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I am always with all of you and everyone's old pal. But it's better not to call me old.
This is the time we have to make a decision (to replace Hung Hsiu-chu as the KMT candidate for 2016 ROC presidential election), and it is a decision we have to make.
The development of Cross-Strait relations is not decided unilaterally by any one side. It depends on a consensus on both sides.
We should harbor a positive mentality to any cross-strait development and exchange.
Only through dialogue and exchanges and mutual respect can we promote goodwill and resolve the estrangement between the two sides of the strait.

Eric Chu (朱立倫; Zhū Lìlún; born 7 June 1961) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). He is currently the Chairperson of Kuomintang.


  • It's time that six decades of separation (between Taiwan and Mainland China) and previous generations' confrontation be ended. Let the current and the future generations choose common development and jointly create a situation of mutual benefits.
  • I had no option to turn down the (Vice Premiership) appointment or make other choices as the country needs me at a time when it is facing the most trying challenge it ever has faced.
  • I am always with all of you and everyone's old pal. But it's better not to call me old.
  • The 930,000-odd voters that supported my rival over me and the greater number of voters (than in the 2010 election) who chose not to take part in this (2014) election or were unwilling to come to express support, whatever the reason - as the incumbent mayor, my city government team and everyone else will certainly review (this election) with humility.
  • The KMT after 17 October (2015) will be a united KMT. As chairman, I cannot let the party become history.
    • Eric Chu (2015) cited in "[1]" on The China Post, 15 October 2015.
  • To safeguard the KMT’s reins of government and majority in the legislature, as well as the future of the public and the Republic of China, I must apologize (for breaking my promise to serve as New Taipei City mayor in full term) to each New Taipei City resident who supports me. I want to tell every Taiwanese and resident of the city that I am doing this (going for the 2016 ROC presidential election) because I have to protect the ROC we love, the democratic politics we have fought to preserve and our healthy democracy of checks and balances.
  • I had previously stated on many occasions that I would not run in the 2016 presidential election. But at this crucial moment, it was a decision I had no choice but to make in order to improve the health of Taiwan's democracy.
  • Then I remembered the phrase 'do not forsake your original intentions' — which was why I decided 17 years ago to run as a legislator and make changes to our society to make the lives of the next generation better and give Taiwan's future more hope.
  • I have learned to never give up, to take the necessary risks to win and to seek victory amid defeat. This is the spirit of Taiwan. We stick with it to the end and never quit.
  • There is no right or wrong method (for party's primary election). As long as we choose the most appropriate method at the time, that is the right method.

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