Ernest Goes to Camp

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Ernest Goes to Camp is a 1987 movie starring Jim Varney as the popular TV commercial character Ernest P. Worrell as he tries to be a camp counselor.

Directed by John R. Cherry III. Written by John R. Cherry III and Coke Sams.


[Jake is trying to get Ernest to taste his "Eggs erronious"]

Jake Now Ernest, would someone dressed up like this lie to you about food?
Ernest Fond as I am in Tibetian cooking, a hungry lion always hunts best. KnowhatImean?
Mr. Tipton Ernest, Have you had any leadership experience?
Ernest I held an antfarm once.
Nurse St. Cloud And that was the ceremony of the Blade, the Stone and the Arrow.
Ernest Like in our culture: Paper, Rock, Scissors.

[last lines]

Mr. Tipton What happened?
Chief St. Cloud Ernest broke the sign.
Mr. Tipton Well. At least no one was hurt.

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