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Emilie Pine is an Irish essayist and professor of modern drama.


  • But my mental health, it turns out, is my responsibility. I probably don't need to tell you that, but I did need to tell myself. And once I realised that, I wondered why I would ever leave it in the hands of strangers to decide my value.
    • (in en)Notes to Self. Hamish Hamilton. p. 202. Wikidata Q115200875. ISBN 978-0-241-98623-3. OCLC 1124494831. 
    • Pine writing about the those who run a university she was at making her job there stressful and no way to request they take the pressure off.
  • I wrote it quickly, over the course of a year. Or you could say it took me 40 years to write it.
    • Williams, John (30 June 2019). "‘I Was Done With All the Silences’: How an Academic Got Personal in ‘Notes to Self’". New York Times. 
    • Pine in an interview with Williams of the New York Times contrasting while the book "Notes to Self" took a year to write it needed 40 years of her life to provide the material for it.


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