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End of Days is a 1999 action/horror/fantasy film about a police officer who must protect a girl from Satan, who tries to consummate her for the Antichrist.

Prepare for the end.. (taglines)


Chicago: Honey, I'm home!
Jericho Cane: I was just pulling myself together.
Chicago: It's gonna take a lot more pulling. [opens the curtains] You are looking very sharp this morning.
Jericho Cane: Thanks.
Chicago: You're welcome. You got about five minutes to get ready. Here. There's enough caffeine in this to kill an elephant. Oughta get you started.
Jericho Cane: So what's today?
Chicago: Transport.
Jericho Cane: Anyone special?
Chicago: No, just some Wall Street scumbag.
Jericho Cane: Why the hell does he need all this protection?
Chicago: Well, I guess he fucked with some people that didn't like being fucked with.
Jericho Cane: Personally, I like scumbags. They pay better.

Thomas Aquinas: Oculus Dei! A thousand years has ended! The Dark Angel is loosed from his prison!
Jericho Cane: Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head.
Thomas Aquinas: You don't know what you've done!
Jericho Cane: Get down or I'll put you down!
Thomas Aquinas: A thousand years has ended! You don't know what you've done! [Jericho shoots Aquinas in the legs]

Security guard: No one is allowed in here.
Satan: [smiles] The scent of the young boys you seduce still clings to you. Remember who it is you truly serve.
[Terrified, the guard lets him through]

Jericho Cane: Oh, it's us.
Marge Francis: Jesus! How the hell did you two find this place.
Jericho Cane: Lucky guess. So what did you find out?
Marge Francis: His name's Thomas Aquinas. He's a priest.
Jericho Cane: Why don't you tell us something we don't know?
Chicago: A homicidal priest. That's good.
Marge Francis: Yeah? Well, it gets better. He studied at the Vatican. He was one of their alleged visionaries. Came here in '81 to St. John's Church downtown. Six months ago, he disappeared. Priest there say he was having a spiritual crisis.
Chicago: Oh, yeah. That's what this is about. Spiritual crisis.
Jericho Cane: Doesn't make any sense. What's a priest doing shooting at a Wall Street banker?
Marge Francis: A Wall Street banker, by the way, who suddenly disappeared.
Chicago: Maybe we should ask the girl.
Marge Francis: What girl?
Chicago: Uh, the guy. The guy, priest guy.

Christine York: [after seeing worms in an apple] I'm sorry. I have a medical condition. Sometimes, I see things that aren't there.
Jericho Cane: No, I saw it too.

Jericho Cane: Why don't you stop all this church talk and tell us what the hell is going on? Who's after her?
Father Kovak: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll try to explain. You know anything about the number of the beast? Revelation of St. John from his dream?
Christine York: 6-6-6?
Father Kovak: The number of the beast is not 6-6-6. Often in dreams, numbers appear upside down and backwards. So, 6-6-6 becomes 9-9-9. Like in 1999, the year of his return.
Christine York: What does that have to do with me?
Father Kovak: Regressus Diaholi: The Return of Satan. Does any of this look familiar to you? [Christine shows her birthmark.] She's been chosen. He's in her blood. The Holy Church has been searching for you since the day you were born.
Christine York: Chosen for what?
Father Kovak: Every thousand years, on the eve of the millennium, the Dark Angel comes and takes a body, and then he walks the Earth looking for a woman who will bear his child. It all has to happen in that unholy hour before midnight on New Year's Eve. If he consummates your flesh with this body, then he unlocks the gate of Hell and everything we know it ceases to exist.
Jericho Cane: So, the Prince of Darkness wants to conquer the Earth, but has to wait until an hour before midnight on New Year's Eve? Is this Eastern time?
Father Kovak: It's got nothing to do with New Year's Eve. It has to do with a temporary celestial alignment. The Gregorian monks studied the heavens. They were able to calculate the precise moment of this event. They created our calendar by mapping this event and counting backwards from that moment.
Jericho Cane: It was a mistake to come here.
Father Kovak: It doesn't matter whether you believe or not. He's real and he won't rest till he finds this girl.
Christine York: Why did he pick me?
Father Kovak: Because the stars were right when you were born. A man's body was also chosen, just like yours.
Jericho Cane: If the devil does exist, why doesn't your God do anything?
Father Kovak: It's not my God. It's our God, and He doesn't say that He will save us. He says that we will save ourselves.
Christine York: Save myself? What am I supposed to do? Get a restraining order?
Father Kovak: We have to have faith.
Jericho Cane: Faith.
Father Kovak: Yes, faith. It's an interesting concept. If you read the Bible, you can't miss it. Faith!
Jericho Cane: Between your faith and my Glock nine-millimeter, I take my Glock. [to Christine] Come on. Let's go.
Father Kovak: I'm afraid it takes a person of pure heart to defeat pure evil. You did your job. You brought her here to people of faith. We'll protect her. We'll hide her.
Jericho Cane: You know, you live in a different world. We have some real serious problems here, and this is not solving them.
Father Kovak: Satan's greatest trick was convincing man he didn't exist.

[Satan and Jericho revisit Jericho's apartment on the aftermath of his wife and daughter being killed]
Satan: It wasn't your fault.
Jericho Cane: I wasn't there.
Satan: No, you were just- You were out doing your job.
Cane: I wasn't fucking there!
Satan: Oh, look at you. Torn apart by guilt. You didn't do anything wrong. You were an honest cop. You didn't take money. You had to testify against them even after they threatened your family. Most people would never testify against those guys. They're not like you. You had to do the right thing. And where was God, hmm? He could've stopped it, but he didn't. He fucked you, then He made you feel guilty. Me, I don't do guilt. I didn't do what happened here. He did. Now you just think about that, then you tell me who's really your friend. I can make it like it never happened. All for the price of a stranger's address.
Cane: [furiously punches the mirror to break illusion] NO! You will never see the girl!
Satan: Now you're making me upset. You don't want to see me upset.
Jericho Cane: [Enraged] Oh, you want to fuck with me? You think you know bad, huh? YOU’RE A FUCKING CHIOR BOY COMPARED TO ME! A CHIOR BOY!!!
Satan: You're in touch with your anger. I admire that. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to have a drink. You and I are so much alike.
Cane: We're nothing alike! Nothing!
Satan: Look at yourself. Look at this. Look at what you are now. You walked away from the light, just like me. You want one?
Cane: You need to get out, now.
Satan: Come on. You know what's in your heart. We're on the same side.
Cane: I'm not on your side, and I never will be.
Satan: [scoffs] You're on His side? He's the one who took away your family. Let me tell you something about Him. He is the biggest underachiever of all time. He just had a good publicist, that's all. Something good happens: "It's His will." Something bad happens: "He moves in mysterious ways." You take that- that overblown press kit they call the Bible. You look for the answer in there, what do they tell you? "Shit happens." Please. He treated you like garbage. You walked away. I'm not the bad guy.
Cane: What about the End of Days?
Satan: Think of it as a new beginning. A change of management. And you'll be right there with me on the ground floor. It will be so cool. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you really want, and I'll give it to you.
Cane: I'll tell you what I want. I want you to go to hell.
Satan: Well, you see, the problem is sometimes... [lifts Jericho off his feet with one hand] ...HELL COMES TO YOU!

Jericho Cane: [somewhat surprised] You're bleeding!
Chicago: Of course I'm bleeding! You fucking shot me!
Jericho Cane: I just needed to find out!
Chicago: Well, you found out, okay?!
Jericho Cane: Stop being such a pussy!
Chicago: Pussy? Come on!
Jericho Cane: It's just a scratch.
Chicago: Oh, Christ.
Jericho Cane: Does it hurt?
Chicago: Yeah, what do you think? Jesus. What the hell's matter with you? What's going on?
Jericho Cane: I can't explain it.

Jericho Cane: No one move or I'll kill the girl.
Christine York: What are you doing?
Jericho Cane: Trust me.
Satan: You're not gonna kill her.
Jericho Cane: You said it yourself. I have a dark heart.
Satan: Then stand with me!
Jericho Cane: I'll tell you what. You let us both out of here and I'll stand wherever you want. [Satan moves] Step back or I'll pull the trigger.
Satan: I didn't want to kill you, but now you leave me no choice.

Christine York: I'd feel better if you'd show me how to use one of these things. I want to do something. Let me help.
Jericho Cane: All right. Here. You take the gun. Line up the sight with your target. Beware the recoil. Here's the magazine. Put it in. Load. Only pull the trigger when you're ready...
[Christine shoots a Satanist]
Christine York: Like that?
Jericho Cane: Yeah, like that.



  • Prepare for the end.
  • The end is near
  • When the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.
  • Prepare.
  • Prepare for the end of days.
  • On the eve of the millenium an ex-cop torn by loss must regain his faith in order to quell the end of days.
  • You will bear witness to the End of Days...

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