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Elias Aslaksen (1888–May 10, 1976) was a leader of the religious group "Smith's Friends".

Elias Aslaksen's Last Messages, first English edition (1989)[edit]


Everything works together for the best (Fredrikstad, 7 January, 1976)[edit]

  • Our textbook is the Bible. Besides a title, many books also have a sub-title. We could write as a subtitle on the front of the Bible: "A Textbook for Becoming Completely Happy".
  • Personally, I live by faith, blissfully happy night and day, no matter what I need to suffer or deal with.

No difficulties (Stavanger, 18 January, 1976)[edit]

  • I wish the very best for each and every one of you. Even if you think you are the most pitiful wretch on two feet, this is completely possible. It doesn't matter how bad we have been or how much difficulty and trouble we've created for ourselves and others in the past. The question is, how will it end? "All's well that ends well," as the saying goes, and that's as true as can be. The way things end is the way they will remain. Things won't be as they were before.
    • Closing remark - Aslaksen's last recorded message

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