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Elizabeth Haydon (born 1965) is an American fantasy author.


Symphony of Ages (1999-2015)[edit]

Rhapsody: Child of Blood (1999)[edit]

Page numbers based on the paperback edition published in 1999

  • Emily: Well, when he's in port, it's actually very tiny – about as big as my hand. And he keeps it on his mantel, in a bottle. He showed it to me once when he came to visit.
    • p. 28
  • Barney:He's become a lot more dangerous of late. And he has a lot more ears than he used to.
    Rhapsody:Oh dear. And he wasn’t all that attractive to begin with.
    • p. 56
  • Achmed Come with us if you want to live.
    • p. 65
  • Grunthor replaced his helmet and turned to Rhapsody. He took one look at the expression on her face and roared with laughter.
    "'Allo, darlin'. Oi'm so glad to see it's love at first sight for you, too. Come along." He walked away into the night.
    • p. 67
  • Rhapsody: It's just that, well, in my limited experience, Firbolg are thought of as monsters.
    Grunthor: And in my not-so-limited experience, Lirin are thought of as appetizers.
    • p. 69
  • Achmed: This is Grunthor. No one has concealed that.
    Grunthor: Although you can always call me 'The Ultimate Authority, to Be Obeyed at All Cost.' My troops always does.
    • p. 75
  • Rhapsody: "I can sit watch. I have a dagger."
    Achmed: "Well, I for one will sleep much better now knowing you're protecting us, Rhapsody. Try not to hurt any small animals that might attack unless they're edible."
    • p. 79
  • Between shallow breaths she began to mutter a string of inspired curses more vile than either of the men remembered hearing, much to Grunthor's delight.
    • p. 87
  • Young Rhapsody: What did you put in the water this time?
    Rhapsody's mother: Sit all the way down. Lavender, lemon verbena, rose hips, snow fern-
    Young Rhapsody: Snow fern? We eat that!
    Rhapsody's mother: "Exactly. Why do you think the water is so warm? I'm not bathing you, I'm making soup.
    • p. 95
  • Stop that immediately," he ordered harshly. "I forbid you to do that. If you want to come with us, you had best understand that you are never to do that again. Weeping and wailing is banned from here on out. Now decide. Come if you want to – if you can refrain from that noise.
    • p. 120
  • Rhapsody:"I’m Lirin-"
    Grunthor:"'Ey, don't remind me. Oi ain't eaten recently."
    • p. 123
  • Rhapsody’s father: The water won't hurt you, it's the panic that will. Stay calm.
    • p. 126
  • Rhapsody father: "Panic will kill you, even when nothing else wants to.
    • p. 126
  • Grunthor: Well, 'allo, Duchess! Oi was 'opin you'd drop in! Care for a spot o' tea?
    • p. 126
  • Grunthor: It's enough just to know that you fell for me.
    • p. 127
  • Achmed: She's a Singer; she may be prescient.
    Grunthor:"She certainly is, cute lit'le thing. Oi like 'er.
    • p. 130
  • Achmed: How noble are you feeling, Grunthor?
    Grunthor: "Oi'm always noble, sir; it's in my blood. 'As been ever since Oi ate that knight a few years back.
    • p. 131
  • Grunthor: Well, sir, if we can't find work when we get out o' this stinkin' 'ole, maybe 'Er Ladyship 'ere will teach us some tunes and we can go on the road as a team of wanderin' troubadours. Oi can see it now: Doctor Uchmed's Travelin' Snake Show."
    • p. 152
  • Rhapsody: You know, you both really ought to have more respect for music. It can be a very powerful weapon, as well as whatever else you need it to be."
    Grunthor: That's true; my singin' voice can be quite good at inflictin' pain. At least that's what the troops use ta tell me.
    • p. 152

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