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Rabbi Elie Munk (15 September 19005 June 1981) was a French rabbi and author. He was the father-in-law of Immanuel Jakobovitz.


  • The community does not suffer deficiencies. What is lacking in one individual is made up by the other.
    • Quoted in Christopher B. Ricks and Leonard Michaels, The State of the Language, p. 60

The World of Prayer, vol. 1[edit]

  • The modern world, more than in any preceding epoch, feels the necessity to learn anew how to pray.
    • page 1
  • A ladder is the instrument of ascent; it symbolises intensity rising to a climax. this, too, is the meaning of prayer.
    • page 11
  • There are three kinds of forces: the forces of nature, the spiritual and moral ones, and finally those of history and destiny.
    • page 12

The World of Prayer, vol. 2[edit]

  • In the midst of the titanic struggles of ideologies that dominate our age, it is from our prayers that we derive the firmest support for mind and soul.
    • page vii
  • It is only in the period between adolescence and maturity and not during the earlier stages of development that any organism can unfold its full strength.
    • page 96

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