Emanuel Moravec

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Emanuel Moravec

Emanuel Moravec (17 April 1893 – 5 May 1945) was a colonel in the Czechoslovak Army who served as minister of education of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. He led the establishment of the Board of Trustees for the Education of Youth.


  • The Czech people has never had any sensitivity to current affairs. They were always prepared to defend the stale and unviable. In the Middle Ages, they wanted to reform the moribund Western Gothic with the Hussite movement. In the Great War, they lapsed into a primitive Slavophile doctrine and then they began to throw in their lot with morally putrid Western democracy.
    • Moravec, Emanuel (1941). "Das Ende der Benesch-Republik. Die tschechoslowakische Krise 1938".

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