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Eureeka's Castle is an American children's television series which aired on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block from September 4, 1989 until December 28, 1998. The program featured various puppet characters who live in a giant's wind-up music box. The show was a joint development by Nickelodeon, animators Kit Laybourne and Eli Noyes of Noyes & Laybourne Enterprises, and the puppeteers at 3/Design Studio. R.L. Stine developed the characters and was the Head Writer for the episodes. Reruns of the show aired on Noggin from 1999 to 2002.

Individual lines[edit]

Eureeka: Picnic time!
Mr. Knack: Knock knock. Who's there? Can. Can you come out and play?
Eureeka: Spicy, salty, sour, sweet, bring us something good to eat!
Batly: I meant to do that!


Eureeka's Castle Halloween Special[edit]

Magellan: Gee, Cooey, that was scary, huh?
Cooey: Coo!
Magellan: Yeah, well, just don't be afraid. Just keep remembering that there is no such things as monsters. Really.
Cooey: Coo! Coo!
Magellan: Cooey? Cooey, wait, come back! Cooey, it's just the lightning. See? It's only... uh... monster!
Eureeka: Well, Magellan, time for bed.
Magellan: Gang way!
Eureeka: Oof!
Magellan: Oh, Eureeka.
Eureeka: Magellan, what's wrong?
Magellan: Monster!
Eureeka: A monster? Oh, where?
Magellan: In the window, go look in the window, see?
Eureeka: Now, Magellan, there's nothing in the window. Oh, you're thinking of Batly's monster, aren't you? Oh, that was only in the movies.
Magellan: No. This one was real.
Eureeka: Oh, Magellan, it was just your imagination.
Magellan: No, it wasn't Eureeka.
Eureeka: Come on, it's bedtime, let's go. I'll tuck you in. Everything will be okay, Magellan.
Magellan: But the window, we gotta wait for the monster! Oh, he might be anywhere, Eureeka.

Magellan: Oh, why won't she believe me? I really did see a monster. Ah. I can't sleep. What if the monster is in my room? Gasp! What if... what if it's underneath my bed? Man... ah, ah... monster! Aaah! Ah oh! Oh! Oh!
Cooey: Whoa! Magellan.
Magellan: Cooey! Oh, Cooey, it's you, oh, good boy. Oh. Nose kiss, nose kiss, nose kiss. Moi! Oh, Cooey, I thought you were the monster.
Cooey: Ha ha ha ha.
Magellan: I saw a monster in the kitchen.
Cooey: Huh?
Magellan: Um, you believe me, don't you?
Cooey: Coo-coo!
Magellan: You don't believe me either? Oh! How can I prove it? How can I prove that I saw a monster? Gasp! Hey, I know. I'll catch the monster!
Cooey: Coo?
Magellan: Yes, I'll build a monster trap. Oh, boy, that would be a good idea. Oh, wow! Look at this bucket full of stuff. Yeah, oh, and my blanket, can't forget my blanket, yeah. I'll build a monster trap, and I'll catch the monster, and I'll prove to everyone he's really real. Even you will believe me, Cooey. See ya.
Cooey: Coo, coo, coo.



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