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Elia M. Ramollah

Master Elia M. Ramollah (born 1973, in Iran), real name Peyman Fattahi, is a spiritual master as well as the originator of 36 Sublime Thinking methods. He is the founder and leader of El-Yasin Community.


Flow of Divine Guidance (vol.1)[edit]

  • Live lovingly in the divine presence.
  • Perceive the Lord within your soul.
  • Live according to the one and only truth and surrender to the trend of truth.
  • Perceive the divine presence and be freed.
  • Return to the divine presence and make others return to it.
  • Be one and unify.
  • Do not violate anybody’s right.
  • Show your love for the Creator by loving His creatures.
  • See, hear and perceive.
  • Be awakened. Accept the reality and eliminate delusions.
  • Try to find out the answer to, “Who am I?” and drink from the cup of union.
  • Do not kill your ego and do not let your ego to kill you. Control your ego and rule over it.
  • It is so sweet to hear His voice in silence, so sweet indeed.
  • Be ready for the revelation of the truth.

360 Doctrines and Comprehensive Theories[edit]

Union of Civilizations[edit]

  • Humankind is a lonely creature looking for connections and associations from childhood to the end of his life. This intention to join with the others can also be found in human societies. Stories, legends and most of human efforts tend to a joint and union, the same direction towards which the humankind is heading. The definition of a human being in this theory is not considered to be a good or a devil self. Man is defined as a social creature craving for establishing relationships and connections, without which he will be unable to survive. Linking up with another thing, establishing connections with God, relating to different points of view, associating with dreams and in its most general form sharing life with a spouse are all examples of this instinct in human beings. In a similar pattern, civilizations of the world are following, and will be following, the same path. This is the era of Collaboration of Civilizations, Union of Cultures, and Joining of Religions.
  • This union and connection has been started centuries before the theory of Clash of Civilizations[1], or Dialogue Among Civilizations[2]. Today, there exists no single civilizations except for the ones which are about to extinct or join the legends.
  • Each and every civilization in the world is in complete concordance with its people and their condition of living. If a civilization loses this equilibrium it will be lost itself. The inharmonious civilizations die because of their lack of harmony and those who survive are in complete harmony with the changing conditions. The best way of coping with these ever-increasing changes is to come together with the other civilizations.
  • If you don’t say ‘yes’ to the world, it will say ‘no’ to you; if you reject the world you will be rejected because you have brought it upon yourself. Linking with the world is the best way of living in it. If you could not relate to the Universe it will turn against you.
  • The theory of Union of Civilizations can be discussed along with the theory of The Clash of Civilizations by Huntington or the idea of Dialogue Among Civilizations. This theory concerns the future of civilizations and the solutions to the cultural and religious problems of the world today, and considers this union the foundation of a universal comprehensive civilization. Due to this theory, the selfishness of the governments is destructive; on the other hand, avoiding the separation of cultures and focusing on globalization and universality are emphasized. In this proposal, the way to achieve this globalization and universality is not the clash or negotiation of different civilizations, but their unification as well as their cultural and religious interaction.
  • Union of civilizations, joining of cultures, and conjugation of religions are the universal concerns of the cosmic man. Eight existing civilizations of the world are not enough for the ever-changing taste of man who is in favor of varieties. Therefore, new human civilizations need to be born and developed and they surely will.
  • The great civilizations have to join together and result in new civilizations. The current civilizations will be cast away and they finally die like the disabled aged while they pave the way for the fresh newly born replacements. Similarly, the descendants of these new civilizations will do their best to fill the gap between the internal and external heritages and rescue the long forgotten spirituality; they will bring the past into the future.
  • Union of civilizations of the East and the West is a good example of the mentioned fact; this union has brought a new civilization into the world which is distinct from its original resources. It is a tangible example of distinction of the antique and appearance of the novel.
  • There are a lot to learn in both Eastern and western civilizations. If we summarize the Western civilization to American civilization and take it as an example, we can better understand the vast area of knowledge that the East can pick up and learn from it. Likewise, the Westerners have to look up to the Eastern civilizations to get new and more inner or spiritual ideas in every dimension of life.
  • In fact, the Eastern civilization is mostly concerned with the inner and spiritual aspects of living while the Western civilization includes the outer and external features of life. Therefore, the connection of these two, which results in looking up to one another in order to learn and improve, complements each of them in a different way. It is necessary to point out that the Eastern and Western civilizations are just taken as examples to explain the unification of cultures. This fact extends to the Northern, Southern, or any of the current civilization of the world.
  • Union of civilizations and conjugation of cultures and religions is a must which has occurred and will continue to happen in several dimensions. The quality of this union will bring about the fate of our world.

The Great Master of Thought (Amen- Vol.3)[edit]

Observing management[edit]

  • Before starting, finish it, and before having your first step, reach your destination. Therefore, before making decision on something, try to be foresight, look at the probabilities to the possible extent and analyse them.
  • To manage, learn your management skills from the greatest managers and those who were perfectionist by reading their failures.
  • Solve the big problems inside the small ones. And it is from the small issues that a pattern can be shaped in solving the big ones.
  • Never start from zero. Always start from where the greatest have finished. Your starting point should be the finishing point of the others.
  • The majority of humans solve their issues by relying on dead methods because those majorities are dead. Attempts and errors, blindly imitations, putting into practice the first idea that comes to mind, reactions based on conditioning and dealing with problems in a linear pattern or by using fragile methods are some instances. Most of the people are not aware that these dead methods will end up to dead results.
  • Humans brain function and it s learning capacity can reform from the simplest abacus and calculators to super and gigantic computers. Based on such example, the brains functionality and ability of most humans has stalled at the level of abacus. This condition has made the brain to stay in that level like a rusted metal. Start improving your brain ability based on what I have taught you about “Thinking”, then the rustiness of your brain will begin to reduce and your brain functionality will increase so it can reach higher levels. You can plough your land, plant wheat and wait for months, then you take care of it and harvest your land and then using mill to produce flour and by that you make bread. With so much effort you can end up in making bread but with so much easier paths without spending energy, you can get the bread or any other food. Unfortunately most of humans are like those who spend their life time to make bread in worst ways possible, the longest and hardest. Don’t be one of them, and if you are try to leave them. Use the best and easiest methods for solving your issues.
  • To ignite whatever you do and solve your simple (linear) problems use two different easy methods, revolutionary and impacting methods so as the systematic and consolidating ones. Same as the example of a building, first base the foundation and the skeleton of your building and then finish and modify your design.
  • Circulate your ideas and thoughts in the brain. Don’t release your thought as soon as you receive them and do not share it with other people straight away. Put all your thoughts in comparison and choose the most suitable and reliable ones. Bring out your best and richest thoughts rather than those raw one which only cover the surface of the ideas (depends on the situation).
  • Don’t do whatever you are able of, however try to do whatever you are capable of, the best you can; your boundaries are flexible try to move to upper levels.
  • Figure out the priorities so you wouldn’t fall into the trap of untimely priorities.
  • Write and bulletin your thoughts on paper so it would be like bulletins in your brain too.
  • Try to solve the issues from their root. Leaves and branches are not as necessary and important.
  • To withstand in front of danger, close the chances of growth of the risks, first stop the flow of the danger and then analyse the risks that have occurred and the ones that have not taken place yet.
  • Do not limit yourself between black and white, there are thousands of colours in between of them, same process for the yes and no answers, or able and not able.
  • Look at the problems such as they are issues, and see those issues as they are opportunities and you have to step into them.
  • Do not forget that others won’t see the problems the way you look at or vice versa.
  • Never use needle for shoveling. Needle is for sewing and shovel is for harvesting. Therefore, when you leave a job to your hands, look at their capabilities and scales and so keep in mind that shovel can be used for many different things, but its main usage is to feed the air into the land.
  • Start from where the others have finished, those whom where successful and their results were acceptable. Useless repeating of a task is not suggested.
  • Successful role models in any path have travelled a distance in which you might go through it. Therefore use the best paths that are similar to those ones who were successful in it.
  • To pass through different situations, different types of questioning may be useful. So many doors have been opened by asking a correct and useful question and so many issues can be solved only using this method.
  • Think about whatever you want to say in the first place. Do not talk only with your lips. Use your eyes, ears and body language to talk as well. If you see what you are talking about, audience can also visualize and feel it.
  • Before you want to teach someone, try to find his character and know him, without knowing someone how it is possible to flow with his thoughts and put yourself in his position.
  • If you see what you say, then whatever heard from you, can be seen and visualized by your audience.

Amen (vol.1)[edit]

  • The recognition of God is easier through the nature. Find the presence of God by apprehending the nature, and comprehend the Divine allusions through the nature
  • Everyone holds an intuition and hidden dream which is so specific to that person. This particular unknown and hidden intuition would be awakening if it gets involved with the most harmonious part of nature related to it.


  1. Firstly proposed by Samuel P. Huntington
  2. Proposed by Mohammad Khatami, the ex-president of Islamic Republic of Iran

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