hero or villain. He never decided which.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
Golden Leone: The indecision ravaged his mind. He is now naught but a babbling fool.
Frida: Hey, just like you!
[Manny frowns]
Justice Jaguar: Riveras, time to visit, El Tigre.

Frida: Dude, big locked box.
Manny: [reading the signs] "Warning!" "Danger!" "Do not open."
Frida: Wow, it's like an us trap. Wait, maybe your dad planted it here.
Manny: Yeah, to test us.
Frida: I fail.
Manny: Me too.

Manny: This is my chance to show those girls how macho I am for real! [Makes a girly face and claps] Yay!
Frida: Yeah...he's gonna need a macho coach.

Manny: You know what they say, the bigger they are...
Frida: The more likely they'll cause internal bleeding! I know!

Django: [claps slowly] See? He has chosen power over family I told you he was a true villain.
Manny: [confused] Django? What?
Sartana: He is indeed worthy. El Tigre, join us. With you and Django by my side, we will rule the world!
Manny: Huh?! You said you were retiring!
Sartana: Yes, but I fibbed! [cackles evilly]
Comrade Chaos: A fib?!
El Oso: It can’t be!
El Tarantula: Never trust a villain.
Sartana: Your plan worked perfectly, Django.
Manny: Your plan?!
Django: Yes. I devised this tournament as a way to get all of grandmother’s evil competition in one place and DESTROY THEM!
Frida: That is one complicated evil plan.
Comrade Chaos: He truly is an artist.
El Oso: I would applaud if he weren’t destroying me.
El Tarantula: Wait, so that’s real lava?

Sartana: [to Django, after accidentally blasting her with his lava hands] Just wait till your mother hears about this.

Black Cuervo: I thought you liked me, but you were just USING ME!
Manny: Cuervo, you’re totally right, I’m sorry I treated you so lousy, but I’m going to make it up to you.
Black Cuervo: [scoffs] How?
Manny: This fight. I’m gonna to let you win.
Black Cuervo: [angered shock] LET ME WIN?!
Frida: Ooh, bad call.

Manny: [offering Frida the alarm watch] Hide this.
Frida: But without the alarm, your mom's gonna go all danger-crazy.
Manny: Exactly.

Manny: Frida! Missed you at the concert tonight.
Frida: Oh, was that tonight?
Manny: Guess you couldn’t make it ‘cause you were too busy STABBING ME IN THE BACK!
Frida: I didn’t stab you anywhere.
Manny: How could you?! You haven’t seen me all week!
Frida: Sure, I have.
Manny: Oh yeah? What did I bring to school for lunch yesterday?
Frida: FOOD!
Manny: Lucky guess.
Frida: You’re just mad because for once, I’m not your sidekick.
Manny: [gets in her face] Yeah. You’re his sidekick!
Frida: Nuh-uh, I’m not his, "front-kick!"
Silver Wolf: Get out of her face.
Manny: Make me, tin puppy!
Silver Wolf: Make me make you.
Manny: Make me make you make me!

Silver Wolf: It's time for you to choose, Frida. El Tigre, or me?
Frida: El Tigre. [takes off her biker helmet]

Zoe Aves: [to Manny, sweetly] Hello, Manny. [to Frida, annoyingly] Hello, Frida.
[Frida growls angrily]
Manny: Come on, Frida. Zoe isn't that bad.
Frida: No? What about the time she sawed through the legs of my stool chair?
Manny: When was that?
Frida: Now. [falls on the ground, revealing Zoe already did it as she snickers]
Manny: Uh, maybe she's changed since then?
Frida: I will make Zoe Aves suffer! I will humiliate her! I WILL HAVE REVENGE!!! And by "I", I mean, we.

Black Cuervo: Zoe Aves is NOTHING to me. Watch as I drop her into her OWN volcano!
Frida: Dude, I don't like it either, but that is harsh.

Rodolfo: Very good.
Grandpapi: Well rockin'!
Manny: Now that was family fun!
Rodolfo: Yes, mijo.
Frida: [lands in Manny's hands] Kiss me you fool! [kisses Manny in the lips]
Riveras: Familia FOREVER!

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