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Elliott Irving Organick (25 February, 1925 - 21 December, 1985) was an American computer scientist and pioneer in operating systems development and computer science education. He was instrumental in founding the ACM Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education and was known for his numerous monographs and texts on computing systems.


  • I am such a slow learner that once I understand something I might as well write it down!
    • When asked about his prolific publication record; quoted in Computer Pioneers by John A. N. Lee, pg. 510.
  • This is great stuff, but does it have to be so complicated?

Quotes about Elliott Organick[edit]

  • By the mid-seventies, Elliott had become the foremost expository writer of computer science.
  • A modern-day Menabrea
    • Computer Pioneers by John A. N. Lee, pg. 508.

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