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Eugene Eric Kim is an open collaboration practitioner. He has worked as a facilitator and a consultant, helping various communities and organizations find more effective ways to collaborate, communicate, and develop strategic thinking. His work has been published in Scientific American (Ada and the First Computer, with Betty Alexandra Toole, 1999) and in the 2006 compilation Open Sources 2.0 (O'Reilly), and his work is cited by various academics and professionals focusing on collaboration and open methodologies.


Most consultancies do this sort of thing in a very closed way: Talk to a bunch of people, gather some data, then go off in a corner and think really hard by yourselves until you come up with something smart to say.

We don’t work this way. For us, participation isn’t constrained to “input” and “feedback.” It’s about learning collectively, which leads to activation. That means opening up our process, sharing our artifacts, and allowing the client to see our thought process with all of its inevitable warts and missteps.