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Elling is a Norwegian film directed by Petter Næss. Shot mostly in and around the Norwegian capital Oslo, the film, which was released in 2001, is primarily based on Ingvar Ambjørnsen's novel Brødre i blodet ("Blood brothers", 1996), one of a series of four featuring the Elling character – the others are Utsikt til paradiset ("A view of paradise", 1993), Fugledansen ("The bird dance", 1995), and Elsk meg i morgen ("Love me tomorrow", 1999).


The phone's ringing

Kjell Bjarn Elling maybe we should answer it. What if it's important?

Elling If it's important, they'll write.

Kjell Bjarn But you don't read the post.

Elling That's becasue it's not important.

Elling Mother did the shopping; I was in charge of ideology.

Elling is being taught how to use the telephone. Frank Asli has been "ringing" for a while now.

Frank Riiiiiiiiing

Elling answers


Frank Elling it's me Frank-

Elling hangs up

Frank then proceeds to ring again

FrankRiiiiiiiiing. Riiiiiiiiiing. Elling pick up the phone.

Elling It's not for me; it's for Kjell Bjarn.

Frank Riiiiiiiiiing.

Elling Hello Mother, it's me, I'm in hell!

Kjell Bjarn has gone upstairs to see Radon. Elling is moving the beds singing "I will survive" to himself. Kjell Bjarn walks in

Elling So you're back...

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