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Quotations about Entrepreneurs.


  • I think the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and kicking. I hope it never ever dies, because I think when it does, the world dies.
    • Duncan Bannatyne, British businessman. ‘Duncan Bannatyne (Beat The Bank)’, an interview with Alex Fletcher, 10 November 2008, from Digital Spy website.
  • Entrepreneurs are artists and I mean “artists” in the true sense of the word: they see something no one else does.
    • Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur, academician, author, Customer Discovery founder and Lean Startup pioneer. Interview with Jake Cook, "Steve Blank: Lessons From 35 Years of Making Startups Fail Less", U99 website, 2013.
  • I think that people have the idea of an entrepreneur being the sort of stereotype person who treads all over everybody and bullies their way to the top. There certainly are people like that, and they have managed to get away with it, but they generally get their come-uppance in the end.
  • To any potential entrepreneur I would say, don't go with the wave; find something unique.
    • James Caan [Nazim Khan] (b.1960), Pakistan-born British Businessman, entrepreneur. , Dragons' Den: Success from Pitch to Profit (2007), Part 2: Inside the Den, p 203
  • I don’t believe there are any free lunches. There is no easy ride to success. The journey is what it is and you have to accept that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.
    • James Caan [Nazim Khan] (b.1960), Pakistan-born British businessman. Interview for Director Magazine, May 2008.
  • They’ve [entrepreneurs] often sacrificed their personal life and end up burn outs or with a business that doesn’t scale.
    • Christine Comaford-Lynch, American businesswoman, venture capitalist. Interview in Director Magazine, September 2007
  • The true entrepreneur is one who thinks laterally, about how to make a second business out of the first.
    • Evan Davis (British economist, journalist and presenter), Dragons’ Den: Success from Pitch to Profit (2007), Part 3: Know the Business, p. 245
  • I see an entrepreneur as the chief designer of a business that works better than any other.
    • Michael E. Gerber (b.1936), American small business guru and author, ‘A Conversation with Michael Gerber’, from an interview posted on Businessweek.com website, 24 March 2008
  • For too long, enterprise has been defined in quite narrow terms—a vague notion of business start-ups. This definition has confined the study of the subject to the fringes—a kind of strange novelty, or a bolt-on to other subjects.
    • Peter Jones (b.1966), British businessman. ‘Entrepreneurs are not born, they are taught’, The Guardian (UK) newspaper, 6 October 2009
  • The entrepreneur is the person who seeks to identify what consumers, at home or abroad or both, want and would be willing to buy at a profitable price. These entrepreneurs are the job-creators because it is they who gather the men and women, the material, the machinery, and the money to turn the vision of a market into a reality.
    • Keith Sinjohn Joseph, Baron Joseph (1918–1994), British barrister and politician. ‘Introduction’, Self-Help (1859) by Samuel Smiles, from the reprinted edition by Sidgwick & Jackson (1986)
  • If you look at the typical profile of entrepreneurs, they have changed a lot. The startup companies today have pretty much been the people who survived in a very tough, Darwinian environment. It’s really a one-in-a-million thing.
    • Kai-Fu Lee, Chinese-American businessman, computing science researcher. ‘Google China’s Kai-Fu Lee Debuts Innovation Works’, interviewed by Rob Hof, posted on 6 September 2009, on BusinessWeek.com website
  • The essential ingredients of entrepreneurship are a vision, a sense of mission, and a will to keep going forward when everybody else is telling you to go back.
    • John McCormack (b.1944), American Businessman, motivational writer, lecturer. ‘Getting Started’, Ch 4, Self-Made in America (1990)
  • Napoleon said Britain is a nation of shopkeepers and a shopkeeper is an entrepreneur—he or she is a small business person. That’s exactly what we are.
    • Theo Paphitis, Greek Cypriot born British entrepreneur. ‘Theo Pathitis: Business Adventurer’, an interview on The Open University’s website, open2.net, published on 23 December 2009
  • In this world people remember you for the things you do for others rather than for yourself.
    • Rehman Siddiq, Pakistani Entrepreneur. Interview for UNICEF Voices of Youth, October 2013.
  • An entrepreneur is very enthusiastic and dances to a different drum beat, but never considers success as something which equates to personal wealth.
    • Dame Anita Roddick (1942–2007), British businesswoman. From her interview with Martyn Lewis, as recorded in his book, Reflections on Success (1997)
  • We [entrepreneurs] have incredible enthusiasm, and I think part of the success of any entrepreneur is energy. Entrepreneurs have this real belief that their lives are about service and leadership.
    • Dame Anita Roddick. From her interview with Martyn Lewis, as recorded in his book, Reflections on Success (1997)
  • Big businesses are often run by managers or bureaucrats, not entrepreneurs. So they morph into the Civil Service.
    • Malcolm Walker, British businessman. Interview for Director Magazine, June 2010.

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