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An 1800 (lithograph) drawing of the American theatre actress, Mrs. Poe. The (lithograph) drawing is said to have been based from an old (daguerreotype) photograph, of Mrs. Poe.

Elizabeth “Eliza” Poe, formerly, Hopkins, nee, Arnold, Jr. (1787, at, London, England - December 8, 1811, at, Richmond, Virginia), was an American theatre actress and the mother of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar’s father, David Poe, Jr., abandoned his family when Edgar was a year old. After David, abandoned his family, Eliza struggled to both raise her three young children, and participate in dozens of roles in theaters from Boston to Charleston. She succumbed to the ravages of tuberculosis, while touring for a new play, in, Richmond, Virginia, and died when, Edgar, was not yet 3. After her death at age 24 on December 8th, 1811, The three Poe children, were split up and scattered to three different foster homes. Young Edgar, was taken in by the Allan family.


  • She never came onstage, but a murmur ran through the house. What an enchanting creature, heavens what a form. What an animated and expressive countenance, Never was anything half so sweet.

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