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Elmer's Candid Camera is a 1940 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon short directed by Chuck Jones. The short was released on March 2, 1940 and features Elmer Fudd. In the short, Elmer takes up wildlife photography, but finds his subject, a rabbit similar to the later Bugs Bunny character, much too wild.

Directed by Charles Jones. Produced by Leon Schlesinger. Story by Rich Hogan.
  • [first lines of the cartoon; reading a book called "How to Photograph Wildlife"] "Then all you do is click the shutter, and presto! You have a fine picture of wildlife, suitable for framing." Golly, that sounds simple enough.
  • [going insane] Wabbits. Wabbits. I'm goin' mad! WABBITS, I'M GOING CRAZY!!! [stomps on his camera] CAMEWA, WABBITS!!! WABBITS!!! [spots his book lying on the ground] "How to Photograph Wildlife". WILDLIFE, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! WABBITS!!! WABBITS!!! WILDLIFE!!! [runs while laughing mad, before jumping into a lake; gurgling] Waaaa-wabbits. Waaaa-wabbits.


Happy Rabbit: What are you doing, taking pictures? [Elmer nods his head] Nice hobby. Mind if I watch? [Elmer shakes his head] What are you taking pictures of?
Elmer Fudd: That wabbit.
Happy Rabbit: [looks over Elmer's shoulder] What rabbit?
Elmer Fudd: Why, that little gray wabbit over...over...over there. [realizing Happy Rabbit is right in front of him. He grabs Happy Rabbit up to his face]
Happy Rabbit: Please, sir! [to the audience] Gosh, I don't even know the guy!

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