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Esai Morales

Esai Manuel Morales Jr. (October 1, 1962) is a Puerto Rican-American actor.


  • People are conditioned to seeing Latinos in a certain light including our own people, and that's a problem. Kids need to see something that they can aspire to…Hollywood doesn't always go to Latinos for heroes and it’s sad because we have them…We don't see our people save the day.
  • Latinos are still considered a bit of 'other', Arabs are still 'others,' Africans as American as they can be are still visually 'other' so I would like to say, 'hey we are part of the same family.' We all contribute to this nation. We overindex in the consumption of entertainment but we underindex in the representation and the quality of representation.
  • Brooklyn born, Bronx bred… I felt like the dreamer/day tripper of the neighborhood with a vivid imagination and a longing to transcend the mundane through my love of the arts. My mother inspired me a lot. I can remember growing up hearing her voice in the background on the phone urging others to stop putting up with abuse and to stand up for themselves in order to better their lot in life. She was always helping people – mostly other women – liberate themselves from oppressive relationships whether it was at home or work.

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