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Eraser is a 1996 film directed by Chuck Russell. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as U.S. Marshal John Kruger.

Written by Tony Puryear and Walon Green. Directed by Chuck Russell.
He will erase your past to protect your future.

John Kruger[edit]

  • You've just been erased.
  • You're luggage!

Father Rodriguez[edit]

  • The police have returned to the safety of their doughnut shops.

Robert Deguerin[edit]

  • I want this town locked up so tight, it'll make his balls ache.


Robert Deguerin: You know, if God were as forgiving as WITSEC, Hell would be one empty joint, no?
John Kruger: God doesn't have our court system.

Nurse: Oh my God! Terrorists!
Johnny C: Terror? I'll show you some freakin' terror! Get your ass up here, I'll jump-start it!

Agent: Don't you ever get tired of babysitting scum?
John Kruger: Yeah... but in your case, I'll make an exception.
[walks away]
Agent: [about John] Who does this guy think he is?
Robert Deguerin: Who, him? Well, he thinks he's the best guy in the game. I think he's right.

Morehart: This is James Haggerty, our chief of security.
Robert Deguerin: Hey, you ever done any wetwork?
James Haggerty: Only on three different continents.
Robert Deguerin: Wow, really? Listen, you wanna impress me, slick? Do your fucking job!

[the phone rings]
Daniel Harper: It's for you.
Robert Deguerin: [takes the phone] Yeah?
John Kruger: [over the phone] You've just been erased.

[John Kruger parachutes into a junkyard]
John Kruger: Where is this?
Camille: Earth. Welcome.

Robert Deguerin: Have I given you an evaluation yet.
Deputy Monroe: Evaluation?
Robert Deguerin: Yeah.
[shoots Monroe]
Robert Deguerin: A-plus, kid.
[his hands are now bloody]
Robert Deguerin: God dammit! Get me a wet-nap or something will ya?

John Kruger: Drop your gun.
Robert Deguerin: What?
John Kruger: If you drop your gun now, I promise I won't kill you.

Robert Deguerrin: (removing blade John threw into his arm) John! I can't believe you nailed me with this cheap piece of mail-order shit!

[John Kruger knocks down a door and shoots a guy]
Lee Cullen: You're late!
John Kruger: Traffic.

[John wakes up from a drug-induced sleep]
Robert Deguerin: Confused, pal? New York.
John Kruger: You're off course.
Robert Deguerin: No, no we're not. You're gonna take us to her, John.
[John reaches for his gun. Robert holds up his gun in a plastic bag]
Robert Deguerin: You did a very, very bad thing, John. You killed Monroe. Now that makes you the mole.
John Kruger: No, and that makes you the murderer.

[the limousine that Daniel Harper, Robert Deguerin, and Morehart were trapped in was just hit by a train]
Lee Cullen: What happened?
John Kruger: They caught a train.

[Johnny C is working as a bartender in a drag club. John Kruger comes to see him]
Johnny C: I got one question. Was it your idea to hook me up with the Village People here?
John Kruger: Well, you're safe, aren't you?
Johnny C: Well, from the mob, yeah. I mean no self-respecting wiseguy would ever be caught dead in a joint like this. Oh, hey, do me a favor; don't let these guys on that I'm straight, okay? I don't wanna break any hearts or nothin'.


  • He will erase your past to protect your future.


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