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Eldon Hoke

Eldon Wayne Hoke (March 23, 1958April 19, 1997) was an American musician. Nicknamed El Duce, he was best known as the drummer and lead singer of the self-described "rape rock" band The Mentors. He was part of other acts, including The Screamers before that.


  • Wally George: How do you describe your music?
    El Duce: Well, it's rape rock.
  • Wally George: Why do you call it rape rock?
    El Duce: Well, because it's a man's rock.
    Wally George: Are you trying to tell me you little pervert that go along with and encourage rape?
    El Duce: Well, no. Only peaceful rape. That's when the girl's passed out.
  • Wally George: Tell me what is your band all about? I mean what is The Mentors all about?
    El Duce: Well, I'll tell you son. It's like this, boy. We're heterosexuals. We wanna create more heterosexual music for the rest of the world. We're tired of sissie groups like Mötley Crüe and all this sissy stuff. We want rape rock!
  • Interviewer: Do you guys really live the lifestyle that you sing about in your songs?
    El Duce: Absolutely. All our songs are about reality. Like Sleep Bandits.
    • El Duce, The Man, The Myth, The Video (1993) by Reverend Cuntbag
  • El Duce: You know I believe in peaceful rape. You know when the broad passes out... drugs... that's... I see the green light go on. It's time to make whoopy, baby, yeah!
    • El Duce, The Man, The Myth, The Video (1993) by Reverend Cuntbag
  • Interviewer: Tell me about some chicks you fucked on the road.
    El Duce: Well, we pick 'em up...and drop 'em off at Jack in the Box. Truck stops are the goods... you get an airhead at a truck stop and you say 'bitch, you gotta get down on the dick! Cunt!'

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