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"There's a lot of people saying a lot of things. But in the end, you got to listen to yourself."

Elvis is a 2022 biographical musical drama film about the life of American music icon Elvis Presley, from his childhood years to his rise to international superstardom.

Directed by Baz Luhrmann. Written by Luhrmann, Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce and Jeremy Doner.

Elvis Presley[edit]

  • There's a lot of people saying a lot of things. But in the end, you got to listen to yourself.
  • If I can't move, I can't sing.
  • I'm ready. Ready to fly.
  • I'm going to show you what the real Elvis is like tonight!
  • I‘m so tired of playing Elvis Presley. People rely on me.
  • I need to get back to who I really am.
  • Some people wanted to put me in jail, because of the way I was moving.
  • I would do anything to make sure my mamma and daddy never had to live in poverty ever again.
  • This ain't no nostalgia show. We're going to do something different.
  • I'm going to do what I want to do. Sing the music that I want.
  • I just got to be making the most of this thing while I can. This could be over in a flash.
  • A reverend once told me, "When things are too dangerous to say... sing."
  • The papers say I shot my mother and smoke marijuana.

Tom Parker[edit]

  • For those of you who are wondering who this fella here is, I am the legendary Colonel Tom Parker. I am the man who gave the world Elvis Presley. Without me, there would be no Elvis Presley. And yet, there are some who'd make me out to be the villain of this here story.
  • No, no, I didn't kill him. I made Elvis Presley. Nothing all those muckrakers said in their books was true. Me and Elvis, we was partners. It was Elvis the Showman and the Colonel the Snowman. I always knew I was destined for greatness. As an orphan, I ran away to the carnival, where I learned the art of the "snow job," of emptying a rube's wallet while leaving them with nothing but a smile on their face. But a carnival act that would get you the most money, the most snow, had great costumes and a unique trick, that gave the audience feelings they weren't sure they should enjoy. But they do. And I knew if I could find such an act, I could create the greatest... show... on... Earth.
  • It doesn't matter if you do ten stupid things, as long as you do one smart one.
  • Comic book heroes all find their superpowers. Elvis found music.
  • Are you born with a destiny? Or does it just come knocking at your door?
  • In that moment, in a flash of lightning, I watched that skinny boy transform into a superhero.
  • Now, I don't know nothing about music. But I could see in that girl's eyes, he was a taste of forbidden fruit. She could have eaten him alive!
  • It was the greatest carnival attraction I'd ever seen. He was my destiny. Right under my nose... in Memphis. Just why a truck driver from Memphis, Tennessee, liked to hang out on Beale Street, I do not know. But it did him no favors, fitting into them white housing projects. He was crazy for that Beale Street music. Beale Street style. He had Beale Street stars in his eyes.
  • That night, I happened to see him. Alone. Lost. A snowman is only as good... as his attraction.
  • Tomorrow, all America will be talking about Elvis Presley!
  • He had no idea what he had done.
  • Since the day he was born, she had feared losing her second son. While he was in basic training, she worried and drank. Worried and drank.
  • Those know-it-all hippies had brainwashed Elvis, acting like he was one of them radicals, throwing his career away to sing spirituals with a bunch of longhairs.
  • I always said, when it came to music, my boy knows best. But the special was my idea. It was a tremendous hit. We was back on top. But some people were putting ideas in his head that he didn't need me no more.
  • Now you listen to me. The only thing that matters is if that man is on that stage tonight!
  • I'm a promoter. That's what I do.


[as Parker is introducing the Presley family to the merchandising options, Gladys is perturbed by one item]
Gladys Presley: "I Hate Elvis".
[Parker and Elvis look up in surprise and find that written on a button Gladys is holding]
Colonel Tom Parker: Yes. "I Hate Elvis". In my way of thinking, "I Love Elvis," that's an easy sell. Those who hate your son will do so whether we profit from it or not. [to Elvis] After all, what is hate worth if it's free?
Vernon Presley: Oh, yeah. I get it.
[Elvis then breaks into a smile]

Elvis Presley: I ain't wearin' no tails. I just... gotta lay off the moves, is all. Colonel says if I don't, they're gonna put me in jail.
B.B. King: [chuckles] Come on, man. They're not gonna put you in jail. They might put me in jail for walkin' across the street, but you a famous white boy. Too many people making too much money off you to put you in jail.
Elvis Presley: You think so?
B.B. King: I know so. The Colonel's a smart man. There's gotta be another reason.

[After the death of his beloved mother, Elvis is grieving alone in her closet, sobbing quietly. Colonel Parker enters.]
Colonel Tom Parker: [gently] Your daddy is doing the best he knows how, but he is overwhelmed. He needs your help.
Elvis Presley: [crying] I can't go out there. I just wanna stay here forever.
Colonel Tom Parker: Oh, my boy. No one could never replace her. But you listen to me. From this moment on, everything she would have done, I will carry out, in her name. When you are overseas, I will stay here at home. And I will work and I will worry. Trust me. Now you go and you stand by your papa. You comfort him. [helps Elvis to his feet] You comfort him. Comfort your friends and your family and even your fans. Hmm? Because if you don't do that, all that your mama has sacrificed for you will be for nothing.
[Still crying, Elvis embraces Colonel Parker]
Elvis Presley: No matter what happens, you stay with me through thick and thin, okay? You're like a... like a father to me.
[the Colonel pats him on the back, comfortingly]

Elvis Presley: I've never met anyone like you.
Priscilla: Well, I hope not.

[In 1968, the Colonel is pitching Elvis a Christmas special on TV sponsored by the Singer sewing machine company]
Elvis Presley: Christmas special. Is this the best we can do, Admiral?
Colonel Tom Parker: Well, we took the Hollywood phonies for every nickel they had and now it is time to pack up our tents and move on to even greener pastures. We've seen "Elvis the Rebel". We've seen "Elvis the Movie Star". Now we will see "Elvis the Family Entertainer".
Jerry Schilling: [sarcastically] And appliance salesman.
Elvis Presley: [turning to Jerry] What did you say? [walks over angrily] Listen, Jerry, I don't need you to question me about how I support my family and every goddamn person here! You understand me? If you don't like it, you can go back to Memphis. [entering his trailer] Laugh it up, assholes.

[Elvis has called TV producer Steve Binder and record producer Bones Howe out for a meeting at the dilapidated Hollywood sign; Elvis is sitting in the second O]
Elvis Presley: When I first came up to Hollywood, I'd come up here and sit for hours. [gestures over to the Griffith Observatory] Right over there, the observatory? That's where they shot Rebel Without a Cause. Man, I used to dream about being a great actor like Jimmy Dean. This sign was beautiful then. And now... feels as though lots of things are like that these days. Broke down, beat up. Rotten. I really like what you guys did, putting James Brown and the Stones together.
Steve Binder: We're, uh... big fans of yours too. It's just that, Mr. Presley, we don't usually...
Elvis Presley: Oh, Elvis.
Steve Binder: Elvis, uh... Christmas specials aren't really our thing.
Elvis Presley: I know. Tell me, honestly... where do you boys think my career's at right now?
[Binder looks over to Howe]
Bones Howe: Well, it's...
Steve Binder: It's in the toilet, Elvis.
[Elvis looks up at Jerry Schilling and they both begin laughing]
Elvis Presley: You hear that, Jerry? Oh, Lord. I knew you were the right guys for this job. You know, back when I was starting out, some people wanted to put me in jail, even kill me, 'cause of the way I was moving. So they cut my hair, they put me in uniform and they sent me away. That killed my mother. And ever since then... I've been lost. And when you're lost, people take advantage. I need you fellas to help me get back to who I really am.
Steve Binder: And who are you, Elvis?
Elvis Presley: I sure as hell ain't somebody who sings Christmas songs by a fireplace for an hour.
Steve Binder: And what does the Colonel think?
Elvis Presley: I don't give a damn what the Colonel thinks.

[Binder speaks to the crew of the '68 Special in the aftermath of Bobby Kennedy's assassination]
Steve Binder: Listen, I, uh... I just wanna say that... that this nation is hurting. It's lost. You know? It... it needs a voice right now to help it heal. We have to say something. [turns to Elvis] You... have to make a statement, E.P.
[the Colonel barges his way into the room]
Colonel Tom Parker: Mr. Presley does not make statements. He sings "Here Comes Santa Claus" and wishes everyone "Merry Christmas and good night".

[Jerry confronts Elvis over the truth about Colonel Parker]
Jerry Schilling: He lied. There wasn't going to be an international tour 'cause he can't leave the country. He's got no citizenship, no official identity. He doesn't exist. There never was a Colonel Tom Parker.
Elvis Presley: What are you talking about, Jerry?

[Backstage, Elvis has learned the truth about Colonel Tom Parker and exposes him live on stage; Parker himself is sitting in the audience with the owner of the International Hotel]
Elvis Presley: I'd like to turn the house lights up, ladies and gentlemen. 'Cause now that you've seen me, I'd like to take a look at you. [the audience cheers and applauds as the house lights come up] Oh, you're beautiful. Thank you. Oh, boy!
Colonel Tom Parker: He'll mention the VIPs that are here.
Elvis Presley: We got some high-rollers in here tonight.
Colonel Tom Parker: Get ready for the spotlight.
Elvis Presley: Mr. International Hotel himself!
[the spotlight falls on him]
Colonel Tom Parker: Ah, there you go!
Elvis Presley: And right next to him, is my so-called manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
[the spotlight turns to Parker, who playfully acts bashful]
Elvis Presley: But I hear rumors that Colonel... is an alien.
[Audience laughs]
Colonel Tom Parker: [playing along] Got here on my rocket ship.
[Elvis grabs a wine glass from someone in the audience and downs it one gulp]
Elvis Presley: Somebody call the FBI and tell 'em that he has abducted me... [his voice becoming aggressive] that he has locked me in this *golden cage* to keep me here forever with you, ladies and gentlemen.
[Audience applauds again]
Elvis Presley: [singing] So, I'm caught in a trap / I can't get out / 'Cause Colonel's got some big debts, baby!
[The Colonel realizes what Elvis is saying. Elvis gives him a mean look from the stage.]
Colonel Tom Parker: Excuse me.
[Colonel leaves]
Elvis Presley: Well, this is the last show I'm ever playing here. [audience groans] I'm gonna get on my jet plane, the "Lisa Marie". It's named after, uh... my beautiful daughter. And I'm gonna fly away.
[the Colonel has arrived backstage in a hurry]
Elvis Presley: No, no, no... You know, I'm going to fly away.
Colonel Tom Parker: [angrily whispering to the stagehands] Stop the show. Stop this show! Come on, get this curtain down!
Elvis Presley: Fuck the International.
[audience gasps]
Colonel Tom Parker: [to Jerry] Mr. Schilling, what the devil is happening here?
Elvis Presley: And Las Vegas.
Jerry Schilling: That's what he wants to know.
Elvis Presley: Ain't no one gonna stop me, man. [spots Parker from the wings] Oh! Security! Security! [begins babbling nonsensically, grabs another microphone from a band member] Security, security, security! [to Parker, shouting] 800 shows! You don't have a goddamn passport, you son of a bitch! You are fired! [even louder, even angrier] You are fired! [Parker has now walked up to him face-to-face; Presley screams] YOU'RE FIRED!

[seeing Col. Parker waiting on him after learning he owes him $8 million dollars]
Elvis Presley: Oh, you blood-sucking old vampire. You bled me dry and you still want more?
Colonel Tom Parker: I'm not an uncaring man, Mr. Presley.
Elvis Presley: Don't you "Mr. Presley" me, you toad!
Colonel Tom Parker: If you are so determined to get out of our contract...
Elvis Presley: You're goddamn right I want out!
Colonel Tom Parker: Well, I will personally loan you the money that you owe to Jamboree Attractions.
Elvis Presley: Yeah, you'll still have your claws in me. You'll still have me working here like a goddamn slave in a salt mine, you phony, no-good piece of trash! I oughta shoot you in your fat, goddamn face. Who are you?
Colonel Tom Parker: I am you. And you are me.
Elvis Presley: Cut the horseshit! Everything I've ever known about you has been a lie.
Colonel Tom Parker: [chuckles; stands up in front of Elvis] My past is the least of your problems, my boy. Everyone else you associate with lives from you, Mr. Presley. Even Vernon. That's right, even your own daddy has looked after himself before he's looked after you. Yes. I have lived from you too, but the difference is you have also lived from me. We have supported each other. Because we shared a dream. We are the same, you and I. We are two odd, lonely children reaching for eternity. Maybe you should fly away, my boy. Away from all of this. But if you do choose to leave... I, for one, would be very lonely. So would your father. [Colonel leaves towards an elevator] But I think you may be lonely, too. [He calls the elevator down] Oh, you see, my boy, the... truth about the Rock of Eternity... [the elevator opens and Colonel enters] ...it is forever just beyond our reach.



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