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Erich Frauwallner (December 28, 1898 – January 5, 1974) was an Austrian professor, a pioneer in the field of Buddhist studies.


  • Thus, NS Indologist Erich Frauwallner says, in Pollock’s account:
    “Frauwallner argued that the special meaning of Indian philosophy lay in its being ‘a typical creation of an aryan people’, that its similarities with western philosophy derived from ‘the same racially determined talent’, and that it was a principal scholarly task of Indology to d emonstrate this fact. Reiterating an axiom of NS doctrine, that ‘Wissenschaft in the strict sense of the word is something that could be created only by nordic Indo-Germans’, Frauwallner adds, ‘From the agreement in scientific character of Indian and European philosophy, we can draw the further conclusion that philosophy as an attempt to explain the world according to scientific method is likewise a typical creation of the Aryan mind.’"
    • quoted by Pollock, (Pollock 1993:93), quoted from K. Elst in Western indology and its quest for power, 2017, Chapter 3, Dr. K.S Kannan_ Gopinath K_ Ashay Naik_ Koenraad Elst_ Naresh P Cuntoor_ Satyanarayana Dasa_ Jayaraman Mahadevan_ Meera H R_ Manogna Sastry - WESTERN INDOLOGY & ITS QUEST FOR POWER_ Proceedings of the... Chapter 3 Sheldon Pollock’s Idea of a “National-Socialist Indology”

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