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from Modern Cookery for Private Families by Eliza Acton (London: Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1871. p. 48.)

Elizabeth "Eliza" Acton (April 17, 1799February 13, 1859) was an English poet and cook who produced one of the country's first cookbooks aimed at the domestic reader rather than the professional cook or chef, Modern Cookery for Private Families. In this book she introduced the now-universal practice of listing the ingredients and suggested cooking times with each recipe.



Song (1826)

  • In Beauty's dwelling all things fair,
    And rich, to win her sweet smiles strove;
    But still young Beauty's only care
    Was, to watch o'er the lamp of Love.
  • But tir'd at length poor Beauty slept,
    And while she rested, wearied quite,
    Indifference to the dear lamp crept,
    And quench'd its warm, and splendid light.

To Caroline (1826)

  • To win, beloved Caroline from thee,
    One thought, in years when we shall sever'd be--
    --Sever'd, perchance, by those deep waves, which pour
    Their billowy murmurs round our native shore,--
    For this, I wander'd round the Bow'rs of Song,
    A weary, and rejected suppliant long,
    And of the Muses crav'd in humblest tone
    From their rich wreaths, one simple bud alone:
    They did but fling their wildest weeds at me,
    And thus I twin'd them into verse for thee!
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