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Ernest Belfort Bax (23 July 185426 November 1926) was a British socialist journalist and philosopher, associated with the Social Democratic Federation.


No Misogyny But True Equality (1887)[edit]

To-Day magazine, October issue Ernest Belfort Bax – ‘No Misogyny But True Equality’ (1887 – complete)

  • I think she understates in favour of her own sex the inequality which she admits to exist between the male and female intellect.
  • I fear many working men will tell Mrs. Besant that the greatest hindrance to their political and social activity is the apathy of their wives.
  • Women in general are not interested in questions of principle as such, but at most only in so far as they affect particular personalities. They require the dramatic element to evoke their interest. With many men, on the contrary, though this element of course enhances interest, it is not the indispensable condition of interest.

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